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First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:

Well, I have RPed before on regular WoW since 2010/2011, I think, and I created my account in 2009.

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:

I'm a Dutch player, so my English will probably have some flaws.

How did you get into Warcraft?:

In Dec 2009, I saw the Night Elf Mohawk Mr. T commercials on TV, which made me think about the game. I looked it up, and got the trial. Later, in school, I told my friend about it. He turned out to have been playing for a few years and we started playing together.

How did you find us? Did anything in particular draw you to the server?:

I was looking for a replacement for paid WoW, because I haven't played for a year and don't want to pay the high gamecard price anymore. My friend I mentioned earlier sometimes played on a private server, so I've just started trying those out. I tried Molten WoW, and I think I will play some more of that. But the main thing I loved about this game was lore and RP, and I think there should be a lot of that on this server.

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:

I don't really know what type of RP I played in WoW. I just kind of blended in the RPing crowd at Silvermoon City.

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:

My favorite race is probably Blood Elf. Probably because my WoW main was one, and I RPed with it as well. My main was a hunter, and I really like that class, mostly because of some great RP abilities like Tracking and Feign Death. I have RPed with almost every class, I think, but my hunter was the one that really stuck around.

What are your expectations of this server?:

I don't have many expectations, I just hope it will replace paid WoW (which I actually played for the RP and awesome lore). Continuing to pay for way after almost a year of quitting just for the RP seemed kind of a waste of money.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:

First of all, I agree with your correct grammar rule Beer! The ironic part of that sentence is that I first spelled grammar as grammer... (DON'T BAN ME, PLEASE!) I think the rest of your rules are pretty reasonable as well, not much to say.

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:

Oh god, I have to dig up the dead remains of my main's RP story again! I don't really have any specific situation for you, but I'll just tell you the main story:

Ca'rian the High Elf was born in Capital City of Lordaeron, back when the High Elves were still part of the Alliance. He lived with his father, mother and brother. When prince Arthas left for Northrend, Ca'rian's father felt a storm was brewing. They immediately left the city and moved in to a house in Goldshire.

One day, Goldshire was raided by the orcs of the Horde. Ca'rian was quickly taken out of his bed by his father, but they were too late to save his mother and brother, who died while protecting the house. The still young Ca'rian was quickly lifted on a horse by his father, and they rode South.

Ca'rian's father saved all the food he could find for his young, weak son, until one day, he fell of the horse lifeless. Ca'rian could not stop his horse and was too weak to jump off, so he was forced to watch his father's dead body fade out into the distance.

Later, he reached the dangerous jungles of Stranglethorn Vale, where he was attacked by the famed stranglethorn tiger. Luckily, a Wildhammer dwarf named Darium Khoriumfist saved his life, killing the tiger. Khoriumfist quickly fed the hungry child and accompanied him through the jungle, to Booty Bay, where they had to part ways.

Ca'rian sneaked on a trade ship, and hid in the cargo room. He lived amidst the cargo for weeks, eating some of the foods they transported, until the ship was attacked by pirates. The hardened and now clever Ca'rian slipped into a crate that the pirates looted and put into their own ship. Ca'rian's course changed to Gadgetzan, where the pirates would sell their loot to goblins.

Ca'rian ran out of the ship, carrying as much food as he could, and disappeared into the desert until the pirates and goblins stopped chasing him. With a few wounds, Ca'rian travelled through the Tanaris desert until he reached a huge gate, sculpted out of sandstone. He had found the hidden land of Uldum.

With whatever strength he had left, the now teenage boy walked into Uldum, until he collapsed. He woke up seeing a strange face. He was found by one of the Tol'Vir. His name was An'jahrad, and he didn't know what to do with the boy. He decided he should raise it as his own child.

And so he did. He trained Ca'rian until he had become a near master in the arts of combat. Ca'rian Ahn'jahrad got his name from this Tol'Vir, who could not understand how the boy pronounced his name when he asked about it (Carian). So the Tol'Vir named him after himself.

Now 17 years old, Ca'rian left his trainer, and moved in to Eversong Woods. He still remembers much of the terrors he faced, and knows who to blame.

Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?:

I really hope you will let me into this server, because I have missed RPing in this game every day since I've quit. I hope you liked my story, and thanks for reading all the way through my introduction.

I hope I will see some of the readers of this introduction in the server!

"I return! A second chance to carve your skulls!"
-Borrops, after returning to CotH on 29-8-2014
Hello, Borrops, and welcome to COTH!

If you haven’t already, please do make sure to double-check the rules and policies so you’re for sure familiar to the server’s expectations! Also, if you haven’t already, make sure to register your in-game account in the Account Management page using the same information you registered your forum name under.

As for making your first character, there are a lot of helpful articles and guides for you to read up on in case you don’t fully understand the lore. The wiki also contains helpful tips for making a character and for when you’re writing your first profile, such as scale and height.

When you get your account created, make sure to /join Chat and /join Barrens in-game for if you have any questions not answered in the forums. Feel free to send me a message if you need any assistance, and I’ll give if a reply as soon as I can!

If you've been looking for a place where you can RP within an environment that strictly respects the setting, then you've found the right place! We also have a good number of people who enjoy playing Blood Elves, so there will be plenty of opportunities within the RP for that race.

As for your English, it's very good from what I can tell! And we've got plenty of people on the server who speak English as a second language, so no worries there.

I hope you enjoy your stay!

[Image: anim_500.gif]
WOOOOOO! More Dutch people! Welcome brother!
I will not be forgotten. This is my time to shine. I've got the scars to prove it. Only the strong survive. I'm not afraid of dying. Everyone has their time. Life never favored weakness.

Welcome to the pride!
Thanks for allowing me in the server!
And maybe I might ever meet you in-game, maarten777! Beer

See you around!

"I return! A second chance to carve your skulls!"
-Borrops, after returning to CotH on 29-8-2014

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