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Jezzan the Hexman (Troll Hexer) (Post-Restart)
Player: Reese777

Character Full Name: Jezzan the Hexman

Character In-Game Name: Jezzan

Nickname(s): The Hexman

Association(s): His Family, Juna Spiritcaller, etc.

Race: Troll

Class: Hexer

Skills and Abilities: As a Hexer, Jezzan is gifted with an extreme knowledge of curses. These curse vary in function and intensity, but are never fatal. They can, however, be permanent until dispelled (player’s permission required) by binding a malevolent spirit to an idol shaped like those Jezzan wishes cursed. It also requires something of theirs such as hair, blood, saliva, etc.

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Hair: Dark green combed upward to form a Mohawk

Eyes: Blood Red as with most Trolls

Weight: 226 lbs

Height: 8'1

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Usual Garments/Armor: Jezzan usually combines the spiritual wraps/skins of his family/his own design with modern day silks and shirts. He uses a pretty standard voodoo mask in his rituals, white with a black outline and teeth carved in. His hex stick has a skull on its head with a compartment inside its mouth where he stores some ritualistic herbs/potions when necessary.

Jezzan, while not a bad person in the slightest, is a seriously flawed individual. Where to start with all his maladies? His fear would be a good jump point. No lies, he might be the biggest coward you ever saw. He has a morbid fear of dark things, particularly, to which he insists screaming "BAD JUJU!" and then running away arms flapping screaming like a headless chicken etc. etc. It should be noted that, while other races also sometimes frightened him in this way, and he would do the same thing, he has since grown out of it upon the realization
Don't let his cowardice and child's personality allow you to let your guard down, however. He'll surprise you. Particularly with women. He's a ladies man until the very end, even if they're disgusted by him, and a dunce in would be shining armor to many (for some reason, he always at the very least helps out if a damsel distresses.) And he's not too picky about his damsels either. See, he never heard too much about the xenophobia of Trolls from his folks, other than the occasional "Dat was stoopid enough tah be a hooman doin' eet." As a result, he doesn't HATE other races, but you may catch him talking slower and more deliberately to them, and using his hands when explaining. He just sees them of a lesser intellect than himself. Of course, this doesn’t stop the fact that everything that they say is automatically the truth. Jezzan doesn’t see lies as a possibility, thus whatever someone tells him, whoever they are, he will believe them. This goes double for people he has been around for a long time. They are seen as familiar to him, and the unfamiliar scares him. Jezzan is very superstitious, thus the familiar is safe, and thus he can get clingy to people.
Inwardly, however, since becoming a Hexer, Jezzan has since realized that he’s a joke to most people. Powerless, cowardly, and it’s true (but he doesn’t know THAT.) Thus, he can get very moody at times, and is now prone to outbursts of random and quite pointless anger. This also establishes itself when he is practicing his newly acquired art, performing which incites a malicious delight in what he’s doing. He’ll get into it, in short.

Jezzan was born to a family of nomadic trolls that wanted to keep themselves separate from the tribal conflicts after the fall of the Gurubashi Empire. They were fiercely spiritual, and forced their ways onto the unsuspecting babe. He was beaten should he disobey. This manifested itself into a use of flawed logic. He began to beat those who get themselves into trouble, to keep themselves out of it.

Upon the coming of age, as is customary in his family, he was gathered with all the other children to have their ‘role’ chosen, or their job within the group. Jezzan was chosen to be the ‘Repairman’, or the healer, and was thus taught the shamanism of healing and aiding people by a distant relative who holds no importance to him.

He was a damn fine healer, that's all anyone could say. He was so good they felt that he should be the one to leave and spread the word of his greatness! And so they shooed him away, quite suddenly, with very little funds to support himself. But he lived off the land, using his new powers to acquire food and explore the vastness of... of... wherever he was anyways. There was lots of dry grass, as there usually was. This grass made it look decidedly more... how to put it? Barren. That's the one!

Many shenanigans ensue. For example, when he first came in contact with undead. He was skipping merrily down the fields when suddenly there was a cave in! He was in a giant cavern that probably shouldn't have been there, as this thing was pretty big to only have a cave in now. There was a glowing book sitting on a pedestal in this particular cavern. And Jezzan had little to no common sense at this time. He couldn't resist giving it a little poke, the problem being touching this book caused a skeleton to erupt forth. Skeletons weren't supposed to be moving. So he ended up being chased around in many circles. Since then, he's had a morbid fear of the undead. And, as if that weren’t enough, his mental conundrums decide to take the form of the ghostly skull of that skeleton from then on.

Then there’s where he met the most beautiful Orc in the world (to him.) He had been wandering quite freely since then, but as with all who are blissful innocent, something happened. It started off quite simple enough. He met a girl. Well, he SAW a girl, who happened to be a Night Elf. She was so beautiful… yet to him there was something a little TOO beautiful about her. Nevertheless, he followed her, and she led him to a place where trees grew huge and animals liked to attack you randomly. Which is, in fact, how he was discovered. And thus, the Elf took capture of him and brought him to her comrades. It is at this point Jezzan flipped the crap out, and began screaming. Of course their beauty was so unnatural! They were demons! His screaming intensifies, and who should hear it but a lone Orc woman who then had to go save his arse before his vocal cords exploded, or he was, you know, killed by Night Elves. This Orc’s name was Juna Spiritcaller, and he immediately began to stalk HER, at least until he was found out and sent away.

Wouldn’t you know it, he finds another girl to stalk not five days later. Well, not stalk, really, but ‘jump out smiling like a madman (mad… troll?)’ at. She screamed and he panicked, punching her in the face. It was only after that that he learned HER name, which was Annabelle Greene, and she was a part of a grand organization dedicated to doing good for the world, and that was just fine with him. He pleaded to join, and was finally granted acceptance. But alas, such things to not last forever! The group split up, leaving Jezzan alone, again, on his own and in the unknown.

This, surprisingly, doesn’t last long. A messenger man of his family calling for a ‘re-evaluation’ soon tracked him down. See, in Jezzan’s family, the ‘leader’ has the right to bring all those who had previously been selected and trained for their respective roles back and re-picked for a different path, no questions asked. Jezzan was then picked to be the Hexman, a great preserver of Trollish Tradition in the family. Taught by his great uncle Jum’bwan the arts of performance, he watched as little frogs he hexed found themselves repulsed by water or unable to sate their hunger. Soon, he was ready to go back out into the world. Jum’bwan, being considerably old, died, and Jezzan shrunk his head, keeping that head with him at some times, back at Jum’bwan’s house at others. Thus, in a sense, he’d always be with him.

And that’s Jezzan today.
[Image: tumblr_mjjxhcqmG51qh076xo1_250.png]

Though I would advise you to split the block of text that is Jezzan's personality into paragraphs, unless that is how you want it to be on the Wiki.
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa

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