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I'm still alive...and I draw stuff?
Hey guys, due to my girlfriend (who's an amazing drawer) bugging me to try and draw stuff, I thought I could share my drawings here.
Keep in mind, I started this whole thing yesterday, so I'm only copying stuff for now (as in... You know. I can't draw right out of my mind yet, I need refference)
I'm not known for pretty posts so here we go.

(Also if anyone remembered me, that would make me so happy)

Derp eye Lucy from Elfen Lied
[Image: mwptmhw.jpg]

Awakened Howl from Summoners War
[Image: H6G4I8G.jpg]

Kyubey from Puella Magi Madoka Magika
[Image: A7Ifpfm.jpg]

I know that they are pretty basic, but I gotta start from somewhere. Wish me luck with my drawing adventure.

Sorry, pictures miiiiiiight be a little bit big.

Edit NUMBAH 2: Sorry for any spelling mistakes, posted from phone.
"Excellence is when failure becomes improvement"

[Image: a7KvoWr_460sa_v1.gif]
So big I tried to back my head up ho god.

Of course we remember you. Angry2 I wish you luck in learning how to draw, but luck is silly so be not like me and discipline yourself enough to keep up with it.
[Image: anim_500.gif]
I don't know why they are so big .-. I guess it has something to do with my phone. :c I'll try my best to keep practicing >.< And thanks!
"Excellence is when failure becomes improvement"

[Image: a7KvoWr_460sa_v1.gif]

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