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Naval Battle Rough Rules

-Each boat has about two to three trolls. One of these trolls would be the Navigator. The Navigator's job is to roll for defenses directly against the raft's hull, and to roll for the distance covered at the start of each turn. He cannot attack however.

-Distance covered will be determined by rolls. Higher than 50 will garner you a great movement arc while less than 50 will get you a small movement arc. Distance covered will be pointed in the mini-map by the DM.

-Once navigator's turns are over for the turn, the fighting starts. Fights only happen with ranged attacks for now. If you fall in the water, it's game over for you. This can be explained IC by being susceptible to enemy fire and not being able to hit back. You can attack a fellow thrower/fighter and try to destroy the fighting capacity of the enemy (Ideal for boats with only 1 thrower), attack the navigator (Render him almost unable to move with a very small arc per turns) or the boat itself (Hit it three times and boat sinks along with everyone in it.)

-Ideally, player's life is 3, boat's life is 3 and enemy life is 2.

Oh and....thanks for making the event awhile ago possible, guys!
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