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Invalid Account Info?!
Merry Christmas everyone!

So, I haven't been able to connect since making my Game Account. When I try to log in on WoW, it says that the information doesn't match up, check your username/password, etc. I've done that, haha, a few times.

I did patch to 3.0.3 as well.

Any idea what else might be the problem? Again, the game account has been made.
Have you checked that your realmlist is set to CotH and CotH only? Otherwise it might connect to other servers instead. Also, it seems that you need to have the realmlist in a certain folder, check the other threads for more info where (since I have no clue which folder it should be in). Mine is in the Data-enUS file.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

All things that could help you.

Put your update to Blizzards and try to update even more.

Clean your cache and wtf files.

Check your realmlists in both old folder and new folder and make sure its CoTH's one.

Register again, try hundred times your username and password.

If doesn't work ask Kretol to change your Account or reinstall WoW.
[Image: irontrooperx.png]
Thanks for the speedy reply!

Yeah, my realmlist is only set to CotH, and it is in Data>enUS>realmlist.wtf

And my realmlist reads, "set realmlist coth.game-host.org
set patchlist coth.game-host.org"
Heyyyyy, ahem, which step is getting stuck for you, the username/password? Could you write out the list of things it goes through before it denies you? :)
[Image: Signature.png]

- I open WoW.exe or whatever it's called (I don't use the launcher, I guess is what I'm saying.)
- I type in my username and password, that I made via the *Game Account* link on the top-right of this page.
- The error I get is "The information you have entered is not valid. Please check the spelling of the account name and password." Then it tells me to check a link, which obviously won't be any help in connecting to a private server.

The steps I've tried so far are:

- Ensuring I typed everything properly.
- Deleting both cache and WTF folders.
- Ensuring realmlist is in the proper place.
When you open your realmlist is it read only? A few people seem to be having this problem :) Would be nice to figure out the source.
[Image: Signature.png]
Hmm, I think it says that it's "Read and Write."
Basically is the little tick box checked or not for read only. Also, can you give me the path for your realmlist and the exe you use to start the game? Just right click and check properties.
[Image: Signature.png]
The exe to open the game is in: Applications>World of Warcraft> (Mac user here.)
The realmist is in Applications>World of Warcraft>Data>enUS>
Ah, that might make it harder for me to help you. I've been browsing google to see if anyone else has found a solution to this problem, so far no luck. I'll post here if I find anything though.
[Image: Signature.png]
Thanks for the help. I might just try a full reinstall, loathe as I am to do it.
Indeed, also, when did you create your account?
[Image: Signature.png]
I'm not sure of the exact time, but sometime yesterday afternoon.
Alrighty, my desire to RP has finally overpowered my disdain for a full reinstall.

So, any last suggestions before I finally go through with the whole reinstall?

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