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Jan'Bastos Pyreblade [Blood Elf Rogue]

Player: imagenashyun

Character Full Name: Jan'Bastos Pyreblade

Character In-Game Name: Bastos

Nickname(s): Jan, Bastard

Association(s): Nothing permanent

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Rogue

Skills and Abilities: Most of Bastos' skills lie on his experience as a rogue forced to be self-sufficient in various parts of the Eastern Kingdoms. Prior to his below mentioned eye injuries, Bastos was a sharpshooter and an effective assassin and kidnapper. Nowadays, he has to rely on more subtle methods of attacking his targets, usually sneaking up on them and stabbing from behind. Since his recruitment for Torr, Bastos has also picked up espionage as a skill. As a rogue, he's very good at remaining hidden, and he can stake out at certain locations for a long time without food and sleep. Of all the weapons on his disposal, Bastos prefers knives, either for stabbing or for throwing. He also makes use of poison, though he is not proficient in making his own (and thus has to rely on buying or outright stealing for them).

Besides combat, Bastos has an affinity for engineering, moreso in fixing things or "souping them up" than he is creating them from the ground up. Specifically, his engineering skills lie on fixing mountable machines, especially the motorcycle. Since his eye injuries, Bastos has also come to try his hand at getting him a mechanical eye of sort, but by far he has yet to reach that goal.

Age: 135

Sex: Male

Hair: Naturally ragged and raven-black, but he dyes it on occasion (usually blond) and styles it according to what task demands what sort of appearance.

Eyes: Green

Weight: 175 lbs

Height: 6'

Usual Garments/Armor: Miscellaneous rogue-ish clothing, but he has assorted elven robes for formality. Most of what he wears is what is stolen, though.

Other: Due to two different encounters with a scarred sin'dorei named Coria, Bastos has a vertical scar across his left eye and multiple scars surrounding the eye socket of his right, the eyeball gouged out. Bastos then has to rely on gnomish engineering to compensate for his vision problems, usually with goggles of any sort, though he still suffers from challenged depth perception.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: Bastos' character is one that anyone wouldn't be too surprised of a rogue--a tough talking, binge drinking, skirt-chasing, impulse gambling, money grubbing, all around bad boy bandit with a disposition to just any kind of criminal behavior. This would range from theft and mugging to assassination and kidnapping. As a bandit, he is knowledgeable in how to detect potential victims, and as such, he is fairly good in getting to know someone without having to approach them. In spite of this, Bastos himself lacks any semblance of social skills expected in a blood elf, even before the subjugation to the fel since the Sunwell incident. He lacks sophistication, has little interest in the arcane besides satiating his body's needs, doesn't care about scholarly things or the arts, and would rather punch people than use spells and swords. If there is anything about Bastos that does indicate his person as a blood elf, it'd be the arrogance his people are often perceived to have. That and he does have an occasional nice sense in fashion.

History: Jan'Bastos Pyreblade cannot remember his own parents or any sort of family during his childhood--he mostly remembered being handed down from foster guardian to foster guardian during his younger days in Silvermoon, among these guardians being a mentor to Jami Al'Salma, whom he had a crush on. He was exposed to the arcane arts early on in life, but never developed an interest in it like his elders or peers would; rather, he spent much of his youth causing trouble along Murder Row, from practical jokes and pranks to theft. His behavior was at first reprimanded for but otherwise tolerated, seeming as childish antics--that is until he stole money from a visiting human soldier. Spared of his life for his youth, Bastos nevertheless received harsh punishment and served time in prison, wherein he was eventually released. By then, his connections with his guardians have been severed, leaving Bastos to fend by himself among the lowlifes of Silvermoon.

Seeing there isn't much else left for him in Silvermoon, as well as hoping to lay low from suspicious elven eyes, Bastos then began moving about various parts of the Eastern Kingdoms, forming a new life as a travelling bandit. He stole from highways, mugged innocents along the alleys, and preyed among unguarded homes. During those days, his skills in sneaking, robbing, and fighting would develop, especially in times when Bastos would be confronted from victims who wouldn't back down from a fight. Bastos would then perceive himself proudly as an unstoppable rogue--he'd evade attention from the authorities, and he was rarely caught. Still, on occasion he would be apprehended, usually for crimes such as assault or petty theft. Bastos surely developed a record of his own, serving time in Stormwind and Ironforge on two separate occasions each.

The last time he served prison time was a time some years before the First War in Ironforge--while wandering about the streets and planning his next move, a gnome took notice of him and offered him a job as a test subject for her inventions. Seeing this as an opportunity to get some work and money without, for once, worrying about patrolmen rushing after him, Bastos agreed and assisted the gnome--by being subjected to explosions again and again. His time working didn't last long, and Bastos left his work after only three days of being hired... but the experience did spark within him an interest in tinkering, something he never even thought of growing up. Bastos then stole a motorcycle from the gnomes and then began experimenting with it, eventually altering its original form and naming his craft "Windracer". Windracer became his companion for the next years as a biker rogue, using it to chase potential victims or challenging other tinkerers to races.

The First War then came to be--the elves mostly stayed out, and Bastos did the same. When the Second War arrived, Bastos eventually found himself struggling harder to steal; such work then eventually was done for survival rather than for the thrill of the hunt. Bastos eventually found himself seeking out work again, this time taking on more unsavory jobs such as kidnapping and assassination. Among the jobs he did was a wherein he and a handful of other thugs were hired by a noble to kidnap another noble's daughter and torture her before returning her back to her family. However, this was a case of mistaken identity--the kidnapped victim was really a priestess leaving Stratholme to return home in Quel'thalas. Nevertheless, the task was carried out, with Bastos disfiguring the priestess' face by scarring her beyond recognition. Unbeknowest to Bastos, this act will return to him with a vengeance by the time the priestess was left at the noble's home (with the real daughter answering the door).

The years passed, and the Scourge arrived in Quel'thalas and began slaughtering the elven people from left and right. Bastos was not far and had to flee south to escape. As the Sunwell was corrupted, Bastos found himself wishing he'd remember his arcane lessons and began to suffer from magic withdrawal. He did not think twice of absorbing fel when the option became known to him, siphoning its magicks freely. It was during this time Bastos was approached by an old acquaintance of his, carrying a baby girl in her arms. She claimed the child, Anaka, was Bastos', which the rogue immediately denied.

By the time the humans and the Alliance betrayed the Blood Elves, Bastos felt a new hatred towards the humans and allies, seeing them as no longer simply other people to victimize, but objects of seething enmity. The integration into the Horde was not that very difficult for Bastos, as he actually came to develop a liking towards especially the orcs for their hatred of humans, eventually adapting to their language as quickly as he could. Shortly after the integration of the Horde, a letter arrived to him to tell Bastos that his supposed daughter Anaka was left behind in Silvermoon and needs her father to pick her up after the mother died. Though Bastos felt no obligation to care for the girl, he nevertheless visited Anaka in Silvermoon and saw how she had no kin left besides Bastos. Thinking this could be a good opportunity for him to train a child into the art of theft, Bastos then agreed to pick Anaka up and take her around as his daughter, adopted if not by blood.

Time passed once again, and the Lich King was felled. Bastos found himself struggling even harder to steal now that he has Anaka to take care for as well, but at the same time he is also unwilling to drop her off at an orphanage. An opportunity for gold was presented to him when an anonymous figure named "Torr" mailed to him with a promise of wealth. Simple tasks were ordered to him at first: he gathered materials that were a breeze for him to pilfer and then send to him by mail. These simple tasks moved on from pilfering to eventually kidnapping, a type of task Bastos didn't think much of. By the time Bastos helped in the planning of kidnapping a draenei named Kapre, things got serious--entire parties of people are picking up the suspicious activities Torr was pulling off. This then lead to attracting the attention of the priestess whom Bastos disfigured long ago. He would then remember her name as simply Coria, the woman who, in one incident, slashed his eye, and in another, removed the other one entirely. Bastos then decided upon revenge against the woman… but he still has other tasks to do.

Torr decided to reward Bastos with his deeds by far with promise of the woman the hired elf has had his thoughts on since before he was arrested for the first time in his life: Jami Al'Salma. However, he'd then learn how, by now, she had been long married to a dwarf named Hrodebert Rivermouth... which enraged Bastos muchly, with all the hate he has already for humans and their allies. Events occurred in which Jami was forced to hide in Mulgore; there, Bastos eventually tracked her down. However, during this time, he begins to learn the truth of his boss--Torr is the name of a Doomguard "minion" of a former Old Horde warlock named Mahen'Tosh Blindthunder, who was already losing control over his demon due to age and corruption. A rally was organized by Jami's friends and husband, and soon, Torr was defeated. Bastos, with Anaka back, decided he's done with kidnapping and other heinous means of making a living. Letting Jami and Hrodebert alone to be their own family, Bastos now focuses on finding more honest means of lending his skills to earn some coin. Going home and looking at Windracer, he has an idea... and hopefully, this could give him the thrills he seeks as he would make a living for him and Anaka.
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
Approved. Sorry for the delay.

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