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I'm "back" and, uh, I'm lost.
So, I'm back here in CotH after 6 months of inactivity from the whole WoW (I was the one whining because you people were too close or something). I've decided to give this server another try because I still believe it's the only place where I can do some serious RP. Or at least have the hope to do some.

Now on to the problem...
Since I've been inactive for 6 months and I had many other things on my mind I have forgotten my server account, which is clearly different from the forum one because it won't let me in with it. I've investigated in the control panel and all but I couldn't find a way to fix this problem by myself, so I was wondering if someone with a lil' more power in his/her hands than me could get it back.

It would also.. *cough* help me remembering my CotH character's profile...

Thanks in advance.
Mmm, I believe that, in those six months, we made the changeover to WotLK, if I'm not mistaken.

If that's true, most people were required to remake their accounts, so my guess would be that you have to as well.
10,000 days in the fire is long enough,
You're going home...
Ah, I guess might be so. I'll prepare another character now and eventually if someone can confirm that, I'll just make another account.
Right-o, but I suppose you might want to send your introduction in, because you're under cisitor status right now.
10,000 days in the fire is long enough,
You're going home...

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