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Iridinia Avinea [Blood Elf]
Player: Calista

Character Full Name: Iridinia Avinea

Character In-Game Name: Iridinia

Nickname(s): Iri

Association(s): Ratchet on the Rocks, Silvermoon City

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Jewelcrafter (OOC Paladin)

Skills and Abilities:

--Defensive Crystals-- If Iridinia ever gets in a sticky situation, she always keeps several fire crystals on hand to protect herself. Considering she doesn't have any training as a warrior, it is her only means of defense when it comes to protecting herself and her shop from thieves. She does this either by channeling the already stored mana within the crystal, or by breaking the crystal open by throwing it (Which would basically cause an explosion). After channeling the crystal, however, it becomes depleted and would have to be replenished via enchanting.

Age: 734

Sex: Female

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Weight: 120 lbs.

Height: 5'9"

Usual Garments/Armor:

Iri usually wears a lavish robe with a pair of boots to match. She also tends to wear a large amount of jewelry that she made of the years of being a jeweler. This also tends to make her stand out amongst the crowd considering the large amount of jewels are bright and well-kept.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral


-Iridinia tends to be rather business driven. She loves making new jewelry, and because of it her goal is to become successful in the business. Her passion found, much of her time and energy is spent creating pieces to sell, causing her to be weary for much of the rest of her time. Her stance within the factions being one of neutrality, it does not bother her who she speaks to; as long as they intend purchase something from her, she has no problem speaking with those of the Alliance, considering she is not loyal to the Horde, but only to her people.


Iridinia was born in Quel'thalas, in Silvermoon City itself. Her mother being a seamstress, and her father a miner, she grew up in a rather plain environment. Much of her time spent in her mother's shop, she began to learn the trade of a seamstress and how to sew garments, stitch holes up, and the like. Until she was around twelves years of age did she do this. When she was twelve, she met a young boy a little older than her that was the son of a jeweler. Slowly becoming best friends, they soon went on little explorations on the outskirts of Silvermoon, and ended up spending much of their time together.

With her new-found friend, her mother no longer forced her to help with her shop, and because of this she instead spent her time with her friend at his father's jewelry store. She became fascinated by the craft, and soon asked for her friend's father, the jeweler, to take her as his apprentice. He gladly accepted her proposal, and with the permission of her parents, she began to learn how to craft jewelry.

For nearly twenty years she spent her time with the jeweler making different pieces of jewelry as a part of her apprenticeship. Growing quite fond of the art as her apprenticeship continued, she began to hone her skills when it came to crafting jewelry. Let out of her apprenticeship to take on a full position at the store of her friend's father, her own pieces were finally put on sale for customers to buy. The first piece of her jewelry to be sold being a diamond pendant, she began to use the diamond in more of her pieces due to the nostalgia.

For a hundred years she continued to work in the shop, honing her craft until she could perfect as much as possible. The jeweler realizing that he was holding her back decided to release her from his employment. Departing from Silvermoon, she traveled to the human kingdom of Stromgarde to start up her own jewelry store. The jeweler's son traveling with her due to their strong friendship, they set up a store rather quickly in the new lands.

The very first day of her shop opening, she finished crafting a diamond ring, which she decided to keep for herself due to the exceptional craftsmanship. It was the first of a large line of times she kept the pieces of jewelry instead of putting them up for sale. Her friend becoming the guard of the store, the contents were kept safe from any robbers or thieves. There being a small attachment on the back of the shop, she lived there full-time, while her friend lived in a house nearby.

For several hundred years this was Iridinia's life until she gathered enough wealth to return to Silvermoon and set up a shop there. Selling off the old property in Stromgarde, she left the city that she had grown to love. Back in Silvermoon, her old mentor had retired from the business, allowing her to set up a shop without having to compete with him. Life continued on peacefully in Silvermoon for the next few hundred years. Creating more pieces that she grew to love, she kept several for herself, while her wealth continued to grow from her smart saving.

When the third war came, Iridinia's shop on the west side of Silvermoon was destroyed while she was barely able to escape with her friend. Quel'thalas ravaged upon her return to the lands, she dedicated her time to helping others to repair the city. Her old shop now lost amongst the western ruins of the city, she decided that it would be best to leave from the city, at least for a time. Traveling the lands, she decided to set up shop in a neutral area where she could spread her wares to the entirety of Azeroth and not be confined by the two factions.
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  • Psychyn
Can her abilities be elaborated? Like do the crystals make fire or how they protect her?

Also are the crystals based off of an item in game? It would help if I could look at them on wowhead! They don't need to be based off of an existing item but if they are it would be handy to know. :)
I put a little more depth into the ability. I came up with the idea from Mana Crystals and the like, how they have a stored energy to be released.

If you want an example of channeling a fire crystal, she would hold it out in front of her and release the stored energy in it basically causing something equivalent to the 'Dragon Breath' spell. Creating like a wave of fire. Same could go for one made of frost, or a beam of Arcane.

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