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Indecisiveness killed the cat.
So it's all working, got my addons working and have some manageable lag due to the connection.
However every time I come up with an idea for a character I'm constantly asking myself whether it will work, whether I'm being too indepth and whether RP could go horribly wrong or not.

I can't decide on my own, so I'm asking whether any player, any groups of players or any guilds need someone. I'm more than happy to play and RP as [i]anything[i].
Hi... I'm the new guy.
As much as I don't like to, I'd suggest starting as alliance. It's easier to jump into for starters. Plans are being made for Pyrewood if you'd like to consider some idea's on that. But the most of RP happens in Stormwind, and Ratchet sometimes. But if your looking to join a group, I'd suggest the Lambent Sovereignty for a human pally. The Silver Shield Vanguard or Kul Tiras Special Forces for others? I don't know. But Horde is a bit harder, lot less activeness in guilds. Go Warsong or Wartusk.

We don't -need- any character's, we only need your happyness and roleplay. :)
*Coughs into arm* You could make some random character to join my fighting tournament...


Here's what I do when I make a character: Pick some random person you know with a colorful personality of some sort, model a character off of them, WoW-ify the character (Change race, integrate needed Lore, etc.), and of course, don't tell them that you modeled a character off of them until they have their own story generated through IC RP. XD

For example, I have three roommates. Kylee, Hillarie, and Feldon (Only person I've met in RL with that name!). I've made them all into WoW characters and RP their personalities to an extreme, basically.

Kylee is slightly low-IQed, but really nice. WoW Kylee is very low-IQed, and has the ability to heal people.

Hillarie is very enthusiastic about nature junk. WoW Hillarie is so enthusiastic, she is part of nature. (Have yet to RP with her.)

Feldon is kinda mean, and is my sparring partner at martial arts. WoW Feldon is going Illidan on everyone's butt by using Fel magic and having a killer's mindset. (Yes, she's feeling the effects of Fel on Night elves.)

*Went overboard with examples.* Why are you reading all that? Go steal somebody's personality. :P
The word of the day is "Legs". Now go forth and spread the word!
[Image: 5SRU.gif]
I can only offer my usual advice - Whatever you choose, start with a Character that is in some way likely to meet alot of people, be it trough joining a Guild, chat to people at Bars, sell things at the Street, or anything. The point is that the quicker you get to know a few people, the easier time you'll have! While it doesn't have to be some sort of over-the-top socialite, my point here is that the brooding hermit, mysterious and silent stranger, hateful rogue, etc... will most likely be poor character choices for a new member.

Apart from that, Welcome to the Server!
Hogral Coalbeard - Impulsive Explorer
I was initially going to play an Alliance character to begin with, but I'm constantly trying to think up background. I think I'll just roll a human and run off to Stormwind and RP as a commoner to begin with. I've had a look at the Pyrewood topic and it has given me some ideas. I am a little worried, though, that my character wouldn't have a lot to do RP-wise (although he'd effectively act like a commoner outside of work, so drinking etc. wouldn't be a problem) until the event, but I can always create him and have him in reserve.

Is this fighting tournament you [Renown] speak of to be a one-off event or would the fights take place in different places? Either way I'm interested. Where can I find more information?

EDIT: There don't appear to be any people in Stormwind at the moment. I'll try again at a better time or on a better day. I'm also getting an ungodly delay between what I say, buy and equip and the consequences of thos actions.
Hi... I'm the new guy.

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