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Introduction ~ Pantheon
First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:

As a player... Rusty, I'd say. It's been over a year since I was last engaged in role play in the video game department. I used to be very good and very flexible with my play style. I'm able to play from your evil super-villain or your average blacksmith in the village.

My preference has always been more of the quiet, guardian type of characters. My main character that I've had long locked away was an orc Blademaster who's purpose was to ensure peace in the Horde. I can post a character sheet of him if you guys would like. However I do enjoy just about any other types of characters. Another one of my personal favorite characters was a troll that serves under Vol'jin as a military commander. I'm bringing out my Horde characters due to the apparent nature of this server. I usually open up with my gnome, Lance Voltfire who is in charge of a special forces platoon in Gnomeregan with technicians and soldiers. I've lead some pretty interesting role plays with that little guy. But, in any event, as you can probably tell I like to play leaders of some kind. Be it elders, wise men, commanders, or otherwise.

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:

'Merica. My primary language is English.

How did you get into Warcraft?:

I played WarCraft III and role played on there for the longest time. Then I got involved into another private World of WarCraft server about two years ago before it fell apart a year and a half ago. I haven't role played since in games. I have participated in forum role play though.

How did you find us? Did anything in particular draw you to the server?:

Literally just searched "private role playing servers wow" in google and this was the third or fourth to come up. The "Conquest of the Horde" name really caught my eye. I like me some of that military action!

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:

As mentioned above, military is what I enjoy best. However espionage and politics are very enjoyable to me as well. I can perform in village role plays or anything outside of the previous forms but I feel more comfortable in those first three.

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:

Depends on context. Your normal, playable races I'd say Tauren. Hands down. They have the best embodiment of everything I love in a character (for the most part [blasted Grimtotem]). Close after them are orcs / trolls in a tie. Both are very military based and have their flaws and internal conflicts as a race. Between the New Horde, the Dark Horde, and the Fel Horde, (and now the Iron Horde as well) the orcs are such a varied race that learning about them is always exciting. The same goes for trolls between their multitude of cultures in Zul'Farrak, Zul'Gurub, Zul'Aman, Zul'Drak, Zandalar, Echo Isles, Temple of A'tal Hakkar, etc.

As for class? Blademaster. By far. Why? They have patience without end, wisdom to beat the band, skill with a sword that could potentially be considered legendary. What is not to love about Blademasters? Yes they have weaknesses (everything does) but out of all other classes, the traits that New Horde Blademasters possess are my favorite. After that, I'd say shaman and gladiators. Shamans because I enjoy playing characters that have a connection to nature and can wield the elements. Gladiators because they are fighters. And I do like to play fighters.

What are your expectations of this server?:

Fun. Respect. That people are not so oblivious. Honesty. To quote (more paraphrase) Henry David Thoreau, "Instead of honor, fame, money... love... give me truth."

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:

The respect. Of the servers I've seen / been a part of, there has been a severe lack of which has been their decline due to an oppressive surge of drama.

Did you know that we have a Mentor Program? It's entirely voluntary and you as a new player can sign up for it right now in your introduction! Are you interested in signing up to be assigned a Mentor? If so, say so here (Please enter at least "Yes" or "No"):

I did not, but that is good to know. Might need it

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:

Oh boy, a story. As an aspiring writer, I shall fulfill your wish. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, my work: In the Northern Skies

Hooves clacked steadily along the Knight’s Road. Two human riders – one a knight, the other a young cavalryman – had just left the town of Mayville in eastern Valaryn on the shores of May Lake.

The town had seen its share of warriors in its prime – when the Valaryn Empire was ruling over the Central Kingdoms. What was a small town was formerly a stronghold for what was the Imperial Ranger Corp. A training ground was kept just beside the barracks where footmen would be trained for the Imperial Armies. Rangers were also trained but not as regularly due to the prerequisites needed to join the Corp. The barracks, large oaken and stone build that made it look like a miniature fort, that was established and the soldiers it housed would assist in the first battle that was the Battle of May Lake. The town was surrounded by white willows that shadowed the Plains of Arden to the north of May Lake while the green-golden grass would all be stained red with the haze of battle. The half-giants from the east had mobilized from their mountainous dwellings and took part in the Great War. From what was recorded of the day, the forces of the half-breeds were but a platoon of two hundred fierce foot soldiers to be matched against the one hundred imperial footmen and one hundred town guardsmen. When the rangers had established the fortifications, archer towers were constructed behind the thick wooden walls of the town. The towers rose high enough for two platforms of archers to view over the wall with ease. Rangers mounted these towers with their bows and arrows. The imperial footmen formed two lines outside of the east gate with the rangers in their towers behind them. They dared not advance and leave safety the towers would provide when recalling behind the walls if need be. The half-breeds were tall in stature from their giant blood – around seven feet on average. Their skin was bronze with large muscles firm underneath. The warriors used minimal armor, utilizing a plated quilt with steel-plated shoulder guards. The imperials were another sight. Steel armored them from head to toe with leather underneath. While the Halflings wielded an arsenal of weapons, the humans used the average footman’s lances with short swords. As the half-giants charged the human soldiers, the rangers’ longbows released powerful arrows that made home in the flesh of the attackers. Due to lack of armor, the half-giants were vulnerable to the skilled marksmen – though it still required two or three arrows to put one warrior to the dust. When the ground forces clashed, the lances of the humans were thrust home in the bellies of half-giant warriors but many of the frontline still suffered grievous blows. It wasn’t long before nearly the entirety of imperialists’ frontline was slaughtered despite them taking many of the half-giants with them. The second line retreated into the gates with the reinforcements of the guardsmen armed with similar weaponry. There the stand was made. As the half-breeds filed through the open gates into the town, the lowest level of the archer towers was able to send home their arrows into the hearts of the enemy. With barrages of ranged death combined with the safety of the shields and lances the footmen wielded, the half-giants fell rapidly. Those that attempted to flee (which were few) were caught by the rangers on the top level of the archer towers.

Yes, Mayville had seen its share of battle. Now, over fifteen hundred years later, the town’s fortifications still stand as monuments of the historic day and the knight that rode away relished in his experience to marvel such sights and read the stories in the town’s library. With the town five miles behind them, the knight and his companion were riding north on the Knight’s Road for Mount Teren – named after a Valarynian knight that had established one of the strongest keeps in the Central Kingdoms on the summit of the mountain.

The Plains of Arden in the summer years was tediously hot. This year was no different. The commonwealth generally wore linen clothing in spring and summer rather than your typical leatherwear that was popular in autumn and winter. In the summers, knights rarely wore their shinning armor – the heat made their metal suits a makeshift oven that had resulted in heat exhaustion. They resorted to leather with exception of their bracers, which were their normal steel make.

The mountain of which the knight and the escort rode to was one of only two mountains on the plains that both stood tall, proud, and alone: Mount Teren and the Blazing Mountain.

Upon the summit of Mount Teren was the fortress known as Whitestone Citadel. The mountain attained its name because of a Valarynian knight commander that had held a defensive stance with five hundred warriors on the mountain’s summit against the Tynnazian armies. After the battle where Sir Teren managed to pull off a miraculous defense, the King of Valaryn named the mountain after him. The knight-commander was made a general of Valaryn and built a fortress from the rock of the mountain that was Whitestone – the ultimate destination of the traveling knight. Whitestone Citadel has unparalleled defenses. A path that leads straight up the mountainside at a forty-five degree angle, rising from one thousand feet above sea level to six thousand. The wall that encases the fortress is polar white and rings around the entire summit. Extending from the wall are bridges made of wood and stone that connect the six guard towers around. On the tops of these towers were mountain ballistae with archers in the towers and their hail of arrows that waited to be rained upon the climbing enemy troops. Upon raised platforms behind the walls of Whitestone were great catapults, hurling boulders with deadly intent that crashed on oncoming troops. When and if the invaders made their way to the gate, the large wooden and gold gates would open and the famed Champions of Justice would be waiting with shield and lance in hands. With the up hill advantage and the assistance of the Valaryn Ranger Guild atop the gates, invaders could be easily repelled.

The two riders had covered forty-five miles when they reached the city of Salem – just three miles south from Mount Teren. It was twilight when they arrived and it would be dark by the time they would have reached the Path of Demise (the path that goes straight up the mountain to the gates of Whitestone Citadel). The two companions found themselves sleeping the night at the Plainsheart Inn, which was as old as the city itself. As a former Champion of Peace, Sir Ronald Plainsheart had settled in the small town of Salem after the First Rift War, building a large inn that brought business from the North Fort, Mount Teren, and tourists from further south that came to visit the mountain.

Both knight and cavalier did not bother staying in the common room. Both took their plates from the innkeeper and saw themselves to their rooms. The next morning they had a quick meal and rode on and around the mountain’s base. The Path of Demise was long and the High Gate was out of sight. They were advised to by those at the base of the path to take it a thousand feet up at a time to rest as to not be subdued by altitude sickness.

The advice was not unheeded. After the first one thousand feet, the knight was starting to get pains in his temples and his vision was starting to blur. After an hour rest and the knight regaining his wits, they trudged up the mountain. Another one of the mountains unseen defenses was just displayed at its smallest degree. Armies rushing up would suffer worse the higher they rose.

The High Gate was before them, only fifteen yards ahead. The massive of wood and steel moved inward toward the fortress, revealing it’s gleaming inner sanctum. From behind the gate was a man on horseback with two spear-armed guards beside him. He rode forward as did the two travelers, meeting in front of the towering arch that led into Whitestone Citadel.

“Sir Arthur Bremen, son of the King’s Hand. To what do I owe the pleasure of having such a guest in my domain?” Lord-Commander Jordan Rhyne bellowed with arms open. He was a tall and broad figure, even on horseback. He wore no armor; rather light a linen shirt and leather leggings. No weapon was on his hip either, which seemed to display an uncommon sense of confidence.

The knight that was Sir Arthur Bremen waved his hand and dismissed his own guardian to make himself at home. “It is I, Lord-Commander, that should be owing the pleasure. I have come to see the great Whitestone Citadel of course!” The two dismounted and embraced each other.

“Did your father or the king send you here?” Rhyne asked suspiciously.

“No sir. I came here solely my own purposes. Has something happened?” Arthur was nervous now. Valaryn had been recently making necessary preparations for the war that was on their doorstep. A mighty force known well as the Giant’s Horde had been advancing from their lairs in the hills just north of the human kingdom. Whitestone Citadel has been the command center for all military forces on the northern border, followed by the North Fort.

“Simply a question,” Rhyne said. “Come! I’ll bring you to great hall and I will summon a banquet. A knight’s feast!” The Lord-Commander of Whitestone started barking orders at a nearby servant who rushed back into the fortress to go about his duties.

“A feast is not necessary, Lord-Commander. I am content to find my meal at the inn –” Arthur began but Rhyne cut him off fast.

“Inn? My good sir, there are no inns here in Whitestone. We don’t have any visitors! This is a military establishment. Inns and taverns have no place for us here,” he said with a wave of his hand.

Arthur’s gaze wandered through what he could see of Whitestone. Most of it was just brute structures that were supposed to be the quarters for the soldiers and their families in the citadel. The two men had ridden into the heart of the mountain fortress. After dismounting and relieving themselves of their weapons, they walked inside the great hall.

It was enormous. Unlike the appearance of the snow-white stones throughout the citadel, the interior of the great hall was a charcoal grey with a musty smell in the air. It wasn’t until a little bit after their arrival did the smell of food of all kinds being cooked slip into the senses of Arthur Bremen. Another thing that made this great hall different from the rest was that it was not nearly as fancy in decorations. It was rather simple. That, for one thing, Arthur could appreciate through the cold appearance. “A stunning establishment, milord.”

“It is nothing in comparison to the King’s Hall I’ll bet. Much bigger and shiny which usually many more gorgeous women,” the tall man said with a chuckle to himself.

Arthur let himself laugh as well. “You have a fair point, but even the King’s Hall could be considered much. The likes of halls like these symbolize the humility of humanity.”

“Wise words from such a young tongue,” Rhyne said with a smile as they walked down the long hall.

“It is a trait I owe to my mother. My father is a much more critical judge. Though I am told I have his looks while I don’t see it. Perhaps it is mere stubborn denial.” Arthur smiled and the two men shared more laughter. They came upon the Lord’s Table and stood in front of the rise that held the high seats. “So how goes the preparations on the border?”

Rhyne calmed and let out a soft sigh. “Horrid. The North Fort and Whitestone are the only prepared strongholds. The rest are undermanned or undersupplied. I understand the king and the Hand have been trying but it isn’t enough. Valaryn can’t fight this alone. But then Velrengard occupies the forces of Laros and then our own western forces are on watch for the Genovians. Those on the east must remain to safeguard us from the potential threat of the half-giants in those dreaded mountains. If Laros and Nemyria could reach us we would be in a much better position. Then of course there is Tellaham who is helping Laros in their fight against Velrengard.” He looked down the hall as a few knights began to walk into the great hall, talking amongst themselves. “We are fine here. The North Fort is well but the two places cannot hold the line here alone. And as far as I’m concerned, the Genovians pose no threat like that of the giants.”

“A hard time indeed in the hills of the north,” Arthur commented.

“Apparently people must see it to believe it. The fires of that dreaded horde could be spotted from the towers, they say. If that is so then where is our army that is supposed to fight with them? As far as I know the only stronghold that stands a prayer of a chance is this one. Not even the North Fort could hold out against a force as vast and dominant as that of the giants!” A servant came out from behind Jordan Rhyne.

“Excuse me, sire, but the food is almost ready and the guests are starting to arrive –”

“Enough said, I understand,” Rhyne said with a wave of his hand. “Come, Arthur.” The two men walked around the ledge that held up the Lord’s Table and they both sat in the center seats. As they seated themselves, an armored figure was walking down the isle towards the Lord’s Table. At first glance, Arthur thought it to be a slim man but it was otherwise when his eyes met the sapphire ones of a lady-knight. She was adorned in silver armor with a forest green cloak hanging off her shoulders, complimenting her dark blonde hair. After realizing who it was, both knights rose and bowed. “Lady Amanda Driskill of Cnidos –” Jordan Rhyne was about to continue when the lady-knight spoke over him.

“His Majesty, King Leon of Laros, has sent a portion of his army here to the famed Whitestone Citadel. The Fourth Battalion of the Laros Army has arrived seeking Lord-Commander Jordan Rhyne and aid said commander in the defense of Valaryn’s northern border against the giant threat.”

How convenient, Arthur thought, that reinforcements for the future war to arrive on the same day as I to Whitestone. Lady Amanda Driskill of Cnidos had a reputation in Whitestone Citadel. She had visited on military diplomacy many times on behalf of Laros in recent months. She was one of few female knights in the Central Kingdoms. She attained her position by growing up in a very military family. Her mother had originally tried to teach her to be a noblewoman but Amanda refused. Lady Driskill swore to take up the sword with her brothers in arms. Instead of training through her family, she joined the ranks of the Laros Army as a foot soldier. Through skill, grace, and charisma, she worked her way through the ranks to knighthood, earning herself honorable scars in the process. She was even gifted a griffon from a Knight-Lord in Laros for her own named Skyfury.
Arthur looked over Lady Driskill once more. She was middle aged but was still fairing well in appearance. Though one may not consider her gorgeous, she was still attractive. The only things that tempered with her looks were the scars on her face from battle. Otherwise, her olive skin and dark blonde hair were what kept her physical presentation in tact.

“Lady Driskill, I thank you for such an honor. Servants and guests, the time for feast will be delayed for a couple of hours! We shall celebrate both of our guests as well this sign of a firm alliance between Laros and Valaryn!” Jordan Rhyne said with a raise of his arms. The knights present pounded on the table or on their breastplates in agreement. The Lord-Commander turned to Arthur to continue. “Would you like to join me, Sir Bremen, in attending to this matter?”

Arthur’s eyes lit up in excitement as a grin lifted his face. “Why of course, Lord Rhyne! It would be an honor.”

Arthur rose and followed Rhyne and Amanda out of the great hall. The small fellowship made it outside and no mounts were awaiting them. Before Jordan Rhyne could call for mounts, Lady Driskill spoke. “We will have no need for horses to descend from the mountain. Those that have made home in the Mourning Forest have served us well.” She raised an armored hand toward the sky where the sun was. At first nothing was seen but a red glare and some clouds in the evening sky until black shadows interrupted the display. Three were flying towards their location, remaining silhouettes against the sun until they were just above the group. Griffons. The largest one screeched and landed gently on all four paws as its wings folded in on its sides. Amanda smiled and stroked the underside of the griffon’s neck. The two others, a little bit smaller than her own, landed next to Jordan and Arthur. All three had riding saddles strapped on. The beasts were as tall as horses with about twice the length. Large avian heads were bowed slightly as their riders circled them. Their heads, torsos, and wings were covered in rich brown feathers while golden fur covered the rest of their bodies. Their wings were about thirteen feet in wingspan on average.

“Arthur,” Jordan Rhyne called as a servant finished strapping the Lord-Commander into the saddle, “have you ever ridden’ the winds before?” There was a smug smile on the man’s face as he took hold of the horn.

Arthur blushed embarrassed as he mounted the beast. When he landed on the griffon’s back, the animal screeched and reared up on its hind legs; wings spread out completely. Arthur caught the horn and held onto the creature’s sides with his legs tightly, yelling in panic. When the griffon landed on its front paws again, looking back with its ruby eyes as if glaring at Arthur. The blood in his face drained in fear. He drew himself up slowly to sit correctly in the saddle; assisted by one of Lord Rhyne’s servants who strapped the young knight on the griffon.

“I’ll take that as a ‘no,’” Jordan Rhyne said with a hearty laugh as Arthur rubbed his neck with uncertainty. As he sat, the sound of paws walking came up next to him as Lady Amanda Driskill walked up between the two men.

“Fear not, young knight. Lord-Commander Rhyne only started riding these magnificent animals a few years ago. He too was once disrupting griffons while mounting. Flying is when you will truly be… nervous.” She winked and smiled. She reached over and patted Arthur’s griffon on the head. “Go easy boy,” she whispered to it. The beast nodded. She pinched her knees into her griffon’s sides. It stepped back before launching into the air, dust blasting around them. Wings flapped and caught wind. Lord Rhyne followed suit and as both circled about thirty feet up from Arthur, he noticed his griffon was looking at him patiently with mean-looking eyes.

“Well then…” He dug his heels into the griffon’s sides. It didn’t fly, instead began walking around in a random path. “No, no, fly!” This made him very ashamed. Riding a griffon while it was on foot was no different than riding a horse but he needed to fly. Lady Amanda Driskill flew low to him for assistance.

She was laughing as well.

“Arthur! You need to put your knees in his sides, not your heels! They are tamed and conditioned for knees to tell them to fly and heels to walk or run!”

He shook his head and tried again, this time with his knees. The griffon stepped back and spread his wings. After a second, they were vaulting into the air and the griffon flapped his wings repeatedly. Arthur felt like he was about to fall off and held on tightly to the horn and to the griffon. He felt as though they were going to plummet to the earth at this rate. It wasn’t until the griffon’s wings lay even to coast on the draft of wind he had caught.

Flying was a very different experience from horseback riding. After about an hour of practice riding with the griffon, Arthur became used to such conditions and looked around to find Jordan Rhyne and Amanda Driskill. They were hovering in the skies about fifty yards away from him looking off into the distance. The knight looked below to see a battle camp that must have been the Larosians. The griffon took him up next to Rhyne.

“What’s happening here?” Arthur asked casually. No words came in reply, only a motion from Jordan Rhyne with a face of despair. Curiously, Arthur looked to where the Lord-Commander motioned. Across the Plains of Arden about twenty miles from Whitestone Citadel were miles and miles of campfires of an army that was not of the likes anyone had ever seen. The Horde of the Giants was preparing for an invasion on Valaryn and nothing could stop it.

In the northern sky was the war knocking on the gates of the Central Kingdoms.

(( This is a rough draft so there is still work to be done. But you asked for a story and this is merely the beginning of one. Hope you enjoyed nonetheless! ))

Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?:

I'm a heavy gamer and currently a student so my time has restraints at the moment. I also got a new computer and I do not yet have World of WarCraft installed. Figured I'd join and get to know the community a bit OOC then jump in the game. (If someone knows a way to download the game for free, please let me know.) I'm pretty straightforward for the most part, I do enjoy throwing out the occasional riddle, so if you ask me a question, I'll usually be pretty straightforward.

If there is anything else that you all would like to know, drop the question in the comments and I'll get back to you. I explain things better with questions.
Hello and welcome to Conquest of the Horde, Pantheon!

I have to say this is a wonderful introduction! And I did enjoy reading your story, too. I'm sure you'll fit right in here. :] To answer your question, you can get World of Warcraft here. Also, just to clarify – do you want to sign up for the mentor program now or are you going to wait and see how things go?

Now, as per standard approval procedure, remember to read our rules and policies again – you’ve probably done this already, but it’s something we expect everyone to be super familiar with! The FAQs are also an excellent source of information when you’re just getting started. Once you’ve done all this, make sure to create an in-game account here (if you haven’t already) using the same information you registered your forum account under.

When you create your account and log onto the server, do not forget to /join Chat, where you can talk with other players and ask questions.

We also have character creation tips and a lot of various guides that you may find useful when working on your first character or profile or just trying to get the feel of the server. This guide is recommended for all new players!

Lastly, feel free to toss me a PM if you still have any questions or concerns and I will try my best to respond soon!

But most importantly, have fun! ;)
I would probably like to sign up on the Mentor program.

However I am on an Apple machine at the moment so downloading the game is going to have to be put on hold for a little while. In the mean time I'll start working on a character profile.
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