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Kahadul Ironwood (Tauren Warrior)
Player: Osvaldas

Character Full Name: Kahadul Ironwood

Character In-Game Name: Kahadul

Nickname(s): Wall, Mountain

Association(s): The Horde; Thunder bluff; remaining members of the Ironwood Clan(only a few elders and chieftains might know of this clan’s existence)

Race: Tauren

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: Near expert shield and mace combat. Survival skills. Medical healing with herbs, their gathering. Figure cutting out of wood(wood carving). Slightly above average leather armor repair and making

Age: 46

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Weight: 301 kg

Height: 2.68 m

Usual Garments/Armor: Leather armor, a black eye patch, a giant shield and a belt with multiple bone knives. He has some fur clothes just in case but he never leaves home without his trusty shield and leather armor set.

Other: There is a scar going vertically over his right eye, multiple scars on his chest and back, going both horizontally and vertically, and yet another one on his left shoulder. Has an owl named “Leaf”.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Kahadul is a tolerant tauren. He never rushes into conflicts and tries to avoid them as much as possible. He has learnt how to respect elders, females (especially those that have become or are going to become mothers) and his teacher. Kahadul never liked fighting but he was born to do this duty so he took arms as the Earthmother told him. In sticky situations, such as when he is wounded or in-raged he might forget tolerance and respect.


<=The History of the Ironwood Clan=>
This clan started out as a few tribes united by a Chieftain named Ironwood. He was named so because in his young age he lived among those trees and did that successfully. The clan was created to offer this way of life to the masses but it failed its purpose. Instead of abandoning the way, the leaders of the clan made countless attempts to stop the nomad life and build a fortress that would protect all tauren. The Ironwood Clan failed at that as well and was forced to split into three groups. One group lived in the forest, another group roamed the lands around it, and the third one wandered as any other tribe.

Eventually the clan managed to create a strategy that would allow their young to be trained before facing any major threats. Countless hiding places were created and Shield Brothers were trained to protect the hideouts. Sword Brothers were trained to launch attacks on the near by centaur in order to minimize their threat but with every dead centaur it only rose. The whole clan was taught how to act if they spotted a centaur.

The forest was their safe place as long as the centaur focused on those that were trained to take the blows and fight back. But as generation came after generation The Shield Brothers dwindled in their numbers. The clan started sending their young Shield Brothers to spread the word to other settlements and tribes in order to bring attention to their forest and help to protect it. But even the other tribes were too weak and could not afford to assist.

The last leader of the clan and all its elders started sending their young away from the clan, leaving only those that insisted on staying. The clan sent few member of there Shield Brothers in order to carry on there past, all craftsmen, and other non-combat members of the clan were escorted to other tribes for assistance. The clan dismembered it self in order to minimize the deaths of their brothers and sisters. The last group of Shield Brothers left without knowing that the doom of the clan was coming. Kahadul was one of them.

<=The Beginning=>
Kahadul was born into an old clan that looked after Ironwood trees. His father was a respected hunter and his mother was one of the clan’s many shaman. Ancestor spirits spoke of Kahadul as a natural warrior, one that would be skilled at defending rather than attacking. Kahadul was a big tauren calf, heavier and taller then most of his friends and the youngest tauren to be instructed in the art of fighting. His childhood was pretty rough. He, as one of tauren that were learning the arts of combat, had to wander around area where the clan was based and learn from those that defended it. He quickly learned ways of a nomad and became the first in a clan to be called Shield Brother at the age of 26.

He had to go through few painful trials to earn the Shield Brother title. The first trial was the Trial of Respect. The trial itself was easy but very long. Kahadul was taught tolerance and respect for his elder. It took him 6 years to complete. The second trial was the Trial of Nomad. It meant that he had to travel to other tribes, clans, and settlements of tauren and learn from them as well as offer his clan’s knowledge to them. He traveled like this for 2 years, living in different environments and thus learning even more of how to survive, what to expect and how to prepare for dangers.

When he returned and delivered messages from other tauren leaders to his teachers he faced his last trial – the “Trial of Warrior”. This trial forced him out of his surroundings, and gave Kahadul a challenge to kill a centaur on his own and successfully return back without dying. After a few days Kahadul managed to get lucky and spot a centaur scout before he could spot him. A centaur, even lightly armored, looked frightening to the young bull. His strong arms carried a large ironwood bow, and his body was painted by scars and tattoos.

Kahadul, without much experience but with the right set of skills, chose to cut his retreat path first then deal with him before he could make a move. Kahadul sneaked up to the centaur as close as possible. With tree placement that allowed him to sneak really close to the centaur, he was able to fire his bow and quickly charge in with his shield and mace. Unluckily for him, his arrow missed, letting the centaur prepare for an attack. The centaur charged at a young bull without thinking, smashing his shield into small pieces and hurting him self with a spike that wasn’t easy to spot. Kahadul as fast as possible stood up and tried to smash the centaur's skull with his hammer before the centaur could do it to him but, even with a splinter size of an arm, the centaur managed to knock the tauren down to earth again.

Now Kahadul, with only his mace between the centaur and him, was trying his best to change the situation. The centaur did not think once of retreating or running away while he could, instead he kept pressing on and trying to kill inexperienced challenger. After a few minutes of Kahadul’s best tries he managed to push the spike deeper into centaur’s chest, forcing it to scream in agony and take few steps back. As soon as Kahadul stood up for the second time, even without his mace, he jumped at the centaur, that finally noticed the spike stuck in his chest. He collapsed the centaur, pressing his head and shoulder to the ground and taking one of his bone knifes and forcefully slitting his throat.

The centaur tried to say something, but it was too late. The bloody battle had ended and tauren had a moment of rest. Instead of taking just the head, he took whole centaur back to his settlement. His teachers, as well as other Shield Brothers, were amazed. He buried the centaur as a warrior, after proving himself to his teachers and earning the title of Shield Brother. After completing his trial, Kahadul noticed more and more caravans leaving the clan, but he remained silent since he knew little of why it was happening.

<=First assignment and news of Ironwood clan=>
Two years passed before he finally was assigned to assist a large group of tauren that was traveling in search of better place to settle. He took this assignment as anyone carrying that title would have, with great honor and urgency. He wasn’t new to the ways of the nomad, but he also never expected to live with this lifestyle long years without word from his own clan. Those were long years for him, but also years when he received his own kodo. He never believed to see the day of that when he would own a kodo of his own, especially on a mission to help others settle with no reward promised in return. He saw this task as a duty that had to be done and not an opportunity to earn something or explore the world.

Years passed after years, and nomad life became reality of his life. His task seemed to carry on and its completion was never to be seen but at this moment of helplessness, strange creatures of green skin, strong arms, frightening looks, heavy armor, giant weapons and honorable ways of life joined their journey. Kahadul never knew who they were or why Chieftain welcomed them into their group. From orcs, as they called themselves, he heard rumors of tauren camps being assaulted and destroyed by centaurs.

One of the orc warriors approached Kahadul and gave him a small token, just like the one Kahadul had on his neck, saying “We found one of your kin injured gravely. He requested me personally to find another one wearing this token and tell these words. “Just as trees, as long as one sapling remains whole forest can be regrown.”” It was a sad day to the Ironwood clan. Only Kahadul and the few that were sent on the task outside their settlement survived. He asked if he could leave and find the remains of his clan, as Chieftain already knew the news from orc leader. He granted permission to find what was left of the clan, but to return back to Mulgore before the season of harvest began.

And so Kahadul traveled back to his clan’s location. He found piles of his dead brethren, and buried all of them to the best of his ability. Then he stood next to the Ironwood forest that they were next to and bid his farewell. Just before the season of harvest he returned to already built Thunder Bluff. His soul was tired of fighting and slaughter so instead of going and fighting he taught others in the art of fighting. Being a young teacher, he was not expected to teach a lot. His journeys were thought to be legends created by his imagination and his teachings were of inexperienced tauren. Only some elders knew for fact who and what he was. Without many respecting him and mostly laughing him off he started roaming the forests of Ashenvale.

<=Wandering in forest of Ashenvale=>
He ignored the warnings of the sentinels and wanted to remain neutral. Yet, one day on his roaming, he was ambushed by a pack of wolves. He defended himself to his best of abilities, but he was injured quite badly. He wanted to make his way to the only known location where he could at least request healing or some kind of safe place to stay, but before he could even see it in his sights, he was confronted by a night elf sentinel that he took as a threat. He tried to talk to her and make her leave before more of them would come but blood loss made its turn. Instead of agreeing with everything she said and getting his fur out of there alive he charged at her.

The fight was brutal but the sentinel did not give hurt tauren a chance to hit her. He only managed to knock her off her mount as she planted her moonglave into his shoulder. He tried to knock her out with his shield, but his already weak shoulder only released his shield and it went flying and hit the ground. The sentinel was not empty handed, she had two more blades to spare, and with two swings she managed to make a decent cut at his stomach and chest, as well as give the tauren a shave. With another swing she managed to almost cut his head off, but the tauren redirected the blade from going horizontally to vertically and got his eye cut and a scar going across the eye vertically. With a swift move she tried to stab the tauren, but the enraged bull grabbed the blade with his hand and threw it away. The sentinel quickly took another of her blades and moved in with another swing. This time the tauren grasped one of his own bone knives and redirected the swing into the side, only cutting his hand slightly. The night elf did not surrender and tried once more. This time the blade was knocked out of her hand but with her shield in place she blocked the incoming attack of his hammer, yet his bone knife made it to its destination. She shield-bashed the tauren, picked up one of her blades, ran under his next swing and slashed at the tauren's back. Kahadul walked a few steps in front, looked back at the elf, and the blood he had already bled out, and collapsed saying these words. “Herb bag, stop blood, live long… honorable warrior.”

Lucky for the tauren, night elf was more concerned about her single wound than finishing him. And even bigger luck was when a rune master walked up to them, healed both, and granted Kahadul another chance to live. He with dizziness sat down, gave her his amulet that he received after him becoming a Shield brother, and said his thanks. The sentinel left him alone, he took what he could carry at the moment, and continued his journey out of the forest. He quickly found himself in an orc outpost where a wind rider gave him a place to stay for a little bit and a ride home.

<=New journey begins=>
With his strength recovered and his wounds only remaining as scars for future he stands at the Thunder bluff where he prepares for his next journey. And this time he will relearn tolerance and respect lessons, but instead of elders it will be blood elves, instead of assistance tasks, he will try and teach them some things he learned in his life. Just before leaving, Kahadul bought a companion for long journey, hawk owl named "leaf". It is unsure if Kahadul will remain long with this life style, but it is for sure that he will keep his distance from night elves and Ashenvale forest.
[Image: tumblr_mw3mwwCGmB1spfzzdo1_250.gif]
Brothers and sisters of NOD, I welcome you to planet C&C.
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.

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