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Jonoth wants EST RPz
Hiya! So instead of my general character listing, I moreso want to see who RPs in general around 6pm to midnight EST (3pm to 9pm server time). I've noticed a lot of events and general RP can run either before this slot or run far past it, and poor old Jonoth is a working man. I end up either on the train or finishing work when events start, or having to go to bed 2/3 the way into events (like Kage's epic ship event the other day).

Note that it doesn't mean per se that you live in the EST timezone, but that you tend to be available in that timeframe.

I'm also on skype (phoenixrizin2k) and in the CoTH skype group, so you can poke me there as well in case I'm on Rift.

Thanks for reading!
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  • Caravan
Oh good, I was just trying to find your Skype information. I'm EST timezone, and seeing as how you posted in mine, let's do this thing!

Remyl and Caravan are finally going to enter in their marriage of convenience, right?

(Also, Jonoth, Tun'kaaaaarbestorc, Dunkhaan)
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  • Jonoth
I live in EST and the best RP time-frame for me is 4:30 p.m. to midnight in our timezone (Mondays and Wednesdays being the exceptions). When I'm not finding myself busy with something else and in the mood, I'm game for RP during that time slot.

I'll throw a contact request at you if I spot you on Skype.
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  • Jonoth
@Caravan Epic! It's been far too long since we've gotten to RP. And we'll work out the details for Cara and Remyl :D

@Ghurm Awesome! I enjoyed Jonoth meeting Azma the other night, and its good to get some non-business RP going for him. I'm taking a slight hiatus from the Bloodpaw to develop him more as a character, at least until Cata or business picks up.
Usually 3-9PM server time is my dead zone, but the way life has been treating me lately, that might look to change! We'll see!
Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.

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