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I need advice on the titles...
What do I have to do to be able to claim:
1.Prestige titles (Spirit Walker, Mountain King, High Divinist etc.)
2.Variant titles (Druid of the Nightmare, Elementalist, Unocorrupted Necromancer etc.)

I bet NPC class titles (Aristocrat, Commoner, Expert, Soldier) and Racial Iconic class titles aren't available?

You must be a Hero to claim prestige titles at this point in time, and that group is invite-only, even the variants. Though I don't know what an 'uncorrupted necromancer' is, the nightmare druid is off-limits I think, it just tends to not work out, and even though some heroes and up have prestige class characters, there still would need to be trainers for those that aren't. So it isn't possible for anyone below Hero to get those titles at this point in time.

But classes like Commoner, noble, armorer and stuff like that is ok, those are more basic then a mage. But a soldier would be a special character, I do think.
Indeed. Soldier/Guard profiles are generally considered Special profiles, but Special profiles are a bit of a challange to get approved.
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And what worries me the most is these titles: Druid of the Nightmare, Elementalist, Uncorrupted Necromancer etc. (Variant Class Titles). What about them?
I edited my first post... but:

Variant titles would still be Heroes and up, and the Druid of the Nightmare has been tried before, and it just tends not to work out, so I doubt they'd allow it, and it would still be considered a Prestige Title and a Special profile at that.
OK, thanks ;) If someone could add something, I'm waiting :).
Oh, and... I don't know, maybe it's off-topic, maybe it's a silly question... What if I want to make something like an Ogre Mage or Naga Priestess of the Tides etc., what do I do then?
Take a look here.

It would probably best to have your first few characters a bit more ordinary, the basic 'warriors, rogues, mages and warlocks' kind of deal, At some point the will revise the whole specialized title system, but it's not very high on the priority list, I think.
I don't really think that the variant titles are hero and up. Many of these are already being used by people. There are quite a few uncorrupted warlocks as far as I have seen, for example. The balance tree is pretty much a 'Druid of the Talon' tree, while a druid who sticks to bearform would be a 'Druid of the Claw'. An enhancement shaman is a 'Battle Shaman'. Many of those titles don't actually give the slightest bit of 'extra power', but are just slightly varied versions of what's already ingame.

Prestige classes are slightly different, in that they are generally not ingame or common. Even then some of them, Kretol doesn't really mind himself. I asked him once and he was fine with passing my shaman of as a 'witchdoctor' title, as long as they don't suddenly pretend that they can do things that an ordinary shaman couldn't do. (Say, stab somebody from miles away with a voodoo doll would be out of the question.)
Those aren't too Variant though, most druids were of the 'Talon' or the 'Claw'. But they are more numerous now, but what Dilnikas was suggesting at was 'Druid of the Nightmare', and 'Uncorrupted Necromancer'. Which are both still prestige titles.
Variant classes, as long as they don't confer a benefit your class would normally not have, are perfectly fine. Arcanist, Pyromancer, and Cryomage are all specialized Mages, just like Marksman, Beast Trainer, and Tracker are names for different specialties of Hunter.
So, as I understand, you have to be a Hero to have a character not only with the title but with powers resembling the title? Is that correct?
Yes, to claim any extra power or special skill, ability etc you need to be a hero.
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Sadly, no hopes for me then Cry
Characters don't have to have a special title or incredible power to be fun to play. In fact, wanting to play 'super characters' is generally highly frowned upon.
Exactly it's actually a lot of fun starting out as a nobody and earning fame Icly and people say it can't be done are wrong since I've been told my character Lazarus is famous and another thing that is really really fun is having a character who is a nobody and turning him into a somebody. For example my friend plays Xanfire who started out as just some guy from Westfall and has been learning to wield the light learning every spell Icly which is only about 4 Paladin spells at the moment it is really fun and I encourage more people to do this type of thing it's great roleplay.
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