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Just Aphe Things [from Dance to Makeup]

I mean. Hi.

So I'm just gonna... post things and stuff up in and around on here that relate to the Aphe and the life thereof which tends to involve many arts stuff from dancing to... facepainting (I blame the BFA in musical theatre thing)

Anyway, so TO START LET'S POST SOME MAKEUP YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! Also I'll probably put some singing at the bottom.

[Image: tumblr_nf0h1zHPIt1rfcvgpo1_1280.jpg]

Then I did this

[Image: tumblr_nf0h6nav0d1rfcvgpo1_500.png]

My friend Casey and I. (I'm on the right, but you might not be able to tell because I'M A BIRD!) I based it off of this awesome picture of Horus I saw.

[Image: 0PiknjL.jpg]

Blood and gore stuff... I was annoyed because the latex took SO LONG that I couldn't finish it, so it's clearly not really up there. But yeah.
[Image: qoDGQrE.jpg]

Youth make-up... it still weirds me out when I see the youth makeup on people. I'm like, "no no no this is wrong no what"

[Image: ZBeq2DH.jpg]

On the contrary, I find old-age make-up to be HILARIOUS
[Image: 52H4kg2.jpg]


I also had a thread in the past just for voice stuff, but I made a new one seeing as this is expanding. But I was looking at it and I was like, DANG, I can't believe how much I've grown? I wish I could've seen the first video on there. I know I sang Bring Him Home from Les Mis for fun, but the funny thing is that this past Summer I actually got to play the role. I never would've guessed I could play a dream role at 18. (Obviously I wouldn't professionally, but I did it at a pretty professional level of school at least, so I'm super proud of that.) Anyway, so the video of Bring Him Home was the first post in there, but I deleted it for self-conscious reasons (I think) years ago.

Here's the video of Bring Him Home from that production (more like audio though. My mom was paranoid about being caught!

So I was having some weirdness posting, so that's why this format down here is weird. I had basically said that I was going to only embed the two (Bring Him Home and Epilogue.) I'm most proud of Epilogue and Marius and Cosette, but then I was like, "BUT I ALSO LOVE THESE" so I just linked below a bunch of the different songs from the production of Les Miserables I was in this past Summer. I also added a self-conscious disclaimer about possibly being seen as egotistical for sharing all of this... but that I'm just really proud of all of this work and wanted to share. But I deleted it, so that's the brief recap.

Might've been something about video quality? Most of these don't have much video because my mom was really paranoid.

One Day More
Marius and Cosette

Anyway, I'll leave that there. I realize this post is pretty long, but I've also been gone like 2 years. (Even though all of this is semi-recent, anyway....) Anyway, I've missed you guys and hope to become more active soon. (Winter [break] is coming.)
[Image: Ml7sNnX.gif]
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  • SachikoMaeda, muhaha8, CappnRob, Ural, Harmonic
So I'm learning how to make gifs. It's actually really fun, unless you're trying to make them for tumblr. My Avatar is a gif of my current retail warlock. I kind of refuse to make gifs for tumblr at this point because the 1 mb limit is so dumb. All I need is a 2mb limit and I'd be fine...

Then I made some of Frostfire Ridge's sky.

[Image: ywpTA4i.gif]

[Image: MSiQfUm.gif]
[Image: Ml7sNnX.gif]
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  • muhaha8
I saw it and I've been meaning to ask. How did you make the border?
I found an image from warcraft, and then I create a version of it with transparent innards.

I took this

[Image: QIQQHOp.png]

And then made it into this

[Image: 5Q8tktH.gif]

Except it doesn't have those white lines on my computer, for some reason when I uploaded it it does. Shrug.

Here's a download of the render if you want it!
(not super complicated to make either but perhaps this could be timesaving.)
[Image: Ml7sNnX.gif]
Aah, fair enough! I thought it was a custom make or some such. I may have to steal this off of you none the less! Thank you!
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  • Aphetoros
No problem. I wish it was custom made, but I'm lazy so I just searched until I could find a less hard work-a-round, hehehe.
[Image: Ml7sNnX.gif]
Man, makeup stuff always seemed really fun, but I've never really liked to bring attention to myself, so I stick with texturing if I feel the urge.

Really cool stuff, though!
I bet you could do some pretty sweet cosplay. Perhaps a female broken if you have the choice in class? That could get you some views on the internet if you wanted them.
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  • Aphetoros
I've always wanted to cosplay, I just never really thought I could...

edit: Now I'm like, itching to do a broken. I thought of an awesome way to possibly erase my nose from my face... I'll get back to you. :P
[Image: Ml7sNnX.gif]
quick edit: two f bombs are in the song, fyi

Learning the song Creep by Radiohead. It's a slightly different style, but... yeah. I really liked the interpretation of an actress I saw and so this is inspired by that. When I've learned it better I'm going to do a cover with my nice camera and mic but I still like this and it was fun to do!
[Image: Ml7sNnX.gif]

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