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Inactivity as of late - Feedbacks!
I'm on all the time and, in my opinion, one of the most active in-game members at the moment. I'm always logged in idling to encourage more people to get on because I love CotH and don't want to see it die.
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Diablo 3 for console got me.

Otherwise, working nights puts me at an odd time on the server - mornings. Do I idle on GMI or fire up the xbox and jump right in the action? Yeah, I mostly rely on Skype for notifications if someone wants to RP with me.

I rather enjoy RPing on Cataclysm on that note. However it feels like we're walking on eggshells not to disturb the going-ons of all those lore folks running amuck in the world. The situation feels like we need to create gimmicks, cliques or mundane RP just to find a niche in the world. While it can be wonderfully immersive, I think we've hit a critical roadblock where it is difficult to join in those, maintaining such delicate plotlines are draining on the DMs, and furthermore the lack of interest without new people and the new ideas that they bring.
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I'm busy with uni. And Cataclysm indeed feels meh to me. But it's Blizzard! And I still would like to RP.

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Have you hugged a dwarf today?
I don't mind the cataclysm, there's a lot of stuff to do. I've been rather busy lately, so I couldn't drop in for RP as much. Even so.. most of the times I logged in I couldn't find anyone up for RP. A bunch of people were in OOC, sometimes talking about how there's no 'good' RP going on. There are OOC chats and they are quite fun! But the RP is lacking.. perhaps not enough 'sheepers' to lead.

However.. when there's RP, it feels like people don't ACTUALLY want to RP. Most of the RP sessions I join are pretty much just four guys sitting in opposite corners of a tavern, grumpy and not talkative. It's kind of annoying at times, asking for 'good' RP without trying to get your character involved in a way or another. I will use this post to BEG you.. Make your characters at least -A BIT- more social, sitting alone at a table won't get you any fun RP, I guarantee.

Still, I've RP'd a bit lately and it was rather fun. Last night was quite good, the ratchet tavern RP with Geoni, Sundah (or however you spell that name <3) and a few others. The friendly IC atmosphere kept the RP alive (at least for me). I am looking forward for more!
I've had this idea for a while, and since we're discussing feedback, I figure this is a good a time as any.
I believe that we should model the way CotH works after another, very similar RP sever I played on before. When you create your character, you are in a custom place. Take everything out of GMI and put it in this custom place, but that's just for when you begin. When you teleport out of this place, you can't go back.
I think it'd be best to consider removing an OOC zone.

Now a lot of people are reading and going "What? Why?"
Well I'll tell you why. Majority of these reasons are what? School. Second or third majority? Too many people idling on GMI. Removing an OOC zone would force there to be no idling in the world.

"Well what if you don't want to RP, you just want to sit and talk to friends?"
It makes me sound like an a** for just coming out and saying it, but chances are you shouldn't log on to an RP sever if you don't want to RP at the moment. There are many, many other resources to use to stay in contact with your friend besides using WoW as a medium.

I feel it'd be a good thing to remove OOC zone, and have everybody that's online be IC, where ever they may be. This would encourage, of course, more RP, and possibly in more diverse locations. As a player, I can't lie, it's disheartening to get online and type /who sometimes.

"12 people online."
2 in Barrens. 10 on GMI. 4/10 people on GMI are complaining that there isn't any RP. The 2 people in the Barrens have closed RP.

When I come online and see GMI packed with about 90%, I do lose interest in conducting roleplay. When you log in every so often and just see the same group of people sitting in the OOC zone, you just kind of stop logging in after a while.

But of course, all of this is just my opinion.
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There is something else I would like to mention. Something I can't help but notice since the time (many moons ago) when I used to be a GM (on another server). The average character made by people has no goals or desires what so ever, characters kind of just float around wanting someone else to start some event for their characters to take part in and once the event is over they return to GMI and wait for the next event. This is not how you keep rp going. So this is just my suggestion to the gm's that are trying to get the ball rolling.

1. Reward active rpers. Most players love when gms show up and puppet a bartender or gms start a bar fight between npcs. I know I've never seen gms do that on coth for a long time, it can be invasive so you have to take a moment of pause make sure the players are not doing anything important before you drop random events on them but if not it can be fun for everyone to just give them something fun to take part in and when its all over their characters have something to talk about.

2. Link the events and build them up: It does not have to end with being something random that only takes up a hour or two of roleplay, let it hint that it could continue if the players actively look for it to continue. All they have to do is get off GMI and go to where the last event happened and just be around there when you happen to log on. This worked amazingly well for me when done with small guilds. They are always online in their base holding small talk and they always want a gm to show up and shake things up a little bit.

3. Make the players more important than the event: This is darn hard because you need responsible players. But if you spot a responsible player who's not out for glory or to mary sue his way to victory you can give him an active role in the events. And if you are doing a chain of events you can make multiple people in this group contribute in some way to the story. The more they feel like they are contributing the more they want to play. Again this works amazingly well with small guilds. The inter character relationships often cause people to feel important when the spotlight hits some other character they care about that's not their own. ( Husband is cursed, guild is trying to save him but wife feels it more than everyone else)

4. Now this is going to be hard to understand, I know this is warcraft but this is a very important thing I want to add in. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IT DOES NOT HAVE TO END WITH A BATTLE OF DICE! When was the last time YOU argued with a dragon? That can be an event all its own. Trust me on this I've done it. I couldn't believe it was happening either but I took control of a dragon and the orc player argued with the dragon over a choice the dragon was making. Its an event I am going to remember for the rest of my life because it drastically shifted the flow of the chain of events I had going. All because she choose pin over sword.

Minor tips: Allow small changes to happen. Few years back on coth my guild took over BoulderLode mine. That was awesome for me and the guild and it proved to draw rp multiple times because it was simply something different. Its a risky thing to do and it tiresome for gms to have to clean up after a guild that just gave up on the area but as long as you only give it to guilds who are actively using it and make the players EARN it, it shouldn't become a problem.

and lastly Lead rp groups into other rp groups. This can cause drama if done poorly but if two groups are seeking the same bad guy and they cross paths, that could lead to hours of rp without the gm even being there.

And my tip to players

Make small guilds that can interact with the world. Make your own events. Yes everyone wants to kill deathwing, everyone wants to be the one who takes out Cho'gall so for fairness and server relations no body does it. That does not mean you cant make your own design your own villian for you and your friends to go toe to toe against in your D&D style events for your small guild. Small groups of players are what really keep servers alive. 3-5 people here, 3-5 people there and a few gms willing to bounce between them all can keep a server going and feel alive.

I offer these tips because honestly I believe the server lacks all of this and I think if it didn't rp wouldn't be as difficult to find on coth.

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I'd write a lot of things, I actually wrote a giant post but didn't want to post it here in reluctance, instead I saved it on desktop, happy with my self rant. I think it would upset a lot of people, other than that I'm very frustrated because a lot of my friends have left the community due to various reasons I could actually write down (which I did) and that's like ten people give or take. Other than that I'm pretty active despite college and other obligations.
(09-20-2013, 02:32 AM)Valicor Wrote: I think it'd be best to consider removing an OOC zone.

Now a lot of people are reading and going "What? Why?"
Well I'll tell you why. Majority of these reasons are what? School. Second or third majority? Too many people idling on GMI. Removing an OOC zone would force there to be no idling in the world.

-Force-. That's the key word there. And it's not a good one. I think that forcing people out of idleness and into RP will only put even more pressure on the issue, which will most likely lead to OOC drama.

In my opinion, the problem doesn't lie with the OOC idling, but with the small groups of people that have been forming. This has been happening since I started playing back in Burning Crusade and most likely even before that, but lately it is happening more often. If you are not a friend of one of the people in said group, you cannot RP with them, which will keep you and everyone in your position on the side lines.

I wanted to propose this for some time now and since it just might lead to solving this problem, here it goes: the solution is to generate RP that involves everyone, not just a group or another.

To that end, I propose the following 'project':

- The GM board will pick an isolated spot or something that is relatively hidden, for example an island. Then proceed to build a settlement there.
- The settlement will require: a) Buildings which can act as headquarters, such as inns. Something that can host a meeting and offer some quarters to sleep / live in. b) Buildings that can act as shops.
- The settlement will act as a black market for the war profiteering that should be going on, but is apparently invisible. Since it generates an influx of goods, weapons, etc, both factions need it. Either for the material gains or the information that can be bought, thus making it a neutral location.
- Create a 'safe' area in the settlement, such as the market place and make it so that anywhere outside of this area the CW for death applies. It is a dangerous place and the only thing that the people in it are concerned with is profit.
- Reintroduce the IC currency.

- Offers players buildings that they can use as shops to sell their wares.
- Offer guilds buildings that they can use as headquarters.
- The only form of government for the settlement will be a council, which will be formed by a representative of every guild that has a headquarters here. This council will pass the laws that apply in the settlement. However, the more territory a guild controls, the more representatives it can have, thus allowing it to grow in influence. (This will generate conflicts between guilds who crave control of the settlement. ) The territory can be measured by owning a certain type of building. Each guild starts with one. Say an inn. Guild A wipes out guild B or draws in the majority of their members, they gain control of guild B's inn. Now they have two representatives on the council. (Just a suggestion on how it can be done.)
- Each guild can have its own private set of rules of the territory they control. Want to pass through our area ? Pay a tax. Are you being hunted by our rival guild ? Work with us and get a discount on everything we have. Things like that.

If this solution will be taken into consideration, I volunteer to offer more input and ideas.
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I'm gonna have to go with Valicor on this one. Force is required. Too much GMI idling, 90% of all the people I invited openly complained that people just sit around on GM island and that this is more of a chat room for people to converse OOCily than to roleplay which they should be doing on a roleplay server.
I've experienced a server (perhaps the server Valicor is referring to), where you pick up stuff in an OOC zone, and then are booted out into the world.

It sucked, and was unnecessary. And people found spots to hang out OOC, anyway.

For me, personally, loitering in GMI provides me with a space to plot ideas and gather people for RP and advertise for RP. While we do have Skype, not everyone pays attention to it, or has a Skype contact.

So...yeah. No forced IC please and thanks.
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(09-20-2013, 03:50 AM)SpaksTheSane Wrote: - Reintroduce the IC currency.

+1 to this.

Also, flame shield on, but I kind of feel like there are too many race exclusive things goings ons.
(09-20-2013, 04:05 AM)Nymus Wrote:
(09-20-2013, 03:50 AM)SpaksTheSane Wrote: - Reintroduce the IC currency.

+1 to this.

Also, flame shield on, but I kind of feel like there are too many race exclusive things goings ons.

From my self rant.


6. Economy.

Economy is at this point non-existant and left to the minds of people who roleplay. Professions are meaningless and yet they could be used for RP. I know a lot of roleplay communities who would kill to have professions the way WoW does. Yet it seems our server takes no advantage of that. I do realize the economy of a server and a game like WoW in a roleplay set is hard to pull off. But if done right, perhaps it will be benefitial? I think it should be very limited on what a person can give to himself/herself via the existing command. With a working economy there would be player driven bandit factions that's for sure, even mercenary factions. Right now, the server has no need for either of these two as it is pointless to make them due to the fact that an economy does not exist and no one has any need for mercenaries when there's plenty of adventurers out there who you can meet and ally with. Most games work with a reward system. Do this, you get that for it. Sadly, a lot of players are stimulated by this.

With a working economy, the server can give a character a way to progress. Buy a house, or start learning a profession, sell your things, become a trader, open up an inn, something, some way of progressing, doing things. Something which will matter to your character and somewhere among the line of the development, you can stop and say oh well I achieved this and that with my character and I'm happy with my acomplishments.
What I'm trying to say is, we need character progression in an economical manner as well, not just spiritual/creative way. Introduce the harshness of Azeroth to the server. Everyone somehow seems well off.
(09-20-2013, 04:04 AM)c0rzilla Wrote: I've experienced a server (perhaps the server Valicor is referring to), where you pick up stuff in an OOC zone, and then are booted out into the world.

It sucked, and was unnecessary. And people found spots to hang out OOC, anyway.

For me, personally, loitering in GMI provides me with a space to plot ideas and gather people for RP and advertise for RP. While we do have Skype, not everyone pays attention to it, or has a Skype contact.

So...yeah. No forced IC please and thanks.

Aaall of this. Additionally, I know that if I were forced out of GMI to find RP when most of the RP is not of the quality I'm looking for or closed for no reason other than "You're not my buddy, guy", I'd probably leave the server; otherwise I'd only log in for a split second to see if there's any open RP (which there isn't at all hours of the day) and then fly away to do something else off-COTH.

And on the note of IC currency: We had them before. They didn't really work out. Let's not try them again. :B

To expand upon the note of IC currency:
I think we could accomplish just as much if each individual chooses to have a set amount of money on their character they RP with. That could, for example, make the character feel more like stealing or not buying that all expensive boat they've been oogling for two days. Just... keep the roleplay realistic and you're good to go! That way you're responsible for your own amount of exchange that you know your character would have, you just gotta remember that your vagabond doesn't have endless pockets of gold, for example. That's your responsibility. *Nods*
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Additionally, seeing as people rarely log on to RP at the moment as it is... Taking away the OOC zone would just lead to people not logging on at all.
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(09-20-2013, 04:12 AM)Rini Wrote: "You're not my buddy, guy"

You're not my guy, friend

You're not my friend, buddy
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