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Je vous aime. Je dois partir.
Scout Wrote:"I can keep talking to you out of game.
Scout Wrote:out of game.
Scout Wrote:game.
Good day once more, friends. What you've said has meant a lot, and I mean it - Really. I've actually decided that my hiatus will, once again, be short-lived. Though, I do aspire to take a wee bit more time away from the actual game to do some nice creative stuffs. :>

Now, then - I will also say that I have the itch to 'get out there' more, and RP with newer, different characters as well as to get out of my little RP box. :> Essentially, to think creatively on my characters and who to RP with. As this stands, I am fully open to some RP with anyone, really, and I'd love to get in touch with you all if you'd like to RP. :D

I do apologize for the little 'leave-scare' thing, there. I'll once again say that I luff this surver too much, and it's all because of the people on it, really. It'd be nothing without the community it has. /nod

Good day, and I hope to meet any one of you in an RP soon.
10,000 days in the fire is long enough,
You're going home...

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