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First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:
Hi my name is George, I don't raid much nor do I PvP, I mainly concentrate on RP so I believe an RP serve like this would most likely be the best for me, I have dabbled in other private serves as well, most recently Epilogue.

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:
Britain, English

How did you get into Warcraft?:
The books and then played retro Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne. :D

What made you seek our server over others?:
My friend said its the best one going, so i thought I would give it a chance, it seems very professional.

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:
I enjoy war type, I enjoy the Tavern Type, general RP, eRP I can do but I would not go about doing it.

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
Paladin Human, I like the concept of Paladin, in ye ol' viking times a Paladin was the Missar of the group or known as the 'Holy one' a man that could write and fight. I like what WoW has done to it. Also bubble and hearth was the sex.

What are your expectations of this server?:
I am not expecting anything apart from a challenge and the chance to meet more interesting people and expanding my RP.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:
(Feel free to review our rules listed here.)

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:
Xariandra Story

The Thuzadin... also known as the agents of Kel'Thuzad, one of the most feared orders of Scourge agents. It all started when two Death Knights, Lord Zalon Frostwhisper and Baron Shrenk Felblade, a small force were sent to the Stormwind Kingdom. They had to start a cult, however a cult always requires Cultists, of course. To start spreading the word, fear and corruption, and so the Nathrezim was created. This was the first named organized Scourge group in the Kingdom of Stormwind. The Stormwind Militia, main line of defense of the Kingdom, was quickly informed of this new organization, the source and the threat. All Nathrezim members who were recognized as one were to be either slayed on the spot or imprisoned until a given trial. Meanwhile, they continued to seed corruption, murder and fear among the Kingdom. During these dark times, Xariandra was discovered as well... by the Nathrezim.

Xariandra, too young girl for what emotional pain she had to endure, and desperation, she had deepened herself in dark magics, mainly Demonology and Fel Magic, in order to turn her pain and sadness into pure hate, rage, bitterness and power. This became her eventual downfall to becoming the infamous Cruel Mistress we know today. She was developing remarkably fast, and had a personal plan from the first day she joined the Scourge. Not much is known by not many, but an ancient family artifact is mentioned. The day she consumed this, she reached the power and form, as we know her today. She knew how to corrupt, play into mortal emotions, and make others feel secure within the Scourge as no other.

However, the Nathrezim got too much pressure on it... the entire Kingdom had risen up against it, and the small Scourge force couldn't even properly hide anywhere. During this period, Xariandra, Zalon and Shrenk had decided to unite with other forces that oppose Stormwind into the infamous Cabal of Ruin. Consisting out of Pirates, Dark rangers, warlocks and the Scourge, this force was able to withstand a lot more and the fight between them and the Kingdom went on continuously. However, nobody inside knew what was going on in Xariandra's head... with the Lich King, she had been plotting all along. She knew the Cabal was strong to strong... However, she also knew the four houses of the Cabal were never really close together the unyielding nature of humans... they would eventually betray each other and destroy the Cabal, and the Kingdom would win after all. Xariandra started weakening the Cabal from the inside, she spread rumors, distrust and confusion. She kept doing this, until one big final battle came... This was it, the Cabal versus the Stormwind Militia lead by Pilus Malbridge. All of the fractions entire forces in one huge battle. When the battle begun, something happened, which nobody could have foreseen, except for the Lich King himself. It was Xariandra. She knew the Cabal would out power the Militia's forces and eventually wins, and that was exactly what was happening. So Xariandra summoned her most loyal servant, the little cruel gnome called Tipsy. Do not be misguided by her size and name, for she is just as cruel as the Mistress herself. Together, they had tortured, interrogated and corrupted many; many poor souls fell to the wrath of these two godly pairs.

Tipsy was one of the only servants…equals Xariandra had a true connection with, something mortals would call "friendship”, and so there they were, Tipsy and Xariandra, behind the Cabal forces in the battle. Together, they unleash their terrible powers of magical wrath onto the battlefield, and before the Cabal even realised what was hitting them, half of them were down. But most of the Cabal still fighting the Militia, just in a lot less numbers, they started failing against the Militia forces, who also were very weakened by the Cabal outnumbering them. It was perfectly planned; Xariandra knew exactly how the battle would evolve. Both forces were destroyed it was a true tragedy. Xariandra and Tipsy walked along the lifeless bodies, and started raising back the Scourge forces with the last of their powers with necromancy. They also raised back as many other soldiers as they could, to serve them, and then left the battleground from Outland altogether. Casandrah Drixx, leader of the Cabal, was not found between the soldiers or the body, and it remains a mystery to this day where she is. Baron Felblade disappeared as well during this period, and also remains a mysterious case.

With this new force, and Shrenk gone, Xariandra became the new full-bodied power leader of the guild and dismissed the name “Nathrezim” and "Cabal of Ruin”. She simply called it The Scourge, for this was a force worthy being named of its origin.

This force gave the Kingdom much trouble in the following time attacks on the Kingdom itself, sneak attacks in the city, corruption was everywhere. The Militia could not handle it, but then something happened, something what would be fatal for Xariandra and her force. The elite army of Stormwind, The Crimson Eagle, an Alliance army called Silverwing Outrunners AND the Dwarven army Khazrand Da Khazmodan had traveled to the Kingdom to drive the Scourge away. The Scourge was declared immediate execution on sight (KoS), and days of pure slaughtering passed, as any suspected Scourge member was slayed. The Scourge were defeated and driven back. However, Xariandra remained surprisingly calm. As if she had expect this and accepted it. She ordered her most loyal lieutenants, and Algorath, her secret mad slave, to slay her in public. That day, was a day of joy for the kingdom, Xariandra's head was an ultimate trophy. Mad parties, drinking, dancing, celebrated it and celebration for Xariandra was dead...

However, what the population of the gullible fools of Stormwind and its elite soldiers did not know, is that Xariandra never is unprepared... even this mass slaughter of her body was meant to happen, for in the very forest she was slayed in, there was a lifeless body, a host, prepared through a ritual, ready to catch Xariandra's spirit. However, she was too powerful to immediately fit into a new body, thus she had to absorb most of her power back into and the mysterious artifact. Weeks passed with resting of her new body re empowering it and then controlling it all her power so no one could recognize it. Then Zeria Fordring appeared. A mysterious, but clever wizard who started a wizard school AND became a councilor of Stormwind. She could but only constantly grin at the happiness around her, believing she was gone. She gathered the remaining Scourge forces, and formed the final form of the force, Cult of the Thuzadin. The Cult of the Thuzadin will operate just as the Cult of the Damned did in Lordaeron, and the recruiting and shipment of plagued grain has already begun...

More self sure than ever, scarred by her life and by battle, Xariandra sits on her throne of the Cult, her ever loyal, cruel and powerful servant Tipsy next to her, staring endlessly at the city with her ever burning eyes, full of her hate and bitterness... She will have her revenge.


A girl, by the name of Xariandra a chosen by the master of the dead, The Lich King. The Lich King begins his domination from the North in Northerend the undead of the Ice, at his command are the giant spiders known as nerubians. There once proud race now mutated beyond redemption, they follow the master without question and by doing so all of Northerend is his.

The views of many caused must disruptions within Azeroth and within Stormwind, the great capital of the Alliance, Human, Elf, Draenei, Dwarf and Gnome.

Humans are lead by the courageous King Relin, his bold behavior and his swift action have saved more people than any other King has ever done. The elves are lead by Yiolko who has bold judgment and leads the Alliance in a great many victories against the Horde, her tactics have saved many situations, but at a great cost she had to give up. The Dwarfs are lead by their King Dunran and his wisdom far goes past anyone on Azeroth for he drank from the cup of wisdom itself chosen among the Titans to be the wisest, his kindness helped save lives of those in danger of the Scourge of the Ice. The Draenei lead by Mu'jil and his shear force helped King Relin carry out swift judgment on those who oppressed his great judgment. The Gnomes lead by Minnwynn since the disaster of their beloved home capital Gnomeregan their engineering skills and craftsmanship helped out in everything the Alliance has ever done.

The story starts off four years ago, before everything in the life of Azeroth turned corrupted and desolated were everything turns to hell. A child born of shame and dishonesty was left abandoned in the place known as Scholomance a city of Light and hope, left in an orphanage, were she grew up with the rest of the abandoned children, her name was Niae. Taught the way of the ‘Light' at a young age she rose above the ranks of an ordinary, ‘Priest' she became a Paladin a warrior and defender of the Light, her talents surpassed that of Bardor the Enlightened a great Paladin who is legend to this day, but this was not meant for her, her destiny lay in that of the hands of the Dead. After her training in Scholomance, she was moved into the place known as Stormwind the last stronghold of the human Alliance, the very stones magically protecting those whom live within it. The beauty of the Cathedral the very ground on were everyone walked was home to her, for now anyway. The great blue sky above her, even when it rained you could tell that Stormwind was happy it never changed, even when the dark times came. One day while in her training with her friend Talin, a man came towards her wearing dark purple robes his eyes glowed red, the eyes of destruction, the eyes of a Warlock.

The Warlock approached the naive girls, with curiosity crossing the girls faces; having never seen a servant of Destruction, Niae spoke allowed her first words to the Warlock, “Can I help you sir?” said Niae; the Warlock's eyes flashed blood red while looking up at the armored Knight of the Light, her amour glowing with the Light pouring over her much like a golden statue.

“Help…me?” said the Warlock evilly, “No child, I have come to save you from the lies of what they are telling and teaching you, it is I who has come to help you…”

“You help me?” said Niae innocently; at this point Talin spoke allowed her first words in front of the Servant

“Niae let us go, I do not like this man. His aura does not bode well,” said Talin in a timid voice like a cowering dog.

The Warlock looks towards Talin with a mild sense of amusement on his face,

“Child why do you speak in such a scared way, almost like a cornered animal, or a weak child?” said the Warlock darkly.

Talin stares into the Warlock's eyes, a droplet of sweat going down her white skin, a shiver goes down her spine. “I do not fear you, I am a Paladin Of Stormwind, a knight of The Light and a bearer of the Truth, you are not wanted here now leave” said Talin in a more harden voice. While Talin and the Warlock talk on, Niae stands there preparing herself on what could be a foreseeable situation; the Warlock senses the slight change in Niae's attitude and turns to her once again.

“My child, do you actually think that you will be able to take me on? Even with your powers of ‘Light', because if you can't then prepare to fall!” said the now manic Warlock. The fight started before Niae and Talin could draw their blades; a great stream of shadow blasted through the servant of Chaos, his eyes turned blood shot red as the shadows turned into dark cat like claws as they advanced on the two women of the Light, the claws speared forward and turned into a huge hand as is smashed into the girls, Niae reacted within an instant soon followed Talin, a white shield protected the girls from the hand of darkness, the lovely scenery around them had changed into a dark plain the grass had turned black, the sky turned red as blood and even the air felt different in the girls lungs, they were meddling in things which should not be medaled with. “Talin RUN! Get Pilus and the Militia bring them to Abbey FAST!” yelled Niae. That was it, Talin burst from the shield and jumped on her trusty steed, Nexus and before the Warlock realised what she was doing she was gone, the Warlock looked at Niae in a way a lion looks at its dinner,

“That was a… very foolish move, do you think now that your friend has left, that you will be able to even stand a chance?” laughed the Warlock

It dawns on Niae, realizing what the Servant had meant, her magic now failing under the sheer power of this Servant, the dark claw now getting closer and closer to her body; she could not resist any longer, her shield fell.

“Hahaha, what did I tell you, you can't defeat me…” cackled the Warlock.

“She will not fall today!” yelled a man suddenly emerging in silver and blue amour with a Lion tabard the Militia had arrived.

“PILUS!” yelled Niae

“Militia get her out of here!” ordered Pilus, the Stormwind Militia had arrived, and James Dascombe at the front, “Protect Niae at all costs” roared Pilus. The Militia formed a circle of defense around Niae, James Dascombe at the head of the defense.

Dascombe drew his blade a long two handed blade, now glowing dark blue because of the presence of something so evil, jumping off his steed which was protecting Niae and flying in the air with his blade raised he goes to strike the Warlock directly on the head, as it was happening the Warlock had turned his claws into large shields of darkness and as Dascombe goes to land the blow, his blade bounces off one of the shields,

“James Dascombe, well aren't you a rare surprise I thought you were up North trying to protect the rest of the ‘Blue Boys'” cackled the Servant.

“And miss all the fun here Relix! HA!” laughed Dascombe. The Warlock finally being named as Relix stares down at Dascombe with his blood red eyes,

“So you know my name, you know you can't defeat me so why don't you blue boys hand over what I am here for, then I will leave you to play with your pitch folks and butter knives” said the Relix, the two men stare at each other with such loathing in their eyes; Dascombe radiant blue and Relix's dark blood red. Dascombe was first to react raising his hand his amour shone pure white then flashed and turned gold, now standing before Relix was Dascombe the Judicator wielding the Mace of the Fallen, Dascombe attacked Relix in his stupor of weakness was hit and sent flying, as he was flying in the air Relix turned and fired three dark purple balls at Dascombe, with the very light around Dascombe a shield was formed the dark purple balls were obliterated with ease,

“Militia position X” roared Dascombe, at that split second when the command was given all the Militia drew their shields and swords and charged at Relix trying to pin him down and kill him.

“Haha, foolish humans do you honestly think that you will win!?” Laughed Relix

“By the Light you will fall you Scourge scum,” yelled Narcaz, as his blade goes directly to were Relix's heart should be.

While that was happening Niae was shaking she had wasted a lot of her energy in producing a shield like that, far be honed her capability and since she was not fully ‘Judged' she could not recover as fast as a pure blood, Pilus was looking down on the pitiful girl watching her shake so pathetically; like a weak dog which had been hit by its master.

“Niae are you okay?” said Pilus a sign of worry in his usually gruff tone,

“I-I-I...am f-f…fine… I just wasted…a...a lot of my ener...gy t-to protect myself f-from t-that attack” stuttered Niae.

Back with Dascombe and Relix and half the Cavalry unit of the Militia, Relix had put down nearly all of them all, left standing was Dascombe and Relix moving so fast the eye could hardly keep up with it, Dascombe lunges at Relix with his mace Relix shields himself, then defending himself from Relix's fire power of dark energy bolts, Dascombe shields himself again using the Light, but his shield was getting weaker the light around him was getting dimmer his power was fading.

“Pilus! A little help!” yelled Dascombe, Pilus still looking at the now calmed Niae looks up at Dascombe and seeing his shield fading he reacts instinctively, he draws his sword and charges at Relix, with all his might he swings it straight into Relix's head it connects and a soothing crack is heard to Pilus's relief, Relix now lying on the floor dazed or dead Pilus could not know, his first effort was to check on Dascombe he turned towards his fellow in arms,

“Pilus behind you!” screamed Dascombe, now kneeling on the floor his amour back to its original colures silver and blue, blood trickling down his jaw, but as Pilus turned to brace for the impact, Relix had blasted Pilus several feet into the air, he landed with an awful crack his leg at a funny angle, Pilus was out of it and Dascombe drained of energy, Niae was left defenseless.

Far up North a Lady Xariandra also known as ‘The Cruel Mistress' is talking with the four Death Knights of Naxxramas about the situation of Stormwind, they are gathered round a dark ritual room with chains and the faint smell of blood lingering in it, they sit on the seats of the Damned, given seats of those who serve The Lich King with honesty loyalty and above all success. Speaking first is Lord Algorath first Death Knight of Naxxramas.

“It poses no threat to us, even now we out number them five to one” said Lord Algorath

“Don't underestimate the humans Death Knight Algorath, they have their ways they will have plans to survive” said The Cruel Mistress

“Then let me take up the task I shall lead it, I shall lead The Scourge to Stormwind through Naxxramas, it will fall by tonight!” grunted Algorath

“ I have said NO!” steam Xariandra, “Like I said before, the humans will have a back up plan we must know ALL the tactics before we advance”

“Lady Xariandra is right Algorath, the humans are like incest's one will escape to rebuild a-new and all we have done for the past year would have been for nothing” said Baerdon the third Death Knight of Naxxramas “We must wait patiently when has Xariandra failed us?”

“That is all well Baerdon, but what if they do escape? …Does the Mistress have a plan if, they DO escape' said Zelick the Second Death Knight of Naxxramas

“Why of course I do why would I not, if they escape we will summon the Frost Wynn's they will track down them and… sort out that issue.” Cackled the Cruel Mistress.

From the Darkness with his black cloak swaying like a dead animal in the shadows the Fourth and final Death Knight joins the group of four, Lord Blake the Death Knight of The Dragons, his runeblade glowing in the shadow the hilt of which is made from dragon bone, by his side his sheer power emanating from him he was a full blooded Death Knight ritually birthed by The Lich King himself. The Lich King had forced his will and mind into Blake, now the once loyal defender of Stormwind is now fighting the very people he loved and cherished, for The Lich King did not destroy Blake, he turned his very love of Stormwind against him and that pure evil and hatred now flows through the veins of him. No one bar The Lich King hates humans as much as he does now.

“I have the Humans plans ALL of them, we can act when you see fit Xariandra” said Blake coldly

“Excellent, give me the information and I shall begin the plan” said Xariandra wickedly

“Why of course, it is right behind you;” said Blake darkly.

Standing there was a man not much older than 70, the intelligence of the Militia, his name was Gladen. Xariandra shrieked in pleasure,

“Gladen!” said Xariandra,

“No, I...I...it can't end this way you….” stuttered Gladen, but before anything else came from his mouth Xariandra hand had touched his head, all his knowledge flowed into her head, all the plans everything the leader of intelligence of Stormwind knew now resided in the Cruel Mistress's head.

Dascombe lying on the floor spread eagle panting desperately, he had no energy left though the fight was short; it was powerful he had landed several blows on Relix but the Warlock stood there laughing and sneering, the darkness grew more as Relix laughed on, out of the blue Talin came charging on her steed with her red blade in her hand, she jumped from her steed flying and landed a perfect blow on Relix's head, the Warlock face still with laughter on it crumples to the floor defeated. By now Dascombe had recovered and started reviving the fallen Militia, he went straight for Pilus, reviving him to a some what of a conscious level, when Pilus got to his feet the Paladins within the Militia were up and running reviving those whom were injured from the chaotic battle,

“Who was he?” asked Pilus looking at Dascombe

“He was one of The Scourge, a high ranking Cultist by the name of Relix, in the group which calls themselves ‘The Cult of the Thuzadin', it is lead up North somewhere deep in the ice” said Dascombe darkly

“Gah, I can't be dealing with this Dascombe we can't be dealing with another ‘Nathrezim' we will make these so called cult members a KoS… We will not suffer the wrath of the undead any longer I will call a meeting with the Council up in Stormwind I shall speak to Zeria Fording and put into place the law” said Pilus triumphantly, Niae was not paying attention she was looking at her friend Talin smiling at her, she had just brought down Relix, a high ranking member of this so called cult which resides up North. Dascombe turns to look at Talin

“Well” said Dascombe cheerfully “I guess we owe you thanks Talin, having just saved our asses back there we would have been a goner for sure” said Dascombe proudly, but Talin stood there just smiling, just smiling with a trickle of blood running down her cheek.

“Talin…?” said Niae, Talin fell to her knees now blood spewing from her mouth, but the people round her could see why, why the savior of the day was bleeding, even though he was lying dead on the floor Relix had that smile on his face, Talin fell to the floor dead with a long and vicious looking dagger in her back a Velic knife.

“Talin NO!” cried out Niae, Pilus stopped what he were talking about and looked towards the dead Paladin, Niae stood up and started running towards her fallen friend tears pouring from her eyes, but Dascombe grabbed hold of her,

“You know what happens now” said Dascombe sadly “Don't try and save her that's a Velic knife and you know it Niae”

“…We can't just… Dascombe we could save her!” cried Niae

“No you know we can't,” said Dascombe now with a tear in his eye, he grabbed hold of Niae and pushed her into a hug,

“It's going to happen any minuet,” said Pilus blankly as if he was telling the weather

As Pilus said that, Talin's body rose a few centimeters above the ground and glowed white, a small arcane explosion went off and Talin's body lay there in stone, with that happy smile still on her face. Niae watched on appalled all she did was sit there as her best friend rose to the challenge and brought Relix down, it should have been her she kept thinking in her mind,

“No…” said Niae in a crying tone “No… Dascombe save her!” pleaded Niae, all Dascombe could do was hold onto Niae stopping her touching Talin,

“There is nothing I can do… she is stone now…” said Dascombe croakily

Niae was in tears they were pouring down just like the fountain was in that garden, the birds in the sky the wolves in the mountains all seemed to have felt the loss because all was silent apart from the girl crying in the mans arms, Talin Goldheart had left this world forever.

Xariandra stood up someone what smiling “I have it, Lord Blake was right he has given me the information I require we can pro-…” Xariandra spoke but was interrupted by a knock on the chained door, a ghostly lady entered pale as a white cloud but her heart was as cold as ice itself, a banshee,

“Mistress Xariandra, Conjure Relix failed his mission the target was not captured and is now being safe guarded by the Militia,” said the Banshee

“He failed… again!” screeched Xariandra; the banshee did not make a sound for a slow deathly voice was heard through the room, and a voice of such terror it even made Algorath slightly shiver

“No Miriaanda he did not fail, he removed the one thing that would halt this operation, her best friend, and he has served his purpose. Now Death Knight Algorath, you will lead an advance party disguised as Militia to take the target to the ‘site'” said the hallow voice.

“Yes my Lord, it shall be done,” said Algorath blatantly

“My Lord, what shall I do about him?” said Xariandra gently; indicating to the now crippled old man on the floor, Gladen.

“He is to be taken as well, we shall use his blood to complete the ritual” said the hollow voice.

By this time Algorath had left the Ritual room and was heading down the black staircase towards the armory to summon the men.

“ Men of the DAMNED! Arise! Your master calls for you're allegiance, come to me, men of the Dead!”, where Algorath was standing on the stadium, the coffins before him shake the dark energies in the armory slowly manifesting into the lifeless corpses, as they arise from their slumber.

“What is it, the master asks us to do?” hissed a ghoul, Algorath turns to look at it, the ghouls features are that as if someone had eaten away your face, lacerations around the eyes and neck, half its face eaten by worms or worse, this was a true ghoul of the Damned. “I require the allegiances of the ‘Azarch', for The Scourge travel to Stormwind!” bragged Algorath

“They shall be summoned master,” said the bowing ghoul, and with that it turned on its heel making a growtest snapping sound as it did so.

Back in the Ritual Chamber The Cruel Mistress receives, even more good news Pilus wants to contact, Zeria Fording the High Councilor of Stormwind. “My Lord shall I attend the meeting” said the now over-joyed Xariandra, the reply came with such speed it was if the voice was expecting to be asked that question,

“Yes Xariandra you are to attend the meeting, go now, and may Darkness guide you” said the Hallow voice mistily, as the command was given Xariandra orb like eyes flashed red and she disappeared, somewhere in Stormwind Zeria Fording arose from her sleep.

The battle just been fought, Niae had been taken to Lion Pride Inn an inn in the town of Goldshire, her room was not a big one it had a simple four poster bed and a drawer or two around the room. Through the window outside you could have seen the children playing ‘Chase the Worgen' a funny child's game were one of the kids chases the other and pretends to eat them and then that child is on with the same one who started until they catch all the other players in that game, or unless the other kids get to the wildfire tree and climb it. Niae was lying in bed softly crying morning the passing of her best friend Talin talking to herself. “Why her, why not me!” yelled Niae in a blubbering voice, “…Why did she do something that stupid, if only I had done it!”, a man steps into the room a tall black hair man by the name and rank Corporal Nevar of the 9th battalion,

“There is no point living in the past, for it will only hurt you the more you linger in it,” said Nevar quietly

“Go away Nevar, I can't be dealing with this now, just go…” said Niae unhappily, Nevar walks into the room carrying a tray of water and bread,

“Look Niae, you have not eaten anything and me an Ferica are worried about you, please will you sit up and at least drink something” said Nevar softly sitting at the bottom of her bed with the tray of food and water. Niae turns to look at Nevar with sadness in her eye

“Nevar, I miss her, I miss her so much…” bleeped Niae

“We all do Niae. Talin was a good friend to all of us, and she was your best friend we all expect you to feel sad, but I don't think she would want you to starve yourself out do you?” said Nevar more cheerfully, Niae looks at him with her pearly white eyes,

“Your right Nevar she would not, leave the food I am going to get changed,” said Niae now with her confidence built back up, Nevar stands up and leaves the tray on her bed and exits the room and closes the door. Niae stands up and looks towards were her amour laid and her weapon, she stands up and gets out from her bed and goes to pick up her amour and put it on, it takes her less than five minuets to don her full plate, she does not even take a sip of water from the tray, she opens the door and leaves the room heading down the oak staircase of the inn, Nevar and Ferica are talking amongst themselves, it is not until Niae is at the door of the inn does Nevar relies that she is there,

“And were do you think you are going?” asked Nevar

“I am going out to speak to Dascombe and Pilus,” answered Niae

“Hmm… am I to take it you have eaten your food?” asked Nevar

“Yes” lied Niae

“Right then, I will expect to see you back here no sooner than Nine o'clock” said Nevar

“Yes ‘Dad'” joked Niae, and that was it, she opened the door of The Lion Pride Inn and headed out to the town of Goldshire, towards the West Keep Garrison, it did not take her long to get there, she got a lift from Eve a local farmer girl heading to Westfall, which was on route to the garrison. Niae gets off and heads up to great iron wood doors, she knocks on the door and a loud rumbling is heard within the garrison

“Who is it?” came a voice from the garrison, recognizing the voice Niae says

“Haya Cantor, let me in its Niae” asked Niae

“Oh, Niae” says Cantor, a loud clicking noise was heard from within the garrison, and with that the great iron wood gates open inwards into the West Keep Garrison.

Inside as Niae entered the garrison the great Lion Tabard hung from the ceiling for all who entered could see it, huge candles hung around the building everything was alit, everything could be seen from the were Niae stood from the upstairs were the gathering were held and the food courts were the Militia ate. The smell of old stables lingered in the air; on the walls hung swords and shields with the same Lion Tabard in scripted on the shields. Niae now turned to the man who was locking up the great iron wood gate he to wore the silver and blue amour with the Lion Tabard on his chest plate.

“Cantor were is Pilus?” asked Niae pleasantly

“He is upstairs in the gathering room” replied Cantor, as he just told her she turned on her heel and went straight up the stairs to the Gathering Room, “Niae he is in a meeting” yelled Cantor, but Niae did not pay attention to his calling, she continued upstairs with her fixed goal to speak to Pilus and damn the consequences if he is in a ruddy meeting. She burst straight into the room without even knocking on the door, the two guards supposedly guarding were caught off guard and moved out of the way of the rather large doors came crashing on to them.

“Our tati-…” continued Pilus but stopping after, he got a glimpse of Niae

“Were is he!” bellowed Niae

“No” replied Pilus bluntly

“No, WHAT!” yelled Niae

“Niae, you are not going to revive him, she has gone, now look, just-…” said Pilus but being cut off by the now infuriated girl standing before him

“I want him Pilus; give me that lowly scum's body!” roared Niae

“Niae wait outside, I'll speak to you after this meeting” said Pilus sternly, and with that been said Niae turns around glaring at the dazed guards.

“I will be outside, but not for long” said Niae calmly, now talking to the guards “I suggest to you, that you pay attention to your job!” ranted Niae, and with that she left the gathering room, she stood outside and waited her time within in that time she got brief snatches of the conversation, in the Gathering Room, though she could not make out what they were saying. Thirty minuets passed, by this time Niae had gone she had headed down to the ‘Cavern' a very big black room were corpses of the Damned were put in there, to were Relix's body heaped in a pile. As Niae entered the Cavern the smell of death was so intense that she almost pulled back and give up on what she had to do, she looked into the pit were all the Dead bodies were her pearl white eyes glowing in the dark she looked for the Warlocks body, it was there lying on the giant stone on top of all the other Scourgelings, even now Relix had that smile on his face, the one which killed her best friend Talin. Rage coursed through her it was so great that red sparks flicked out her hand, a tear going down her face, a tear of hate.

“Niae….” Said Pilus slowly; Niae turns around to see Pilus standing there with two guards by the side of him “Niae, step away from there, and do it now” said Pilus calmly but with a command in his voice,

“You can't be serious, that ‘Thing' killed my best friend, don't let him go un-judged,” demanded Niae

“Niae, it is up to the Council to decide that. Don't take the law into your own hands” said Pilus dangerously, by this time the guards and unsheathed their swords and were sizing up Niae, “Niae, for the last time I am asking you to, move away from here, if you don't you will force my hand.” warned Pilus

“Pilus!” yelled Niae

“Nox, Kelin escort Lady Niae to the holding cell until the trial has been set.” Commanded Niae

“Pilus you can't honestly be serious,” said Niae appalled, the guards had now moved forward into a pincer move, one coming from each angle. Nox was the first to act, he charged at Niae in full body plate, Niae had foreseen what Nox was going to do and so, she had balanced herself for it, as Nox smashed into her she turned around so then his charge propelled himself forward colliding into the oncoming Kelin, both Kelin and Nox were stunned. “Pilus, don't force MY hand” said Niae angrily, Nox and Kelin having recovered from there little bump, Kelin now acts first he draws his blade and places it gently onto Niae's back

“Miss Niae, put your weapons down and come with us, please” said Kelin firmly

“Kelin, lower your weapon, I am taking that scum's body,” replied Niae angrily, and doing so she turns round and looks at Kelin with her eyes, Kelin falters with his blade, which gives Niae the perfect opportunity; she kicks the blade from his hand as it flies and lands straight down, right next to Nox, who blinks realizing how close he was from losing his life.

“Niae! Don't do this. You can't fight us now, for Lights sake lower your weapon DOWN!” ordered Pilus

“Right, fine I'll lower my weapon down,” said Niae peacefully, as she draws her weapon she looks at Pilus with a smile, just as she puts the weapon down, her hand gains a glowing white orb in her it. The Light. She throws it directly at Pilus as you would throw a snowball, it hits him full in the chest, and having been hit by a very powerful spell Pilus was sent flying half way back up the stairs. “Right both of you move or else!” ordered Niae, both Kelin and Nox look at each other with fear spreading in their faces they slowly move back against the wall distancing themselves away from Niae. Niae walked down the cobbled stairs towards Relix's corpse, as she moves towards it a bubble of light appears round Relix, it was Niae casting a levitating spell so that she could move his body, with little effort and kept her hands free, she goes back up the stairs with body following her to, moving past the unconscious Pilus and back through the garrison towards the Iron wood doors, towards Cantor.

Far away in the Plaguelands, to were Naxxramas resides. Lord Algorath and his men ready themselves to travel to Stormwind,

“Lady Xariandra we are ready, get on with the spell,” ordered Algorath

“Patients Algorath, the spell will be completed once ALL your men are ready” sighed Xariandra. Xariandra turns around on the spot now looking at the ready men, “Right, you know your task I want the girl alive, we have been watching her for this long, taking our time with her for this long, I do not expect to see this plan fail!” said Xariandra sternly

“Yes Mistress!” replied the horde of undead, as they replied Xariandra looked at the ground, the orbs as she had for eyes started to glow a vibrant green the dark ground beneath her started gaining marks inscriptions of old marks appearing on the floor then she muttered a word, then a great cloud of darkness swallowed them up, all that were standing had now gone, Xariandra, Algorath and the undead had vanished.

All the way back in Stormwind, High Councilor Zeria and her body guard Lorgath exited The Cathedral of Light, “You know your task, find her and bring her back here as soon as you have her.” ordered Zeria, no other communication was made by the men all of them left bar Lorgath.

“What is it that we shall do?” asked Lorgath

“Well, we have a meeting to go to,” said Zeria darkly and with that they mounted their given steeds and headed towards Stormwind Keep. On their journey across Stormwind

So Zeria Fording and her loyal body guard headed off towards Stormwind Keep

(These Charcters are from SSL)
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That's quite the story, and your grammar is excellent. You won't be able to play a Scourge, or someone anywhere near that powerful, but I think you'll have fun here.

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