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Just for Fun: OOC to IC Canon
The other night, CappnRob, SachikoMaeda, a few others (I forget, sorry!) and I were loling about in OOCC about the funniest raidchats we got in wherein jokes flew about and we decided ".....we must make this canon." I'm talking running gags, character traits, entire developments of character backstory and personality, all based off of lulzy OOC chat. Many of us probably have at least one of them, and I am very curious of what's yours. :D

Share your lulzy OOC moments that have become canon! :D Here's mine:


1.) His girl-on-girl fetish came from when Reigen told Kapre to check the top shelf of a bookcase in her home. One of the things she rolled for Kapre to pick up is a book on lesbian draenei. The guild/raid chat lol'd from this, and it became a running gag that Kapre has a lesbian fetish.

Originally, Kapre was fairly chaste--while sexually active, he was extremely discreet about it. Now, alongside having this lesbian fetish, he's a much apparent but still covert pervert.


1.) Almost his entire character is based off of OOC chat. One time, Thragash and Rhozak were having some innocent sweet orc lovin' and Mahen'Tosh walks in; OOCly, I'm just making my entrance to join the RP. From there, Thrag and Rhoz joke about how I (as a female) just wanna see two men make out. I lol'd and had Mahen do the watching for me.

I think the fact that Mahen'Tosh as a dirty old man was entirely based off of OOC jokes. Originally, his schtick is that of a kindly old grandpa. Now, he's a kindly old sexual orientation-indiscriminate pervert grandpa. I am debating if I should make him bi so I can justify why he likes watching men making out with other men.


1.) Cressy and I were discussing her plans for the Blood Trail event, which she joked about involving skydiving. I told Cressy how Urameil, recently resurrected at the time, would not like having to fall a great height. Then we lol'd about how Urameil would probably faint at his parachute. Of course, that never happened when the event finally took place, but still.

Urameil now hates and fears heights, and it's a rather ironic running gag because his OC is a fallen angel.

There may be others, but I forget. Your turn!
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
The cats.

Reigen never even had a cat until over vent I had my cat talk to everyone. It became assumed that I was a crazy-cat lady and thus Reigen should be as well.

I've even had her say, ICly a couple times, "I don't even like cats this much...why does everyone think this..."

Edit: I don't even like cats that much OOCly, I simply go along with it because everyone likes to joke about it. I'd do what I do for any animal, not just cats.
Remyl's continued existence is based on the fact that he's gotten a lot of OOC love in the three years I've been playing him (pre-CoTH included). I added a lot from OOC comments about just how much of a dirty old man he was, and just kept upping the ante just to appease his fans.

My Druid from before the last restart, Arjunai, took form mostly when I joked on GMI about having a Night Elf with a mohawk. Venomoly (yes, I'm calling you out by name because you're the source of me sticking with a lot of funtastic ideas XD) made me roll with it, and I ended up coming up with a rationalization behind the hairdo and his bear-like personality that was awesome for a while.

Dunkhaan was born off of all the jokes about the physique of Draenei. So as a joke I made 'the manliest man of all men', and as it turned out, he worked very well, and is now amongst my favorite creations.
Prancingstar Nightfairy

This is a title given to me because Kretol was tired of me confusing his name for mine when someone spoke.

From this, I crated not only one, but two characters.

Everana Prancingstar
Kernas Nightfairy

Eve was meant only to be a joke character that would play against Anski's rebellious and overly-violent paladin...

But after that, she met Sonya. Sonya, as a few remember, ended up becoming Eve's fiance until her player ended up unfortunately leaving the server.

Kernas nightfair ended up becoming a grizzled war veteran with a mohawk.
Relandra, Reigen and Krilari's daughter, is now a professional meat beater.

We had a sort of party in Reigen and Krilari's home a few days back, sort of something to celebrate Winter's Veil. (IC, that is.)
Everyone came to a conclusion that they wanted to do a small cookout outside and started getting prepared for it, pulling out steaks, vegetables, fruits, drinks, all that. While everyone left the tower to set up everything outside, Liridon, Reigen and Relandra stayed in the tower to tenderize the meat. Now, because of the immature child waiting to escape all of us, we all started making jokes about 'meat beating', then Rel and Reigen began telling Liridon that he doesn't know how to beat his meat properly, and so on.

But yes, Rel is now a professional meat tenderizer.
What happens if a bowl of Tauren spills into Wednesday on a bed of six o'clock?
Caravan. Like... all of her. Somehow, it's worked out, but the "most interesting gnome in the world" thing was never really supposed to keep going. Neither was "Swelltastic", which happened spur-of-the-moment.

[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
-Pretty much all of Trium the guardsman started as something of a joke; he was a comic relief in a few events I did as to be one of the few Stormwind Guards who actually went on quests like a player did, but eventually was hammered out into an actual character.

Granted his exuberant deeds on the field were greatly toned down, but it's still a trait that he's been penalized multiple times for picking fights with local groups of baddies, and once scaled over a small boundary mountain in order to deliver a fetch quest.

-Rodile's voice was also pretty much this. He started as Myes, a little line that was being dropped around vent from my puppeting of a forsaken alchemist during the Bloodsworn Honorguard events in Northrend. He kinda stuck around even when they left though. Myes.

-Numerous dialogues from my characters. Most of which came from someone saying something jokingly on vent, only to be parroted back by a character.

-Jurek is under your bed.

-Finally I'm pretty sure it was from a joke that Endling's crush on certain elven paladin started up, and from there ended up turning into a fairly important facet of the character's mindset from then on.

-Finally, almost every single weapon wielded by Wilt the janitorial forsaken started from a joke. When he started out he fought with a very inacurate, hard to wield and prone to jamming rifle, and from many an OOC joke his arsenal expanded into explosive spray cans, an improvised flamethrower spray nozzle, and an improvised weapon of a broom stuffed into a gun which once impaled an enemy through the chest. And more!

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  • Beltharean
Glocken. As a character. And Hawk's old character Norman.

Seriously, it started entirely as a joke about making a character named Norman the Doorman, who ended up becoming a Butler.

"But we need someone for him to be the butler for."

"How about an Orc named Glocken?"

"... Yes. Except I think that name would fit a Gnome better."

The rest of it was all born out of our laughter in party chat.
10,000 days in the fire is long enough,
You're going home...

Thrag was a character designed to start with nothing and then become something over time. He was originally characterized as being fairly intelligent and with a love of logic puzzles and the like. Due to OOC jokes and his interactions with Rhozak, however, he ended up becoming more like a muscle-head strongman. He's still fairly intelligent, he just doesn't usually show it...making him come off as a little shallow and not wanting to think things through even if he's capable of it (or simply pretending to be less intelligent than he really is, it depends on how you interpret the character.)


This one started with an idle comment from LostStranger, who made the observation that if my characters met, they'd ironically make good couples. Except, of course, for Gunnar, who is my lone human in a sea of orcs. It was therefore joked that Gunnar has a secret love for orcish men, which he never tells anyone about for fear of being lynched and excommunicated for wanting to, literally, sleep with the enemy. This became canon.
Have you hugged an orc today?
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I think all of my characters were influenced by OOC, in this sense.

Uthaniel started out as an arrogant mage who was way brighter than he'd let on and had a flavor for doing the opposite of what he was told to. His prowess as a "magical troll" was created purely OOCly - because of me - and eventually entered the in-character, where Uthaniel constantly tries to make people wear the sombrero+dress combination. This would grow to make Uthaniel a full-fledged jester and illusionist post-restart. Uthaniel was also given a deeper persona and hidden motives behind his own, because of Flammos' statement at one point that I was "a much nicer guy that I let onto". In this sense, Uthaniel progressively became more of a reflection of me due to OOC influence - mostly for him being my namesake.

Juna started out simply as a calm, mother-like figure. Then one day I was discussing weapons with Spiky, and we found one called "The facebreaker." We immediately started joking about this weapon, and how it'd be made. Eventually, Juna used the weapon in-character, and the event's DM even made it a point to have a mock chorus and slow-motion zoom in as Juna "facebroke" someone.

Gabriel Callahan was originally going to be an evil character, and a death knight who zealously killed any for the Ebon Blade. This changed to a more gentler cowboy-like persona purely because of the first outfit I made for him.

Let's see...

Only one I can think of right now is Anna's freckles and how blood elves seem to mob her. It was determined that they think the freckles are ceremonial tattoos. Highly attractive ones.
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
Mokaku: The lawnmower. Those at Reigen's wedding know what I'm talking about.

EDIT: Oh my God. How could I forget about Norman and Glocken? It was one of the most hilarious roleplays of my entire life.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
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  • Esthrunil
Coriv's habit of trying to put as many "fellas" into a sentence as possible was actually something I started doing, when certain people I RP'ed with started commenting on it. "You should stop saying fella all the time."

And as that rebel I am, I did the total opposite. Now, Coriv doesn't finish a sentence without atleast a dozen of "fellas" in it.
Gnomish Special Forces.. So many inside jokes. SO MANY.

Spoilered for language.
One of them being a time that Piken, Rorbin and Babbakin were down in the infirmary and were all too wounded to do anything special so they had to occupy themselves. Being the ADD group that we are, we were making jokes about them playing Bullshit and shouting at each other about it. It eventually progressed to "BULLSHIT" proceeded by flipping over the table they were playing on. ..And then "BULLSHIT" and flipping over the nearest object. Done both ICly and OOCly. And to this day, I cannot say it without getting the urge to flip something.

I'm sure Hawk can remember some more. Half of them involve him. And half of that half are ones that are soon to be created..

Frogspawned: Frogspawned flips a table.
Frogspawned: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Frogspawned: ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)
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  • Hawk
(12-25-2011, 01:45 PM)Hawk Wrote: Mokaku: The lawnmower. Those at Reigen's wedding know what I'm talking about.

Dear god I forgot about this...

Bloody Brilliant.

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