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Kanne Cassius [Human Warrior]
Player: denisalex

Character Full Name: Kanne Cassius

Character In-Game Name: Kanne

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): None

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: Shield Bash - Kanne dazes his enemy for a few moments with a fierce shield bash to the head.

War Cry - Kanne is prone to screaming at the top of his lungs when entering a fight. Opponents unused to such ferocity in a human might be unsettled, or even outright terrified of him! And if his allies aren't frightened too, such bloodlust might inspire them to fight even greater as well.

Weapon mastery - Kanne's quite good at wielding any kind of weapon. Plus, his strength allows him to wield a weapon with ease. (Only if the weapon is not made of a -very- heavy metal, that would slow him down.)

Ancient symbols - Bearing ancient models of tattoos on his body, tattooed by an old warlock that also beared them, Kanne is granted with some resistance to shadow magic.

Age: 30

Sex: Male

Hair: Black dashing style

Eyes: Green

Weight: 75 kg

Height: 1,83 m

Usual Garments/Armor: Kanne wears his red plate helmet, leather harness, black leather shoulder, black woolies, a pair of mail ankle guards, plate wrists along with his spear and shield.

Personality: Kanne is not quite a social person, he would rather sit at his table and enjoy his drink than making new friends at the local tavern. This might change only if a battle would occur and since Kanne will surely get into it, he would keep an eye on his allies and try to protect them. On a large battlefield, he might go from the berseker stance, in which he brutally charges at his enemies and fights them, to the protective stance, in which he looks after his comrades and guards them. The first stance occurs when the battle starts and when he starts to get tired, he switches to the second stance.

As a proud man, he keeps his word to those very close to him. On one hand, he might fight for the cause of the Alliance, but on the other one, he might also fight for money and glory. He wants to be well-known for his skills on the battlefield. Kanne enjoys having a few good friends instead of having a lot of false friends. He might seem difficult to convince because he is quite skeptical and doesn't trust strangers.

History: Born by the time when the First War started, Kanne grew up with the war. All the members of his family were proud warriors of the Alliance that fought with honor against the invaders, except for his mother who was a mage, but even so she was still supporting the Alliance. Since all the human kingdom in Elwynn Forest was soon conquered by the Orcs, Kanne's family was forced to move with the other humans to a safe place. Before Kanne and his family left their home, a group of Orcs were heading towards their house and little Kanne, who was a few months old, heard his mother panic and repeating the same words to her husband: "It's them! Those are the Orcs!" and that left a 'scar' on Kanne, making him be quite 'afraid' of those green brutes. He couldn't understand her mother's words, but he could feel her fear of the Orcs and that clearly left him with a mark.

Many years passed until the humans managed to pay back the Orcs. It happened during the Second War, when Kanne was 6 years old. Since he heard about the great victory the humans had into that war, he felt attracted to the war itself and told every member of his family that he wanted to grow up only to take part into a war. Everybody laughed after hearing how the little boy talked about war because they were all expecting him to become a mage, like his mother wanted.

As he was growing up fast, Kanne started to ask more and more questions about the war and about weapons. His father didn't pay much attention at first, he just thought that Kanne was still a little boy that demanded attention. Only when the fourteen years old Kanne took his father's sword into his own hands did the father realize that his son would become a warrior. Kanne was just trying to copy the moves of his father, but he was hopelessly unsuccessful.

Later on, Kanne's father had an argue with his wife about the boy's future. The woman insisted that he should become a mage, but her husband was losing his minds for she was always yelling at him and couldn't help but give her a slap. In the next moment, Kanne's mother packed up her clothes and never returned, though her young boy started to cry after her. Even after a few weeks, Kanne was still angry on his father for his uncontrolled action, but everything started to get clear as time passed.

Years passed over as Kanne was improving his weapon skills along with his father and the plague hit the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms. Warriors of the Alliance were called from all over the continent to counter the Scourge, but nobody could stop it, the numbers of the risen dead were too large. Kanne was twenty by that time and he offered to aid the Alliance in that battle, so he went with his father and the other warriors of Stormwind to fight the Scourge. When they reached the part of the continent where the undead were controlling everything, Kanne started to shiver as he could smell the stench of hundreds of dead warriors near him.

It was not long until he and his father got attacked by a group of walking cadavers. Kanne's father didn't wait for diplomacies and rushed to take down the undead that were willing to kill him and his son. Yet, Kanne was still watching his father as he was horrified by those creatures. Suddenly, without any warning, an undead came from behind and clawed Kanne, leaving him a mark on his left arm. His father was busy killing the other undead, so Kanne was alone with the scary monster. It soon tried to claw Kanne again, but then came a big squad of human warriors that saved Kanne and his father from certain death since the ghouls outnumbered them. The squad then went ahead to save a village on their way to Lordaeron. The young warrior wanted to go with the group, but his father stopped him and told him to look far into the distance at that village. It was already on fire and a large number of undead could be seen rushing there.

After they saw that it was no hope for the humans left there, Kanne and his father retreated and went back home, where they started to train again. Since Kanne saw with his own eyes that a battle ends up with death, he started to train seriously and pushed himself to the limits each time. By doing so, he was greatly improving his combat skills along with gaining muscles. His body was getting well-shaped after the hard training he was doing with his father.

When he reached thirty years old, Kanne left his home and went to travel around the world to see if he can get out of any risky situation. He made his first journey to Straglethorn Vale. After a few hours in the jungle, he got tired of his heavy plate armor, as he was sweating. He started to take it off and begun with his chest guard. However, he had to carry them until he would find an outpost to sell them. Since he had a good map, he reached the closest outpost fast and traded his plate armor for a harness, a black shoulder pad, a pair of brown gloves and brown ankle guards. That deal seemed way too good for the merchant from which Kanne took the items and tried to walk away as soon as possible. But Kanne didn't let himself fooled so easily and asked the merchant to give him money for the rest of his armor. In the end, the merchant gave him the money he deserved and then, the warrior left the outpost dressed in an 'unusual' way for a warrior.

Since he didn't walk on the road, Kanne saw two jungle tigers not too far from him and tried to avoid them by turning back, but one of the tigers turned back and saw him behind. The two were near a body of what looked like a human warrior and rapidly charged at Kanne after roaring loudly. Kanne was not in his element as that day was his first in the jungle so he had no other option but 'try' to fight in his new 'armor'. As soon as the tigers got close to Kanne, one of them jumped on him, trying to bite his neck, while the other one clawed his left leg. Since the one that jumped attacked first, Kanne concentrated and stabbed it with his sword right before the other one attacked. As a reaction from the unexpected pain he felt from having been clawed by a tiger, Kanne roared and dropped his sword. The two tigers were not so massive, so the one that got stabbed died right away. Kanne had to focus on the other one, but his sword was a little far from him to reach and the tiger was about to attack again. The young warrior looked forward and saw that near the body where the tigers were standing before was a spear. He thought about the problem for a few moments and made his move: he faked a kick towards the tiger, good enough to make the tiger step back so he could run straight to the spear. Kanne grabbed it and furiously charged at the tiger, throwing it into the tiger as he was running towards him. The hit was a success because Kanne threw it right into the tiger's head and killed it instantly. After he took the spear from the tiger's head, Kanne saw that he was bleeding from the claw he received and realised that he had to get it treated. He grabbed his map a good look at it. After a few moments, he rushed to Booty Bay.

A few hours later, he reached Booty Bay. He was quite tired and wanted to sleep, so he talked with the innkeeper and asked him for a room. The price was reasonable and Kanne accepted. After he put his new spear and shield near the bed where he was going to sleep, he jumped in the bed and fell asleep. However, he got awaken by a voice who told him to get up and open the door. As a first reaction, Kanne quickly took his pole arm and moved to the door. He slowly opened the door and saw nothing but an old man wearing a black robe and a black hood. Kanne started to be suspicious: "What do you want?!" but the weird-looking man offered him a smirk, along with a few words: "Step aside, boy, let me come in." and then pushed Kanne away so he could enter the room. Since he hates being pushed, Kanne got angry and attempted to stab the old man with his spear. Though he did that quite quick, the wierd man proved himself to be even quicker for he caught Kanne's spear and started to talk in an odd language that the warrior couldn't understand.

A few seconds later, the old man's hand started to be surrounded by black and purple flames and the spear was getting so, as well. Since Kanne had his hand on the spear, the flames burnt his hand, but didn't cause a massive injury because he immediately took his hand off the spear. The old man looked at him and started to laugh: "Ha! You thought that you're toys are actually going to hurt me. Beware of us, Mr. Cassius, we hold powers that you can only dream of! We... are warlocks. I have watched you for a long time, boy, I am very pleased to finally get this close to you. Some say that you are a war machine... and I do agree with them. I saw you killing those trolls today, I saw you cutting off their heads. You, Mr. Cassius, have a twisted mind! Now... I believe you wonder why am I here, right? *The old man doesn't even allow Kanne to give a reply* I am here to offer you a gift for all the horrible deeds you have made, for all the lives you have ended... I am here to offer you a 'shield' against the only enemies that might kill you. Let us hurry, Mr. Cassius, for you have much more to accomplish in this life, ha-ha!" The old man was talking in a rather frightening tone and so was his laugh, malefic. Images of Kanne being the only one standing on a battlefield with hundreds of dead men appeared through the warrior's mind.

He eventually got drawn by them and accepted the warlock's offer. Kanne closed his eyes and moments later, when he opened them, he saw that the warlock left a permanent mark on his body, black tattoos. They were all over his chest and two models were made even on his upper arms. He analyzed himself and then looked around for the warlock. The old man was gone, but still, Kanne heard his voice again: "Now go, Mr. Cassius, unleash your brutality on anyone, fool enough to stand in your way! It's in your blood, boy... it's in your family's blood..." After her heard those words, Kanne went outside to look for the warlock, but he was nowhere to be found. The 'brutal' warrior, as he was called by the old man, went back to his room and started to think about the 'unusual' experience he had. He thought that the old man was only exaggerating, but a few hours later, when Kanne was about to fall asleep, the warlock's voice could be heard again. This time his voice was into an even lower pitch, which made him -very- frightening: "I'll come for you when you'll be prepared, Mr. Cassius... I need you... we... need you... and we... shall find you...". After hearing those words, Kanne started to wonder why would 'they' want him? He didn't even know who were 'they'. He thought it was because of the tattoo and also believed that it was a curse, though he didn't feel weaker. Kanne just felt 'marked' and it was very frustrating for him and so, he barely slept that night. He just repeated to himself that the old man had to be purely insane as he found no reasonable explanation why he talked to him that way.

The next day, Kanne left Booty Bay and started to travel again, trying to find his destiny, even though it was already planned by the warlock he met earlier. His group was trying to complete a ritual from which they would become even more powerful, but they were always interrupted by their sworn enemies, the Argent Crusade. Since they were too busy with their ritual, they had to find a few 'thugs' to defend them. The one that 'visited' Kanne chose the young warrior because he saw him fight and thought that he could have proven himself as a perfect 'meat-shield'. This is the reason why Kanne was chosen, not because of a particular quality that made him 'unbeatable', but for the warlock's evil plan.
Not a GM/FH but bored on holiday so here my 2 cents. Two things I was wondering while reading. One, why would his father laugh? One of the things a father does is support his son/daughter's dreams, unles absolutey ridiculous. (And wanting to become like daddy sure doesn't sound ridiculous.) Second, in the skills/abilities section, you speak of Ancient symbols. How did he get them? What did he do for the warlock here? This also sounds like a Runemaster's/DK ability. (And if it doesn't fly for my Runemaster (it was pulled back from aoproval for that ability) I doubt it will be approved here.

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Changed the first problem. For the second, I would wait for a FH's opinion.
While there's nothing explicitly wrong about the character, Kanne has a lot of characteristics commonly associated with a Mary Sue. I advise you to run him through the litmus test on our wiki; it could help make the character more complete and wholesome.

If you'd like to discuss the topic in more detail, throw me a PM.
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I also realized, there is a player and a charcter going by the.name of Casdius. May waana change the last name.

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I will not be forgotten. This is my time to shine. I've got the scars to prove it. Only the strong survive. I'm not afraid of dying. Everyone has their time. Life never favored weakness.

Welcome to the pride!
I don't believe there's any kind of problem with that.
It's okay if you use my char's name as a family name.
Quote: Ancient symbols - Bearing ancient models of tattoos on his body, tattooed by an old warlock that also beared them, Kanne is magically protected against harmful spells. (The effects of spells on him are reduced)

This is iffy as it grants an advantage over other players. I may be wrong here but it'd be fine if he had some weakness to offset it. The history behind the tattoos is of concern as well. The warlock - or warlocks, the profile is rather unclear on quantity of warlocks - seems to have no motive whatsoever other than a possible crush on Kanne. Granted, people are known to be generous every so often, it's difficult to believe that a warlock would give Kanne the powers no strings attached. I'll emphasize again that some form of weakness attached to the tattoos would make them more acceptable and more sensible.

One last thought on the tattoos: they're quite similar to the tattoos of a Fel Hunters and even those of Runemasters. To me it just seems awfully multiclassy.

In addition to this the spelling and grammar throughout the profile needs a touch up.
Changed those problems.
Bear's Strength, Overwhelming Odds, Made for War, Moment of Courage and Increased Mobility are all rather unnecessary to include; they're not really skills or abilities, so it's best to remove them.

As for the tattoos, having a flat resistance to all spells is a no-no, and the disadvantage doesn't fit the theme - weakness to the Light is present in the undead, not demons. If you're insistent on keeping them, either have...

- Tattoos that provide a resistance (but not immunity) to one school of magic - fire, frost, shadow, etc.; anything but the Light, or
- Tattoos that work mechanically as the warrior's Spell Reflect ability - they can reflect one spell back on a cooldown.
[Image: RtK7PiZ.png]
Initial approval!
[Image: RtK7PiZ.png]
*Bumping up*
Some things I'd like to point out!

Quote:As he was used to wearing his heavy plate armor in every fight, Kaane expected to be wounded badly by the fast trolls, but this time his heavy armor was completely gone and he could move freely. He started the 'show' by dodging both their attacks and then cutting the right hand of the troll who was using hatchets.

Kaane is experienced in using heavy armor, but he just up and quits using it because he's in a jungle, sells it, and then is surprisingly good at unarmored combat? Seems extremely spotty to me, I'll be honest, especially against trolls who are masters of unarmored combat.

Furthermore, I can not see any reason why this warlock would have watched Kanne for as long as he did, or why he would approach him. He just comes out of nowhere without any sort of character build up or connection to anything.

Also, these tatoos: are they a curse? Do they have a hidden catch? What is this warlock's investment in Kanne's life? Does he plan to use him for something, do the tatoos give him protection at a cost of his soul? If so, these things need to be mentioned and furthermore elaborated upon. A character profile isn't a series of things that happen "just because".

Lastly, the warlock's parting words to Kanne really seem more appropriate if he were targetting an orc or something. Humans in Warcraft generally aren't violent brutes without good reason, they have entire cultures built around divinity and selflessness.

Overall, this profile lacks any real cohesion thematically.
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... as will your valiant hearts.
Also, there's a good handful on instances within this profile where you misspelled Kanne. I'd like to ask that you go through your profile and fix them!

A few other things that need to be fixed...

Quote:Shield Bash - Kanne knocks out his enemy for a few moments with a fierce shield bash to the head.

A knock out lasts for a few hours at best, I'd say. Not only is this, at base value, a one-hit K.O., but knock outs aren't that short. I'd suggest saying that he instead has a chance to daze the individual.

Quote:War cry - By letting out a loud roar, Kanne discourages his enemies and boosts the morale of those that fight on his side.

This sounds a tweensy bit like you're controlling the reactions of other characters. Wording is key, I think, and I'd advise slipping a "possibly" in here some where, otherwise this is worded as though you will make the other players or NPCs no longer desire to fight, which is power-game-eske.

Quote:Ancient symbols - Bearing ancient models of tattoos on his body, tattooed by an old warlock that also beared them, Kanne is granted with resistance to shadow magic.

Instead of completely resisting shadow magic, I'd advise that he has a lesser resistance to shadow magic. Slipping a "some" between "with" and "resistance" should do!

Quote:Usual Garments/Armor: If he would expect a fight, he would grab his red plate helmet, leather harness, black leather shoulder, black woolies, a pair of mail ankle guards, plate wrists along with his spear and shield.

On normal occasions, he can be seen wearing a stylish black costume, black boots and gloves. In this situation, he would take his swords with him and a black hat to look mysterious.

Why does he go from dressing like a barbarian to dressing like a dapper gentleman?

Quote:His body was getting well-shaped after the hard trainings he was doing with his father.

"Trainings" here shouldn't be plural, as training is already assumed to be done through multiple instances.

Let us know when these changes are up, and we'll all continue with the rest of the profile!

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