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IC IRC: would you use it?
One of my biggest personal impediments to RPing on CotH on a whim is the matter of having the client available where or when I might be. So, I figured I'd look into another direction: what is the most available means of online RP?
Why, it's IRC. Even my mom's old pre-Android phone has IRC clients. It's available (and usually free) on pretty much any platform with Internet capabilities, (and is even available in-game with Addons like Overwolf) is persistent, and functions very similarly to the in-game WoW chat system.

If an in-character, neutral RP location (likely a tavern or something else stationary and conducive to loitering) were made available, would you use it?
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IRC would be a good means of RPing outside of game. A lot of people use skype for that, but IRC can do the same thing.

*shrugs* I'd definitely use it if the other player preferred that over skype.

I think we also have an IRC channel for CotH, but nobody ever uses it.
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The thing about Skype chat is that it (in my experience) always turns into a forum RP, with expectations of big posts, IC hours stretching over OoC days...Skype RP is not bad by any means, mind you, it just... Lends itself more to how people use it now, and is fine that way.

IRC is much more a parallel to an in-game channel in that only those who are logged in and present are participants, the text parser is oriented specifically towards real-time chat, and there are tons more bots and scripts that are made for IRC over the many, many years it has been around.
Eh, honestly, I prefer Skype to it. Couldn't really see myself using IRC much considering that there's other means.

I've even used roll20 for some stuff.
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Erm.. not exactly. IRC is alright, sure. But there's skype.. A lot of people use it and love it as it is. Now that I think of it.. I didn't use IRC in so many years.. I guess we moved forwards in technology.

Short answer: I like skype and probably won't use IRC. Unless you got bribe.
I just use Skype. It's available on practically every platform, used nigh-universally these days, and I enjoy the longer posts and ability to easily create separate chats for IC and OOC. I think you'll find that most people here RP with Gchat or Skype when out of game - mostly the latter, or such has been my experience, at least!

If you prefer shorter posts, just let your RP partner(s) know, and they should be able to adjust their post length accordingly.
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