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Inactivity as of late - Feedbacks!
What I said stands unchanged. Changes like those are give and take. Sure, you lose your storylines and the work you put into them. You might not be able to continue them for some time or you'll have to completely readjust them in order to fit with the new state of the world.

You gain the world in return, however. I won't elaborate any further on this since it's a discussion for another time (and topic), but the long-term gain is larger than the short-term loss. The short-term loss is just a gut-punch that'll hurt a bit until you cross the threshold. Once you've crossed it, though...
(10-16-2013, 12:42 PM)CappnRob Wrote:
(10-16-2013, 11:06 AM)Loxmardin Wrote:
Quote:Sure, it takes a lot of you out of your comfort zone, but instead of thinking about what it takes AWAY from you, look at what it can GIVE you!

The same could be said in favour of the restart idea. :P

No offense Lox, but I feel there's a world of difference between adjusting to changes in the story and lore as it progresses, and having to undo/rewrite everything I've done up until now.

Or you could just bring the story to a satisfactory end before the reset occurred. Nothing to really rewrite/undo if the story is over and you're just revamping the character with a fresh start.

The whole point of doing a hard reset for this purpose would be to give people a clean slate and see what new RP situations can be mustered up from the ground up. Which would then hopefully encourage people to roleplay due to all the new or at least different situations their characters can get into. All the new and different traits they can develop, friendships they can have.

It encourages RP on a server scale. Individual storylines seldom do that.
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Some of these storylines have been years in the making though, and to just rush them to a finish would feel sloppy, most of all when we don't have to do it. Some of us don't want a clean slate, and we're perfectly happy with what we have now. It would feel like a punishment for those who have been able to keep the world alive for them in their individual storylines.
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Quote:Which would then hopefully encourage people to roleplay due to all the new or at least different situations their characters can get into.

See, that's the thing I'm personally not convinced about. Hopefully encourage. Have we truly exhausted all other options that such a wipe is necessary? I doubt it. Some backtracking possibly, but the place isn't dead yet.

Quote: but the long-term gain is larger than the short-term loss.

Is also an untested theory, we won't know till we try it but this seems way too risky. Naturally we'll have another fifty page thread in the future if this were to be actually considered so there's nothing to fear about the idea, it just seems a bit much.

I'll stop going off-topic. ;.; I got late into this thread to begin with. :P
I'd personally love a restart. Mokai is a character on retail that I've had since vanillia and I've roleplayed him for an extensive period of time on both retail and Conquest of the Horde. I've always wanted to delve deeper into the past that I was never able to go back into. Like his history on Draenor, the Second and Third War, and etc.

..but why not go forward? Let's face it, MoP pretty much killed a lot of things valuable to WoW's storyline so why don't we conjure up custom-server-lore and actually progress FORWARD into Mists of Pandaria itself and go through it at a different pace and time? Surely this would promote better storylines, progression, and even more vibrant and pretty ideas to branch into? I'm not saying that a hard reset is bad, my favorite expansion and the most time I've ever played in WoW is Wrath of the Lich King.

Even if we are miles and miles away from going forward again into a new expansion, that doesn't mean we just bury it and put it off. Why not start thinking about it now?
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I don't think this would foster roleplay. I think people should just flat out make new characters instead of dragging out the same characters over and over and over again. All a hard-reset would mean is seeing the same characters all over again.

I think people should try to make new, interesting characters. Spread your wings. Come up with different personalities and backstories. Don't be afraid to retire a character that needs a good ol' retiring.

Still. I would just personally like the opportunity to make these new characters in a different climate. That's all that interests me really. I don't think it would encourage roleplay. If anything, the Warcraft setting itself is dull to us, and that's what pushes people away.

Y'ever notice that new players tend to congregate together? That's because they can't penetrate these year old storylines going on without being completely lost. MAKE NEW STUFF. DUMP OLD STUFF. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY.

Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
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(10-16-2013, 09:26 AM)Xigo Wrote: Largely because it would be awesome to roleplay... well. Inexperienced characters again.

TBH, Warcraft Lore has become stuffed with so many events that there's no excuse for someone to be inexperienced.

All my this. I mentioned this before in my feedback thread, but a large part of my absence from CotH was hitting a wall where I didn't know what to do with any of the characters I had. I wouldn't advocate a mandatory restart, but I think that both the lore and the server itself were formerly more conducive to being at the start of the journey.

At the point that I joined CotH, it was wotlk, and it was a perfect time for me lore-wise. There was the war in the North, and even with a defeated Lich King, there was this unknown of what would happen with the factions in the absence of a common enemy. At the point in lore we are at now, we know -exactly- what happens. Even though we aren't RPing on MoP, the inevitable path makes moving forward walking on eggshells, because we know the course, and can't steer to far from it. So here is the predicament. Short of there being something awesome on the horizon from Blizzard (like a modern War of the Ancients), we're in a closed-ended story, as most changes to the world as we know it are destined to default to how Blizzard has dictated.

I'd recommend a three-part plan to make the paths of the characters come alive again.

1) More custom locations. I know the main argument against this, which is that it gets used briefly and then ignored in the long run, despite the tremendous amount of work put into it. And not to say that it can't happen again, but I think places that characters can exert an influence without having the crushing weight of inevitable lore will encourage larger scale events. But then the abandonment issue comes into play. To counter it, I'd suggest....

2) Custom lore. Maybe not custom lore in the sense of things like Sin'sholai or things that directly change the Blizzard script, but things that our characters can treat in the same manner as they would something created by Blizz. Like custom lore figures. Give that custom town a mayor/king/warlord that for our intents and purposes should be handled like a Varian or Velen.

Someone brought up Kretol as a character once for something like this. why not let members of the GM staff have the opportunity to play these kind of characters? They can be characters that form alliances between their territories, or war with each other and enlist the help of player characters as soldier or spies. Lord Krilnub of Nubingham could choose a player spymaster to gain the secrets of the land of Sol-sylvania. It would give the chance for GMs to develop awesome characters and storylines of major proportions, and allow grunts to do something that actually makes a difference.

Hell, make a project of it. Give each GM the opportunity to run a territory of their own, or set a designated number of custom locations. Let them decide what kind of economy it has, and what it's stance on the Horde-Alliance conflict is, or if it's just gonna be neutral and operate on a Goblin "gold is king" policy. And then let players move in and become "nationals" of those cities. And in going with the restart idea, have a optional restart where people can either continue on their current storylines, or incorporate these new places into their histories. The key is the lore figures. Custom locations need a story force to drive them, so give the location an ongoing storyline to inspire players to be a part of it. And speaking of players...

3) The return of prestige (not really). I'm not advocating the return of the prestige system, but one huge benefit of it was the training period. It was a time for characters to grow into the rolls they were about to take, and something I think any non-grizzled veterans could make great RP from. So adding to the idea brought up once about having sessions for people to learn about the races, how about having people apply as IC trainers? It doesn't have to be just for things like Demon Hunters and Mountain Kings. It could be for something as simple as an archer, or a farmer. Most academy-style guilds are involved with magic, but that doesn't mean that can't be expanded to have players or guilds that wish to play the teacher-student role. Making the growth of a character more accessible might improve the RP experience of each, and help form long lasting bonds.

That's all I got!
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To go along with Jonoth's number 3 I've had several training rp. Between Daichi (Sorry @JVNemesis for not being around as I should have been. But the few times I was at least it was fun!) and Krest with Amura (@ThePharaoh ). The bonds that were made were incredible. Krest and Amura were completely random but it ended up tying both characters to others that they probably wouldn't of been and created amazing rp. I've got several characters that can train others and I'll probably be one of the first to apply for an IC trainer. The rp is so amazing and unique, and unites characters that normally wouldn't of been.
(10-15-2013, 07:27 AM)CappnRob Wrote: tl;dr, CotH is a community, and if you care about it you should put some effort and energy into it, regardless if you're a Peon or a GM.

This pretty much gets to the point of a conflict that many people on the server face: they care, but that doesn't mean they have the time, ideas, and/or interest for the amount of effort it takes to DM and create strong roleplay storylines. A large part of the reason in the decline of RP on the server is the school year, work, and life events that devastates a person's RP availability. The result of this is a lack of energy to start up not just RP, but consistent RP.

Roleplaying is fun and rewarding, but if it has gotten to the point where people are coming and going out of the blue due to real life issues, roleplay that is consistent enough to allow for character development is becoming rarer and rarer. And so the remaining individuals lose their interest as well if they themselves don't carry the weight that others have dropped off in their leave.

How do we remedy this?

We're a small population roleplaying in a huge setting, and that means that in order for there to be unity somewhere, somebody is not going to be getting much RP because the interest on the server at whatever moment isn't geared towards their target RP. And a large amount of people have been that someone at one point or another. And so they leave and do something else with their time, usually.

I feel that this is the slow toxin that is destroying roleplay on the server, and there isn't a universal antidote for it that I can think of.
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Eh, you don't need to run massive events to contribute to the community. Just involve yourself in other people's storylines, or have small ones of your own will suffice- be pro-active! Even little contributions help a lot.
Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.
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Be the background character or supporting character. If everyone plays to be the supporting character, everyone becomes a main character in everyone else's eyes. Everyone becomes important.
I just realized, when people think of 'hub' nowadays they think of GMI.

How about we make an initiative of making RP hubs where people, with really nothing to do, hang out in instead of in GMI? It could be race-based, with humans having a well-known IC tavern or place, worgen can have the same with a pub in Gilneas, while blood elves can have some sort of academy or tower. Trolls can have a small village or temple, while goblins can have a decorated zepp or ship or bar or whatever. Dwarves can have a 'Dun' with its own facilities such as a bar, decorated housing for players and the like, while Nelves can have a tree hub of sorts or a grove. Either way, people can just sit there idly but at least it's IC where roleplay could possibly start and take place. It could help spring up events and guilds even. It could even have its own vendors, facilities and player housing. We're basically taking the player into the game and outside GMI even for just idling. Plus it could have their own OOC teleporters for easier access.

An alternative can be definitive GM-led guilds per race which has their own storylines which other guilds can help with.

Just throwing out ideas, really.
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A hard restart is a terrible idea. Talk about a way to make me just outright quit CoTH instead of me just taking a break.

Deleting the progress of my characters yet again would just be a huge burden, considering that a lot of the things we've done have had a lot of time and effort put into them. At this point that's sort of like shredding someone's novel and saying "BAH IT'S CAUSE WE NEED A NEW DIRECTION!".

While some of you may want something new... fine, roll a new character. It'd inconvenience most of the people that -still- enjoy the current RP that's out there, or have storylines that they are continuing to work on.

Basically, this is a heavy-handed thing to lay down on the players, and I think is a little overboard on the GM intervention here.

Edit: Here's my feelings overall. There's more creative and different ways for all of you to get "Something new" or have fun with the server. Deleting other people's hard work isn't the way to do it, instead we should build upon what we have. If anything, that would deter people from further playing. Why would we want to bother with a place that consistently is deleting our work? Or making it nullified?

Let me put it this way--while you may not be satisfied with what's going on, that doesn't mean you should say "Let's start fresh" on what -everyone- has done. That's a real crappy thing to do to people who are enjoying what they've got going on, but are either exhausted with CoTh for one reason or another, or just don't have the time for it. AGAIN, I don't think all the problems have to do with RP---in fact, screwing with what's been established would more likely piss people off than "encourage" them to do anything.
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△Move along.△


Putting in my small bit so I can say I had input. A complete restart is a BAD, BAD idea. It ruins everything people have built ICly and honestly, frustrates people because everything they've done and their characters have developed has been for nothing. Like kicking down a kid's sandcastle and saying 'now you can build a whole new one.'
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