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It Was an Eclipse [Feedback]
In my experience raid warnings are awesome.

You don't even have to just make OOC raid warnings telling people to stop emoting. I've made IC raid warnings that start to describe something that's happening or even someone important to the event that's talking. Often times people slow down on their emotes to read and some people respond but only shortly because they are focused with the reading.

When its a dialogue between two people or something just make the other one of those mini-leaders or whatever of the raid party. Cause then you can both do the raid warnings. So yeah, just make lengthy ones that force everyone to stop and think 'ohey, what's this?'
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(11-11-2011, 04:59 AM)Aphetoros Wrote: I think one of the biggest things I need to figure out how to do is figure out how to get people to stop emoting/saying when I need them to. One of the biggest problems is the important parts kept getting flooded out and I wasn't sure how to fix it!

Repetition, repetition, repetition. Or an assistant that also has raid warning. I could do that!

And it isn't Light cultists, Arillon. The Light can't do all that.
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The whole evidence thing was meh but then again in my honest opinion this is a fantasy setting where Orcs fight Elves ect. The facts should be kept solid and straight but heck people let your imagination take flight sometimes and just roll with things. But alas that is a personal choice. I thought the event was rather good Aph. As many have said do not let the feelings of the few keep you from moving forward. I like the idea of the Eclipse and it is currently not a "trend" so you should still put all your genius into it my friend. I offer any assistance I can in the future as far as running the actual events ect or helping you to do so. I know myself as well as others have expressed their more than willing nature to help. All in all well done for your first event Aph. The Grog has spoken lol. *chugs Guiness*
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I liked the idea and the feeling you tried to build. It did float on smoothly for the most part, which was a good thing. It's hard to make it float with so many people involved as there were, but you're very brave, I daresay, to take on so many people for a first event of this kind.

But, but, but. I had to give this advice to Muhaha as well when he ran one of his events. In the future, try to have diversions ready so you can tell people to stick with the party for other reasons than "because I say so" or "for the sake of this event".

While those two reasons are completely valid (seeing as the DM knows best in their own events and it was for the sake of the event), it's always better to have something in your pocket that you can whip out all awesome-like. All HUZZAH!, you know.

Say, "That entrance is blocked", "You're struck by an overwhelming feeling of nausea", "Your knees start feeling weak"...

Give them warnings and try to herd them back by simply making all the other options out to seem like really, really bad ideas. Such as you did with the tremor when people hesitated to step through the portal and there was virtually no other way out of the area. You essentially only gave us one option.

Normally, railroading is not adviced in events. Well, at least for smaller ones. In the bigger events where there's a lot of players, railroading certainly makes things a whole lot simpler. Be sure to make it clear ICly that it's the way to go so there's minimal bending-out-of-frame for the participants. Toss 'em a carrot in the direction you want them to go, and make it obvious ICly why everything else is a bad idea.

If they still want to go ahead with doing something else, let them. But penalize them appropriately, ICly. It's just like Character Warnings, really. Again, this should only be for the larger events of that kind. When you downscale a bit, make sure to always have backups and plans for the area. Make it interactive. If people deviate from the original plan for a bit, try to at least have some idea of what lurks about the area you're in. Let them explore if they want to, but don't let it take too long, either. Wiggle that carrot.

... I think I'm getting off-topic. Anyhow!

The event as it was... it was informative, and it filled its purpose. I would personally scale down the... "power" of the illusion a little bit, but then I have to remind myself that it is indeed an illusion and in the end, none of that was actually real. All in all, I enjoyed playing in it.

I would try to be less mysterious OOCly, however. :B Then again, that might've just been because there was a lot to keep track of. But still...

None of what I said just now made any sense whatsoever. I just typed as it came to mind and I'll stop typing right NOW. HERE. YEAH.


... hnnnnnnnnngghhh...

Also. For the larger events, do have some co-hosts or assistants. Perhaps even a DM private chat channel so you guys can discuss what's going down in full. If you ever use Ventrilo for that kind of private chat channel, feel free to use the Loxxybox if me or another GM is around to toss you in there. /nod

I didn't stop typing, did I?



I just hope I made sense. /cower
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Yer, so just seeing this now...

I'm not the best DM, I don't think. I kind've got it dumped on me when the one who was going to DM for me split like five minutes before the event, so I was really nervous and afraid. I didn't really know how to deal with the people splitting off, as I didn't consider that. I almost wish I could've gone back and almost made the drinks/food poisoned with magical hallucinogens, though. It might've made it...

...more practical. Your comments are really going to help me in planning the next event-- which is a much smaller mystery/investigative event that I'm currently writing the storyboard for.
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