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Introduction of the Rin :)
First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:
Well, of course, I love RP. Crazy about it. And I'm an altaholic. In fact, if anyone looked at the server select screen of my retail account, they would find at least 10-15 servers with at least 2 characters each. Most of them have about 4. :) To explain to non-altaholics, I just say that I love being different and I really try to set myself away from the the norm. So, I have many very different character personalities.

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:
I'm from the US, good ol' redneck Kentucky. :P I am not redneck, however, don't worry. Also, English is my only language. ;) I wish I knew German and Latin though. :( They are on the to-do list..

How did you get into Warcraft?:
I first started my MMO life on EverQuest. Love it, still, to this day; played for 6ish years. I just have quit a few months ago, due to being so saddened by the death of RP, even on the RP server. Yes. It died. Horribly. I think I was the last one, really. x.x SO! Let's face it, almost everyone (especially in the MMO world) has heard of WoW. :) I first started being all "Ew, Warcraft is teh suck. EQ wins!" But then I saw the character creation screen and was able to play with it, then went "OooooOOOOoooo.......". So, then I had to make my own characters.

What made you seek our server over others?:
The first RP private server I came across was actually Freedom. Then, through talk on that server, I heard of this one and wanted to check it out since they were saying it was the best for RP. ;)

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:
Personally, I feel like evil puts more excitment into RP, but that may just be me. ;) I do love to play a nice dedicated knight, though, also. I mostly prefer tavern-like RP, or usually hanging around the city or quiet wooded area. I really hate PVP. Like, a lot. :/ But, to be fair, I may not have given it a real good try either. I just try to avoid it at all costs. ^^ That doesn't mean I hold back on the attitude ICly, though. ;)

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
OOCly: Draenei pally. They are so cute and I can flow through the game real easy. >>
ICly: I like Draenei, but I've played several, so I want to try to do something different. Probably Forsaken because there's a wide variety of personalities you can choose. Most other's have the normal something that is expected (even though I -could- do something different, but it decreased the chance that I'll get people's good attention for that, or so I've seen from personal experiences :P).
As for class- I really don't think I could give you an answer for that. :) Each class has so much you can do with it, that I really can't choose a favorite.

What are your expectations of this server?:
I'm hoping to find a much bigger selection of RPers, really. Unfortunately, I play at a bit of an odd schedule, and even when I'm on and there's many people on, it seems the "RPers" of the server... aren't "in the mood" to RP. :/ Makes me very, very sad.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:
Probably either the Introductions or Keyboarding Skills, which go together to me, for my reason of choosing them. I don't know how many times I've heard someone say "Oh, this guild (or server or ... whatever..) is good because the RPers there are awesome!" So, I go check it out and sure, there's RPers there, and they -can- be mature, but they still talk lik dis somtms, ya kno? So, it really annoys me, heh. To me, it doesn't show as much maturity as what I guess I'm looking for, so I get disappointed. The introductions are a great idea! I love it, and I wish more people did it. It's a good way to see if people are the kind of people you are looking for to RP/hang out with it. I've jumped so many server, retail and private, that I couldn't possibly list them. Not even close, haha. But, uh.... moving on.

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:
****If it's okay, I'll just post one of my blogs which are actually RP backstories or just what's happened to characters that I really enjoy and hope to keep for a long time. Main one being a character I play from EQ2 (currently inactive due to lack of money :( ). ****

As she sat with her legs tucked comfortably to her right, leaning on the left armrest of her dull green couch, Natayo stared intensly into the calm roar of her pale stone fireplace. She held her off-white goblet neatly in her hands, although she was so focused on the flickering flames that she thought not on taking another sip from it. All vision seemed blurry and odd, except when gazing in this particular fire. It was like the world was rushing passed her suddenly. Her fiery locks began loosing their color. Her bright golden eyes turned dark and cold, like her heart. Sun-tanned skin turned deathly pale. Looking into any reflection, she could watch everything move and change, slowly but noticable.

Still, she sat there and stared into the fire and thought on everything that was happening. The darkened druid that promised to help her. Losing her new friend. The odd Northman that came up to her at the broker. All the changes to her already-changing world. Memories flooded her mind; memories that were not all her's. She couldn't understand, truely, what was happening. It's not like it was an all-bad situation to her. In fact, her fascination with the D'Ryil brought this upon her. She loved going to their bar, even though she was not welcomed, near her older home. She had moved not only for the massive amount of room, but more importantly because it was near their theater. It was a beautiful place, afterall.
Feeling the slightest bit of difference, like her hands were growing heavier, she broke her gaze from the flames and gently tilted her head downward to look at her hands, still grasping her goblet. Looking questioningly now, she softly set the goblet in the round table in front of her and flattened her hands to inspect the constant growing nails. She watched, blurry-eyed as she started to see them form a narrowed curve at the end, and kept getting even more narrow. However, they did not grow very abnormally long. She could also feel the slight motion of growing canines, lightly touching the edges of her tongue. Thinking to herself, Natayo lightly shook her head from side to side and spoke low in her sinister-like Koada voice. "I should have known this would happen to me." As her faithful house servant walked up and sat beside her on the couch, she looked carefully up at him, giving him an annoyed look. "Why did I not realize this til now, Xuther? I was so utterly stupid."
Xuther looked back at her eyes with his blackened, reptilian ones and tried to reassure her with his deep, whispy tone. "No, Misstresss. It iss all new to you. You should blame yoursself not, for thiss." Natayo allowed her legs to glacefully fall to the floor, sitting up, as she glanced back at the fire without changing expression. "I should have seen it." Tilting her head upwards so that her chin stuck in the air arogently, she stiffened more. "I am weak. I need to be stronger. We will make sure this happens, you understand? I will not allow us to fail. Power will be ours, Xuther. No one can change that." The tall, muscular Tae Ew nodded his green-scaled head in agreement and stood, offering the sinister elf his clawed hand. Without looking, she placed her sickly-skinny hand upon his and allowed the ease of his help up. "Is the drunken fae awake?" she asked him blankly.
"Yes, my lady," Xuther replied, giving a slight bow and awaiting her orders that he was sure she was about to give him.
"Let us go and find out what kind of sound she makes when she loses her precious pearly wings, hm?" Natayo glanced over to his bent form, flashing an evil grin.
"Of course, my lady. Whatever you desire." he replied, awaiting for her to take her lead. She glanced down at her hands once more while beginning to walk out of her living room, through the front room, and to the kitchen. Calmly, she walked to the book selves that hid the secret entrance to the downstairs and proceeded down the non-lit staircase with Xuther following close behind. At the base of the stairs was the bedroom for both him and her. He was the only being she could trust and she knew she had his full respect. Through their room, ran a line of carpet that lead to the last, and most enjoyable room. She happily took her place upon the large, frosted chair of which she acted as her very own throne. Xuther waited patiently by the rusty cage hanging from the ceiling, holding a very tiny skeleton and a panicing fresh new female fae.
Clearing her throat, Natayo smiled and looked at the pleading fae, tilting her head in thought. Then, she looked at Xuther and nodded, "I'm thinking.... the heated iron rod, for now, if you will." The reptile bowed in response and walked calmly over the small, but almost smelting hot fire in the center of the room. He picked up the rod and turned back toward the fae. The pale green mess of her short hair was dirty and tangled, the pearecent effect on her lightl and colorful wings was spotted with soot and the top of her left wing was bent from being thrown carelessly into the cage. Bright, turquoise eyes stared back and forth between Natayo and her loyal friend. High-pitched as her fairy-voice was, it was still pleasing to the elven woman to hear the fae plead and beg for her life to be spared. Pleading for them to not do harm to her. But Natayo just watched her with that sinister grin of hers and nodded her signal for Xuther to continue. He plunged the rod into the cage, piercing the fae in her shoulder with the burning-hot iron and she screamed with all her might at the pain.
Changing her mind, suddenly, Natayo raised from her make-shift throne and stepped down, moving over to the hanging cage. "You may put it up now. I've changed my mind. I want her wings; they are giving me a headache." Knowing just what to do, Xuther opened the cage door and grabbed the tiny fae, not bothering to latch the door back. He turned and walked just passed the pot of burning embers and laid the fae slightly diagonal in the air before thrusting her tiny body onto the upright spear, pushing another skeleton on down. Wailing again from the pain, the fae threw her head backwards and let her arms and legs fall limp before raising her head and staring in horror at the spike running through her stomach. Natayo smiled pleasently and walked almost with a bounce in her step over to the same spot, swiping up a slightly dull knife at the edge of the torture table on her way over. She looked the fae close in the eyes and saw the shivering fear within the creature, also catching the sight of the frantic pumping of her veins, the heavy pounding of her heart. "Now, deary! Those wings.. " she made a light ticking noise with her tongue," ... They really must go," she nodded. With that, she grabbed a hold of one and began torturously sawing away at the base of the wing. Mockingly, Natayo fake-screamed along with the fae and she cackled in her face. Feeling hardly any strength in the position she was in, the fae shook to look at the elf and spat at her, wincing from more pain for a moment, then speaking in her squeeky voice again. "Yo-.... you're a monster.."
Natayo just smiled, touchingly. "That is so sweet! Thank you," she replied, moving her eyes to gaze upon the rush of fairy blood streaming passed the existing skeleton, and onto the floor. Taking a single skinny finger, she gathered a small bit and licked it, shutting her, suddenly dark and slightly glowing, eyes as she savored the obviously pleasing taste of it..

Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?:
I don't think there is much else for now. I've been trying to read up on and gather more WoW lore on my free time, but as for just playing in-game, I will let everyone know right now- My highest character, as many as I had, on retail was only 40. Most were 20 and under. :P So, I may be slow, still, on abbreviations for zones and stuff like that. I know, kind of noobish. :x I focused on RP, though, not the leveling. >> I will learn, eventually. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy, and looking forward to meeting and RPing with everyone. :) Later!

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