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Kaghuros' Personals Thread - Now recruiting nobles!
I've been very happy with my BElf RP lately and I'd like to ask for some companions in fleshing out House Eduriel and its branch families. Here's a link to the wiki article about House Eduriel, which should give you some information on their flavor and happenings.

In brief, House Eduriel is a mercantile house that has fallen on hard times after the Third War. Though they were once a giant in shipping, their fleet has been reduced and they have chosen to diversify to build up their wealth again. The House consists of three main branches:

- The Eduriels, who are the primary branch, focus on advanced magic and business, cultivating a politically aware and savvy set of potential scions for the family.

- The Dawnsails are a purely mercantile house with only a passing connection to the ancient nobility. They focus on shipping, business, and politics, and were an autonomous house until their scion, Leanara, married into House Eduriel for political power.

- The Snowfalls are an ancient Magisterial house whose family has long been intertwined with the Eduriel line. Every second generation sees an Eduriel daughter married to the Snowfall scion and a Snowfall daughter married to an Eduriel scion as a means of cementing their blood ties. Faloras was the child of one such union, and now that a non-Snowfall scion reigns in his place this branch is growing discontented with the current state of affairs. Their specialty is Cryomancy, a school of magic considered rare and exotic among the Blood Elves, and their estate straddles the snowy, isolated peaks between Eversong and Western Lordaeron.

Under Aurion's auspices the House Eduriel is pursuing rapprochement with its branches in the hopes of uniting them all again into a powerful house. Though the main house is still a shadow of what it was, Aurion's recent victories (and defeats) have pushed him to unite the family again.

What I'm looking for:

1 Dawnsail sister (the older sister of Aurion).

Any number of other Snowfall or Dawnsail family members. Alternately, anyone who wants to make their existing character a distant cousin of one of these families is welcomed to.
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  • Morhana
Something like this may be of interest to me. I sent you a PM asking some things and stuffs and whatnots. I have SOME ideas for a character I want to make, and it may or may not line up with this one way or another.
The sister spot is open for you!

As an update, there are two potential Snowfalls in the making and still plenty of room for anyone else. For those who are thinking of making a character for House Eduriel I'm making house and branch history into a communal narrative. People who join in will help in fleshing out the family's flavor and ideals, and thus far everyone has cooperated well in making an interesting narrative..

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