Poll: Where are you going from here?
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Away. I will not be sticking around now that the server is being taken down.
0 0%
I wish to continue my storylines and RP through the mediums of the forum and skype
33 100.00%
Total 33 vote(s) 100%
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Interest Check: Forum/Skype RP
I want to see a count of people who will either be departing with the server going down or are willing to stick around to continue RPing on the forums, in skype, or a combination of the two. Especially if Sachi doesn't work something out on her server. So be honest in answering the poll. I also chose the option for people to see what other people voted, so we know who to get in touch with and who we shouldn't.
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Can't poll on mobile, but give my vote to 'yes'
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Also I want this to be a place for people to refer to when it comes to knowing whether or not people are going to stick around, so if you're not going to stick around I especially would like for you to cast your vote. I'm judgement free and understand if you wouldn't want to stick around with that being the only option left.
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I'm a fan of the forums option.

I'd recommend implementing a new subforum specifically for thread-based roleplay. We'll likely need to remind people content guidelines on the forums and encourage them to go to Skype for anything that likely shouldn't be posted publicly.

Also, I propose coming up with a clear system identifying which threads are open for people to stop by and which ones are private between a set group of people. A simple [Open] or [Closed] tag prefacing the name of the thread should suffice.

If open, the thread creator should outline expectations. Where is the roleplay taking place? Is there is limit on how many people should be present? Are people taking turns posting or just going willy-nilly? Is there a word count expectation (chapter writing versus one-off)? And so on.

This is relatively new ground for the site itself, so that sort of information should ease the initial transition until a community standard is established.
If we had a dedicated forum RP scene, I might get back into RP. Right now my work schedule is really, really hectic, so "live RP" doesn't really work for me. But, theoretically speaking, forum RP eliminates that issue. Plus, my "RP Roots" so to speak revolved around that....so I'm already quite familiar with it.

I could also do Skype RP. But, bear in mind, my work schedule really sucks for that.

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Aye, I had plans on bringing that up with Lox or Reigen come the time and interest, if they hadn't thought of it already. I've done forum RP before and it can be very different than skype RP, so I'll probably also suggest a separate forum for skype specific RP.
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Part of my absences are primarily that I can't devote 4 hours to a decent RP session, so moving to forums would actually be a welcome change that might allow me to make more appearances.
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I was expecting it to be split fairly even... The fact that 100% of people so far have said they'd stick around shows just how resilient we can all be!
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CotH will likely stop being WoW-specific, so I'm totally game for making more forum RP.

... And I have the tools to rearrange. :D Although, still waiting on Kretol's verdict. But, if the site stays, then so will I.
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(01-23-2015, 09:44 AM)Loxmardin Wrote: CotH will likely stop being WoW-specific, so I'm totally game for making more forum RP.

I'd like to point out that Blizzard absolutely loves fan-productions, whether it's art or machinima or stories. This decision shouldn't be driven by the DMCA, which appears to primarily focus on the fact that the site is being used as a gateway to an unauthorized emulated server.

That said, I have zero issues with opening up the type of roleplay available on the forums. I think that we'd lose more people if we did and we'd end up trying to compete against sites like RPGC, but it does intrigue me and I'm far more interested in varied roleplay here than on other sites.

We could do something similar to what I proposed for a forums-based Northrend roleplay a few years back: create a category where we structure the subforums so that they're location-specific. So, we have an Eastern Kingdoms subforum, which can then be broken down into zones. Each thread within the zones subforums is a single fixed point in time roleplayed at that location. You can also go one step further by making additional subforums (Stormwind within Elwynn Forest since it may be a popular place, or just create it as its own Eastern Kingdoms subforum) and stickied threads for regular locations (a tavern within Stormwind is a fixed location that may experience multiple instances of roleplay within the thread).

This helps facilitate location-based roleplay, rather than tossing in dozens of threads into a single subforum without any organization or immediate insight into where the roleplay is occurring.

And then, additionally, non-Warcraft-based roleplay could have its own area. It would be a way to bridge other mediums people are pursuing for roleplay, such as Guild Wars 2.
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This is a nice ratio and all, but I think we should make another thread for discussing how this forum should be rearraged after Kretol has made up his mind about this. A lot will likely change if we're keeping the site, I'm sure. And it'd be tragic to lose the site as well, somebody better archive stuff!

I more or less intended for this to be a reference poll for where the playerbase is going. I guess you can assume if people haven't cast their vote eventually, they're not around anymore.
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(01-23-2015, 11:26 AM)Geoni Wrote: [..] And it'd be tragic to lose the site as well, somebody better archive stuff! [..]

MyBB should have a feature to perform a database backup, with the option to select types and/or tables. It's common of forums software.

That said, any effort to restore that backup into a forums would require a MyBB installation (unless there's a port, which is possible). It's free opensource software, but it would require some effort and a host so that people could get access to it.
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I could never get the hang of or understand the tempo of forum RP beyond two people. But, I'd be willing to try it. Still love Skype RP.
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I would love to attempt to keep going, revamping the forum and creating skype channels and such and yeah
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(01-23-2015, 01:05 PM)c0rzilla Wrote: I could never get the hang of or understand the tempo of forum RP beyond two people. But, I'd be willing to try it. Still love Skype RP.

It depends on how you approach the roleplay.

I tend to favor long-form myself, which means that a post typically includes hundreds or thousands of words. This works best with a small group and with a posting order. Then you may mandate that participants make a post X number of times a week (or, if not possible, dictate to another participant how your character would respond and allow them to write that into their post).

There's also shorter posting, which usually consists of a couple of paragraphs (most sites on which I've roleplayed specify a minimum of eight sentences, or something similar). It can get hectic, but since there's generally a shorter turnaround and less that occurs in each post, more people can participate and the posting order can be disregarded.

In our case, we'll likely dictate minimum post lengths and then a number of simple conventions so that people can determine which threads they're more likely to find written roleplay styles that suit there own.

We could also, potentially, have a section for single line-based roleplay similar to what you would experience in game. So rather than writing convoluted posts or a couple of paragraphs, you'd use the forums as a client proxy. Character 1 says X. Character 1 performs Y emote. Character 2 responds. And so on.

My concern with that, however, is forcing the forums to behave like the client. Blocks of text are limited in-game, but here a single line of text is prefaced with additional forums nonsense, like signatures and user information. It would be difficult to easily read what is occurring in a thread, especially as you add more participants.

There might be MyBB mods where you could turn a section of the forums into a chat room and the logs get posted. I've seen similar modules on other forums software a few years back. At that point, however, it would probably just be best to roleplay in Skype and then -- if desired -- post the logs on the forums since it requires so much additional effort and overhead!

/post intended to show insight into forums-based roleplay in case others have questions!
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