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Is this godmodding...
A boy was shot serval times at close range the other night, and I dragged him away, healed him with healing spell and water totem, then prayed for an ancestral spirit to guild him back to his body, which it did...I feel I have to ask, is that godmodding, if so then instead of healing him, I'll just say I eat him.

Please, your thoughts, as I thought I should know before continuing RPing with said Char.

((The reaosn I'm asking for this is because I have never played a Shaman and do not yet have a feel for there limits.))
Basically, the policy on Character Death and Maiming (located here), specifically item C, is the part that applies. If the boy kicked it and was brought back, that's the one and only time it can happen to him. No whack-a-mole stuff.

Also, Sir Darkspear... if you're eating any humaniod races, you'd better be good at keeping secrets. The Horde frowns heavily on the practice. (The only reason the Forsaken can do it is because they're not so much part of the Horde as in an alliance of convenience with them. As part of a tribe who really -wants- to show respect to their fellow orcs and tauren, you'd want to keep the cannibalism to a minimum.)
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
I know and I did not have a good reason for saving him really, I just screwd up....I broke character *hangs self* for the first time in my life. *dies*
I cannot RP until I get this sorted out, I welcome any ideas to fix it, and I will take the forum or you can PM me...please help me out.
I think the dude got banned anyhow so I'd say just ignore the whole thing, forget it ever happened.
He did?!
Sweet!!, well then...problem solved, thanks Bishnak for the heads up, instead of saving him, I'll just say I dragged him off and nawed on him a wee bit, I feel so much better and will be on later today as I am current;y getting ready to bomb my house to get rid of the various insect we have...Thanks again Bishnak! :D :P LOL 8)

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