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The jungle of Stranglethorn Vale is unrelenting and wild, it is filled with beasts and trolls, game hunters and miners, but most importantly, targets and bounty hunters.

The female Worgen was part of the last group, luckily she is not the target yet. Her target was Jacquequila Forester or that's how she thinks it was, average height, average weight, dark hair and brown eyes. Occupation: Expected hired gun. The word 'expected' wasn't the thing Katarina liked the most, knowing her target was the best way for an easy job, on the other hand she disliked easy jobs, it was too boring to our fellow Scavanger.

So I need to make it look like a jungle troll did it? she thought to herself as she looked at her rusty axe and beastly claws. Easy .

It was easy. That is until the hired gun found out the worgen sinked an axe in her shoulder, that's when her target screamed in pain and shot her foot. Agility was a problem from that moment, however in the end the end she pounced her and clawed her to death, she took some of her tooth out and cut her ear. Then, she went to take her award. The screaming of course made a few people know someone's luck just ran out, and when the pedestrians found the body all ruptured and raked by the road, they hardly recognized if the person was a human. Those nasty trolls.

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