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Item creation
I'm wondering what program or commands is it that Gm's use to make them on this server?
I'm a mad man! Just as weird as any of you! most likely?
To make what? The server?
[Image: wow2copytl5.jpg]
So how are custom items made what's the process?
I'm a mad man! Just as weird as any of you! most likely?
There are LOTS of programs on the web that you download that when you open them you fill out the Damage,speed,stats,name of item,description,Procs,equip effects, then the skin of the item (need the item skin I.D.) then you save it to wow private server file. Glad to help! ;)
Fighting others is easy. Fighting yourself is the real challenge.
What kind of programs? Do you have any names of good ones?
I'm a mad man! Just as weird as any of you! most likely?

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