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Kagamifan's Introduction.
First and foremost:
My name is Lliam but alot of people call me Canada for a reason that isn't really known by anyone.
I am 19 years old and I will be turning 20 this year.

Tell us about yourself, as a player:
(This can be anything. We like to get a feel for those that will be integrating themselves into our community.)
I have been playing all sorts of video games since I could pick up a paddle or type on a keyboard. I have been into roleplaying games ever since I can remember. And every game I have played that is not a roleplaying game I cannot help but put myself in the characters position and immerse myself in their surroundings.
Some examples of roleplaying games that I myself have played are as follows:
The Elder Scrolls I through IV
World of Warcraft
Warcraft 1 through 3 and all expansions
Fable and Fable 2

I also do a type of roleplaying where I play Real time Strategy games.
I think of myself as a commander and think up strategies and counter movements
like a real life commander.

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:
(We ask this, as we take this into consideration with players that do not primarily speak English.)
I originally hail from North America but I have travelled so much in my life that I do not really have a place
I consider home.
My primary language is of course English but I speak parts of many different languages.

How did you get into Warcraft?:
I first got into Warcraft a long time ago when Warcraft 1 first came out.
And from there on I have been hooked on Warcraft and all of its expansions and
Sequel's. The intesity of battle and the fast pace of it all can sometimes get my
heart pounding and I can't actually stop playing. And for 11 or 12 years I haven't stopped

What made you seek our server over others?:
I am looking for a server that is strictly roleplaying
and one that purely caters to such a play feature.
When I had discovered this server and read what it was all about, I was ecstatic.
I had finally found a server that caters to players such as
myself purely.

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:
(Some enjoy relaxing tavern roleplay. Others enjoy fighting, action and danger. Some in crowds, some in pairs. What appeals to you the most?)
To be completely honest I do not have an out right favourite style of roleplaying. It all really depends on the type of character and his backround story. I will adjust to any style of play depending on the situation, backstory, recent events, type of friends, location, etc, etc.
So I guess you could basically say I like all kinds of roleplaying and not just any specific one.

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
My favourite race and class from the Alliance faction of this war
would be the Human Warrior or Human Paladin.
The reason behind this is because I like to play as the human because I like to pretend that
it is me who is the warrior or paladin. I also like the Paladin's for their area of effect spell,
concencreation Aura and their ability to heal themselves.
I also like the Warriors's because of the amount of damage then can cause and how people rely on them for the
most part to be the protector aswell as the enforcer.

What are your expectations of this server?:
My expectations of this server are good and clean roleplaying.
I do not like servers that allow childish behaviour and complete and utter rudeness towards players who
do not even come close to deserving it.
I am also expecting good rule enforcing and proper etiquette when it comes to interacting with others and when it comes to
Game Master's using their abilities.
Nothing is worse than a Game Master who abuses their powers just because they can.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:
(Feel free to review our rules listed here.)
To be honest I do not have an outright favourite rule. They all have their specific place and purpose for being their.
Without each of those rules listed there would be people who would exploit it, and would try and get away with murder.
Without even one of those rules I feel chaos could and would happen in the server.
I have seen many a private server that has gone sour due to loop holes in the rule books and Game Master's who did not
make the effort to correct such problems.

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:
This is 1 of 3 short romantic scenario's that I wrote for my Girlfriend before we broke up a year ago.
I figured this would make a decent story to tell on here. Mainly because I am real proud of myself for
such a piece of work.

Romantic Scenario 1
It is a stormy night.
The wind is howling, the rain is pouring and the thunder is roaring.
We are snuggled up on the couch in a room that is only lit by the slow flickering of candles.

We are watching your favourite movie. When the movie finishes I turn off the television and we just sit there in the
low glow listening to the storm and enjoying eachothers body warmth and company.
After awhile I leaned down and kissed the top of your head.
"I have something to tell you"

As I lean in towards your ear slowing you bite your lip with anticipation. And then I softly whisper into your ear
"I love you"

As I back away your turn so you are facing me and you look up.
Our eyes meet and our eyes meet.
And after what seems a blissful eternity,
we both lean in and share a gentle kiss.

Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?:
(This can be anything. Questions/Comments are always welcome.)
Everything Has been answered by looking through the rules.
I would also like to take this time to say that I am really impressed with
how things are being run and that I hope I am accepted into this
Welcome to the server! I feel I should tell you that you shouldn't always expect a GM to be online to deal with things. We often use reactive discipline to deal with problems that are reported to us, since we can't see everyone at all times.
Ah you misunderstand me.
I do not expect a Game Master to have no life and
be on the server 24/7

I just like seeing a Game Master who is on
Taking care of people who do not deserve
to play.

Thank you for accepting me
and I shall see you all there.

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