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'Idris' The Toothless Prophet [Ghost][Event]
Race of character/NPC: Ghost, was human. (OOC race to use: Human)

Class of character/NPC: (OOC race to use: Warlock)

Name of character/NPC: Idris (I'm placeholding this name, so I'll need to delete that character if the CMC is approved)

Exact modelID requested: 16559 (Ghostly Philanthropist)

Duration that character will be used: Multiple Events

Location the character/NPC will reside: In Ratchet, mostly manifesting within the tavern and other places of importance in the city.

Level requested: 85

Any special equipment needed: None

Purpose for the character/NPC: For a chain of events surrounding The Toothless Prophet's Tavern, and perhaps some 'relatively harmless' haunting of tavern-goers here and there during the duration of the event chain. A more indirect purpose for the character is for interest for the tavern itself, which I hope will bring more neutral RP back to the server. Also...Halloween is around the corner so it's time to get spooky.


Coming soon!*

*...because it would cause spoilers. I'll figure out a way to provide some background information soon, if I need to.
[Image: anim_500.gif]
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So...going to abandon this one so that I can open my other CMC submission back up. Look at me flip-floppin.
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