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Kalah Ironraven [Night Elf][Watcher][Edits]
Pre-existing profile: http://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com/Kalah
Any changes made? Changes in green.

Player: Ural

Character Full Name: Kalah Ironraven

Character In-Game Name: Kalah

Nickname(s): Little Moon, Watcher

Association(s): Darnassus, The Ashwatch Vigil, The Guardians of Hyjal, Shadow Wardens

Race: Night Elf

Class: Watcher (Warrior)

Skills and Abilities: Kalah has been training to augment her martial prowess with the innate sense of justice that all Wardens represent and wield. Having mastered a few magical abilities, Kalah now finds herself training up her physical prowess. She is still training in the ways of a Warden, but this is what she has accomplished so far.

Blink – Kalah can focus the belief in due Justice to blink in a variety of directions. At times she can use this multiple times, each with an increase in disorientation.

Sliver Shard – The Watcher can channel the fury of vengeance into a throwing knife, causing it to split or rain shards at her target.

Agility – Kalah’s natural grace can be further augmented by Justice magics, increasing her strength and endurance while running, jumping, or landing from a perch.

Hold Person – The inward focus of divine magics is only half of a Watcher’s training. Kalah can now project it out to temporarily freeze or otherwise disable her enemy. Requires permission to be used against PCs.

Age: 322

Gender: Female

Hair: Teal, kept short and out of the way.

Eyes: Silver

Weight: 280 lbs.

Height: 6'6" or 0.98 scale.

Usual Garments/Armor: The Watcher is armored in dark green leathers that hide her features and offers a thick layer of protection. Her iron mantle supports the wide cloak that covers her entire body much like a Warden’s Cloak, though without any knives attached to it. Kalah’s owlish helm is mostly decorative, but offers some protection from glancing blows. Her main weapon is a rather heavy two-handed axe. It is considered a training weapon to get her strength up, but is still useful enough to be called a weapon. Kalah also carries a few throwing knives but prefers the razor-edged boomerang that is always at her side.

Other: Her build is lean and muscular from her time as a soldier. She carries a few scars from an adventurous life.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Kalah is proud of her family’s heritage as a long line of talented warriors. Her goal in life is to bring honor to her name much like her closest relatives. To that end Kalah has claimed her mother’s motif for her rite of passage in honor of the Ironraven name. She would like to see herself as a Warden over her homeland of Winterspring much like her brother is a Warden of Ashenvale. However, Kalah knows she cannot do this without support. She earnestly listens to the Sisterhood of Elune whenever she can. Kalah focuses on Elune’s facet as the Night Warrior. Though her personal trust is hard to gain, she does not condemn anyone who earnestly desires to help her people. Kalah prefers to give people choices to see how they will react. This is how she learns the best and often weighs others to this standard. This can make her seem distant or uncaring behind her shroud of a Watcher. The young woman appreciates acts of service or a thoughtful gift above anything else.

History: Kalah was born in the small village of Starfall in Winterspring. While she was never called an accident, her birth was unplanned. When questioned her mother assured her she was simply one of Elune's many blessings. Her quiet life trickled along relatively peacefully compared to the rest of her people. Upon reaching the age of maturity, her parents sent her off to Darnassus to choose a proper path in life.

Kalah spent a few years musing different options in Darnassus. The first thing she looked into was becoming a Druid. Between the ancient teachers and long meditations Kalah quickly grew bored with it. Next she considered following Elune as a Priestess and spent some time learning what it would take. Kalah decided if nothing else fit she would indeed devote her life to Elune. Next, Kalah investigated what it meant to be a Huntress. The young woman improved her skills with a bow and arrow but disliked the idea of relying solely on herself. Though independent by her nature, Kalah desired most to be around her people and not lost out in the wilderness. She was really looking for a little more structure and guidance in her young age. Unsettled by her indecision, the young Kalah returned to her parents.

Kalah's mother, Beliria was patiently waiting for her return. With a heavy heart Kalah sought her mother's wisdom in at home. Belira, a devout woman herself, explained that one can still serve Elune and follow a different path. It was at that time that she unfolded the history of the the Ironraven bloodline. Kalah asked why she didn't know all of this before, and her reply was simple. "Kalah, you are your own person. Had I told you to begin with, you might not have explored all the options." Struck by her mother's wisdom, Kalah decided then to follow in her footsteps. Though young, the military readily accepted the woman and began training her just as all the other recruits.

It was early in her career that Kalah met up with a Sentinel she could look up to, Franzsika Shadowstar. Kalah felt compassion for the fallen soldier, and went out of her way to show kindness and companionship to her. Their friendship blossomed into something more over the course of a few adventures. This caught Kalah off-guard and she pushed the woman away. The situation became awkward for the both of them and they parted ways for a time. Kalah withdrew back into her military career.

Kalah was eager to learn everything she could. She developed a knack for basic self-defense and practiced it rigorously. However, distant rumblings from Ashenvale caught Kalah's attention. She met up with her brother, Anthrion who has taken it upon himself to watch over the forest. Kalah loved the idea of herself watching over Winterspring like that, so she offered to aid him. Over the course of her service Kalah learned of a Warden's duties, movements of the orcs, demons, cultists and others that would harm her people. She wanted to serve her people, just like her family always had. She finally felt motivated enough to request her rites of passage into adulthood. Her mother applied the markings in honor of her decision to stay the course. After taking some time to heal, Kalah returned to her brother. She requested to train under him personally to edge her closer to her life’s goal. While this ended her public military career as a Sentinel, Kalah was not slow to jump at the opportunity. However she did not enjoy the idea of living under her brother’s shadow. She reasoned it would only be for until she was capable to watch over Winterspring.

With all her military training, Kalah had not forgotten her faith. She had met an older woman, Rija Silentshot during a time of prayer in the Temple. The wizened Priestess of the Moon shared a story about the statue Kalah was knelt to. It was an impressive story of faith, determination and the rewards that it can bring. Kalah wished for that kind of faith, and asked to hear more. She joined with Rija’s other student, Linvei. The two started off as good friends but has since drifted apart. It was around this time Franziska treated Kalah to a picnic after a grievous injury. Ever persistent, Franziska waited for an opportune time to kiss Kalah. This did not go over well with Kalah who thought she made her stance clear earlier. She told her to never do that again and promptly left the picnic.

Kalah sought out her brother again and request to press further into training. However, Anthrion wanted to make sure the training thus far had well established itself in the novice Watcher. He told her she was going to be on her own for a while, yet still supervised. She was sent to the Hyjal Barrow Dens. They were an odd sect of Watchers but would be a safe haven from the onslaught of looming orcish threat. In due time though it would prove to be dangerous enough. With the return of the Destroyer, Ragnaros the Firelord laid siege to Hyjal and was desperate to destroy the World Tree. If this wasn't dire enough, the enemy used Fandral Staghelm and created the Druids of the Flame. To combat this new threat the Barrow Deeps Watchers were re-purposed into the Shadow Wardens. Kalah bore witness to many Druids of the Flame being captured. She absorbed many of the techniques and tactics used by the various individuals. The young Watcher also participated in hunts and did her best to keep up with the experienced group without being a liability.

While the older Wardens and Watchers dedicate themselves to their area of focus, Kalah does not. She enjoys the full breadth of her people, their land and their concerns. She believes a holistic view of her people will better prepare her for serving as a Warden. She has taken to her training with a new zeal and does not feel ashamed to train under her brother. Despite all the world has thrown at them, the two have only grown closer since her return.
The true test of his choice lies forward.
— The story of the Silithian.

See life through shades of silver.
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