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Jah'Rakal [Troll Warrior]
Player: denisalex

Character Full Name: Jah'Rakal

Character In-Game Name: Rakal

Nickname(s): The Berserker

Association(s): Darkspear Tribe

Race: Troll

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: Eagerness- to keep up with his gruff and savage nature, Jah'Rakal pushes himself to his limits as he viciously guides each strike with greater ease than the last.

Savage Roar- when he finds himself into a combat, Jah'Rakal lets out a fierce roar that awakens the savage spirit in him and also in his allies.

Blood-Thirst- each time Jah'Rakal would smell or see blood dripping out of his enemies, he would go into a frenzy stance, yielding him more strength into battle.

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Hair: Yellow crest

Eyes: Red

Weight: 110 kg

Height: 2,26m (upright)

Usual Garments/Armor: He wears a blue vest, a pair of blue pants and black armbands as his everyday outfit.

Personality: Jah'Rakal is a double-edged type of person. He is nice to every person he meets, even though he would be quite suspicious if that certain person would be an Alliance member, but in combat, he is a savage fighter that doesn't stop until he finishes his purpose: to slaughter the ones who dared to challenge him, or until he dies. He would help somebody in need, but would also mutilate an enemy.

History: Jah'Rakal was raised by his parents who were proud members of the Darkspear Tribe. Since he was very young, his father started to train him to become a fierce fighter on the battlefield and prove that their tribe was the strongest among all the trolls.

When he was 10 years old, the tribe had serious trouble with the combined forces of the Nagas and the Murlocs and as if it was not enough, the Kul Tiras navy was also attacking them. Jah'Rakal saw those reckless enemies that tried to kill the members of his tribe and swore that one day he would grow up and slaughter them all for having the courage to attack his kind.

After Thrall landed in Kalimdor and rescued the trolls, Rakal's parents went with the young Warchief to aid him, leaving the young Jah'Rakal on the Echo Isles, among the other trolls who made their home there. Even though his parents left, the other trolls on the islands provided him with all the training he needed to gain more skills into combat.

A few years later, an elder troll decided to let Rakal unleash his fury against a regular tiger found on the islands. The young troll was given two axes by the elder and was told to rend the beast apart. When he got near it, his heart started to beat faster as that was his first encounter with a jungle predator. After a few moments when he stalked the prey, Jah'Rakal ran furiously at it and stuck his axes into the beast's neck, but not before the tiger managed to claw him on the left side of his chest, mark that he still carries to this day. After the beast collapsed into its own blood, Rakal chopped off its head and took it to the elder troll and so, he left him quite surprised as he did not expect the young troll to be so efficient. It was then when the elder knew that Jah'Rakal would become a true warrior.

Years passed and Jah'Rakal started to test his might on much greater foes, such as centaurs and even human sailors. His foolishness was about to get him killed because after he killed a human which wandered along the coast of Durotar, he didn't run as he was supposed to, but beheaded him instead and threw his head into the sea, starting to yell after that and so, he was heard by a group of humans who were not too far away and soon got himself surrounded by them. He drew his axes and roared at the humans who were in front of him, but they were much more than he could fight and he was about to face certain death if not for a few Orcs who also heard him yell. The Orcs also yelled from the distance, providing the perfect distraction for Rakal to attack the humans who were looking in another direction. The troll managed to kill a couple of them and ran towards the Orcs after that, so he would unite forces with them and slaughter the remaining humans there. After that group of sailors died, Rakal thanked the Orcs for saving his life, this leading to his respectful attitude towards the Horde.

Now, Jah'Rakal still enjoys a good fight where he can unleash his savage nature and swirl his axes to chop his enemies and leave their bodies split on the battlefield.
"awakens the savage spirit into him and also into his allies"
in him and in his allies.

", but into combat, he is a savage fighter"
in combat, maybe?

"he finishes his purpose to slaughter the ones who dared to challenge him" should likely be
"he finishes his purpose: to slaughter the ones who dared to challenge him" or ""he finishes his purpose - to slaughter the ones who dared to challenge him -"

Try that'n check the text for further incoherences. As regards the travels of the Trolls. They were on Darkspear Island when the Naga and Murlocs attacked. They then moved to Echo Isles with the Orcs. Then Durotar when Zalazane took over the Echo Isles. Then back onto the Echo Isles just before the Cataclysm hit. Just lettin' ya' know.
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
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