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Interest Check: Grakor Plays!
So, the news of Might and Magic X: Legacy being developed reached me a while ago, and it's rekindled a desire to go back and replay some of those old-school DOS RPGs that I never got around to completely finishing. So, my question is: would there be any interest on here for a Let's Play of some of those old DOS games that I grew up with? Probably the screenshot kind of LP unless I can think of an easy way to do video. Nonetheless, it might give me some incentive to keep playing the games until the end.

Thinking of starting with World of Xeen. Anyone on here would be interested in seeing me go through the game?
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Fine then, butts.
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Go for it! It'd be interesting to see a Let's Play from you. Just be careful with the pitfalls of LPs when you start your recording (usually seen in misplaced editing or lots of "uuuuuuuuuuh" in impromptu commentary). It'll otherwise be interesting to see you play and comment :)
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Oh baby Grakor, you're the kind of guy I could listen to f-

In all seriousness I believe it'd be pretty amusing! As a complete aside in a suggestion, I know you've had a past with the elder scrolls games-- Those to me seem kinda like a gold mine for LP material, but that may just be my own inclinations to what I enjoy watching.

I say go for it. Can't hurt.
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