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Jacar [Forsaken]
Player: RiffRaff

Character Full Name: Jacar Gallagher

Character In-Game Name: Jacar

Race: Forsaken

Class: Rogue

Skills and Abilities: He is still very skilled as he was in life with tailoring.

Age: 23 at death

Sex: Male

Hair: Dull and limp black

Eyes: Dark empty sockets.

Weight: 114 lbs.

Height: 5'5 ft

Appearance: Normally goes around in long sleeved outfits (With long legged pants if he isn't in a dress/robe), gloves, with a matching hood/mask. All to carefully cover up as much visual signs of his undead nature.

Other: Has an open cavity in his chest where he keeps his two small knives, sewing supplies, and his 'stomach'. Which is really just a small leather sack. This is usually covered by his clothes though.

Personality: When it comes to a majority of things, Jacar just doesn't seem to care. Much of what he does simply being done to bring out reactions, usually negative, from people. By people who don't know him, he could be seen as a coward, arrogant, and/or very annoying. Not enjoying to put himself at much risk but always taking a sort of pleasure in hurting others who can't fight back. But deep down in his dead and rotting self, Jacar is just as he was in life. A simple man who wants to be able to make clothes that look good, only now he enjoys taking up a new hobby of harassing people in a fun variety of ways.

History: He was born in the kingdom of Lordaeron to two tailors who worked outside of their home. And that was always what he wanted to be growing up, a tailor like his parents. While many of the local kids would run around outside and play games, Jacar would shyly stay home with his parents; learning from them the skills of the trade. It was soon little surprise to both his parents when their son had gained enough skill to help them in the shop in ways that did not involve just picking up. Other than that, his life was as dull and normal as possible for a child and he was content with that. Nothing really changing until the plague came.

Jacar had been left alone at the family home/ shop. His parents had traveled to the city to pick up more supplies that they were running low on. And being of the shy nature he was in life he had closed up to work on the projects already left in the family’s care. Though, after a few days of his parent’s absence he started to fall ill. It had become hard to go downstairs were the shop was located to work, much less pick himself up to get something to drink. No one was even coming by the home to see if their items were finished. Something he should have thought odd since many knew of his reclusive ways and would have to knock to get him down.

But he was sick, he was starting to get scared, and his parents weren’t back from the city yet… Jacar died alone in his house.

When he woke up as an undead, he was not sure where he was though he knew something was off. He was not in the house of his parents. His clothes were gone; he was now dressed in pitiful remains of what might have once been armor or cloth. His flesh had lost the healthy hue usually seen on the living and instead was covered with cuts, rips, and a holes as if he had been attacked at some point. Jacar also didn’t seem to feel much over this however, besides a faint feeling of annoyance at the idea of cleaning himself up.

How else was he suppose to react to this discovery? To scream and cry would just be stupid, he felt no fear over it... not even disgust which he probably would have felt in life. But he did not feel joy for it either, even if he did not feel scared and reclusive. It was odd in a way, he felt very little besides the very minor frustration at having to clean himself up and mild curiosity at his new self. In the end he gave up on trying to figure it out, simply repeating the words of another he heard. This was a gift.
So Jacar cleaned himself up, even wandered around until he was able to create a decent looking outfit for his now slowly decaying form. Now he wanders around doing what he feels, death having erased the shy person he once was to something more open and crude.
There might be some spacing you left out in two places. Otherwise, looks good!


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