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I think I'm in love...
Quote:What is the general philosophy toward developing PvP content for Warhammer Online?

Jeff Hickman: We generally start everything in our game with a thought toward PvP. PvP isn't the first thing we think of, but it's one of the first things. We think of Warhammer Online as a PvP game that also has monster and PvE content. So, when we balance our careers, we balance the content around player verses player, not fighting monsters. We balance the classes against each other. Then, instead of balancing those classes against the monsters, we balance the monsters against the classes. Our philosophy is to make the best PvP game in the world and build the PvE content around it.

From here.

More and more I'm seriously considering WAR when it comes out. Read that entire interview, it's just pure win from start to finish if you like PvP.
Have you hugged an orc today?
- I am not tech support. Please do not contact me regarding technical issues. -
I know I´m in love!

Just got to decide if I should go Chosen of Chaos on the "Path of Discord" or a Destruction Sorceress, it´s a though choice.

RvR just looks great, and to sack an enemy town... *drools*
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Pssht.. chaos foolz.

Ima rize abuz ya all an make me own orkie army!

Mm yea.. I got into the Beta testing for it but then I discovered my computer specs weren't up to scratch.. so I cried. Sucks dun'it?

Townsacking :P.. "I shalt raid thy town!"

PvP owns, it really does. This is gonna be a banging game.
"I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition!"
"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!"
*Eyes twitch*
You got what...?
*heavy panting*
You gave it away...?

I´ve pre-ordered the special edition, some guy called me and asked if I wanted too... He also said I would recieve a Beta key... He never told me that it was for open Beta though.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!


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