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I would like to say...
...sorry to anyone who may have been upset by anything I've done or said OOCly.

It would seem that some "drama" was created by my antics on Kandar and I wasn't even aware of it. I will clarify that nothing I do is done with the express purpose of annoying someone else, and if something I do *does* annoy you, you need only make that expressly clear and I will cease.

It is probably just easier for me not to use Kandar anymore until I use him in some IC capacity. It's a shame, a couple people actually enjoyed the "stealth wars" that ensued when he was around.

Additionally, for anyone else that may see an unfriendly "tone" when I speak, either here or in-game, I'll also apologize for. I am notorious for not sugar-coating things, and sometimes I come across harsher than I intend. Kretol can vouch that I'm not actually that terrible of a person once you get to know me, and I do not dislike anyone who plays on the server.

So...again, I'm sorry. I hope that whatever unpleasantness any of this caused can be laid to rest.
LOL, it's cool man. If anything, you came off as an MMO/Blizz beardo to me :P
*chuckles* Personally, I didn't mind a bit of playfulness as long as none of the NPCs were killed while RP was going on, but I understand that a few were frustrated.

As far as your businesslike attitude, I'm a schoolteacher. I understand the need for being strict or to-the-point on occasion.

All said, though, it was very polite of you to make this post. *smiles*
I have but one thing to say:


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