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I should stop disappearing
I mean, when you disappear and by the time of your return the server has been shutdown, it's seriously time to stop eh?

Anyway, I wonder how many people I know. are still around- I took some time to look at the forum and I haven't seen many names which brings back memories. Either way, to everyone in general, how's everything? I mean, it has been quite a long time since my last visit around here and I'm genuinely interested in hearing from everyone. What are ya'll up to, lately? Any new interesting roleplaying server? Raids never been so easy with your new fully geared druid? Playing another game? Yep, I'm that curious and interested, so let me know everything.
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Casually humorous
I'm not sure if we knew each other or not. I was never active on the forums, but I had a plethora of characters, so it's likely we encountered one another in-game at some point in time. Still heartbroken over CotH's shutdown. I keep coming back to the site every now and then, out of habit. Seems I have a hard time letting go. Change was never my forte.

Been playing Guild Wars 2, but mostly by myself. I tried a different RP server a while back, but it didn't quite stick like this place did.

What about you? What've you been up to?
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