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Karasinth Bloodmourne [Night Elf]
Player: Evanmcgregor

Character Full Name: Karasinth Bloodmourne

Character In-Game Name: Kara

Nickname(s): Kara

Association(s): Knights of the Ebon Blade, Order of the Shadows (Guild)

Race: Kal'Dorei (Night Elf)

Class: Death Knight

Skills and Abilities: The usual death knight array of runic mastery sits in Kara's armory. However, she does tend to favor blood and frost style runes over the others. She is highly proficient with two handed swords, dual wielded swords, two handed axes, and dual wielded axes. She also has some skill with a bow, although such skill has been unused since her death. She speaks common exceedingly well, as well as Darnassian.

Age: 3,756/Was 3,754 at the Time of Death

Sex: Female

Hair: Long Purple, usually slicked back behind face.

Eyes: Glowing blue

Weight: 280 lbs

Height: 7'1"

Usual Garments/Armor: Typically wearing heavy plate armor, sometimes chain mail on occasions that require more agile movements. Almost never seen in civilian clothes, and always has some form of weapon on her person. On a good day, she has one two handed sword sheathed across her back and two jeweled long-swords sheathed at the hip. Kara occasionally will wear a mask or a helm that covers her face in an event she was in any form of mission where her identity would be problematic.

Other: Karasinth has a long scar spanning from her left shoulder down to her right hip from the fatal wound which finally claimed her life. Although it no longer threatens her being, she looks down upon it and remembers the blade ripping through her muscle.

Alignment:(Optional.)Neutral good

Personality: Karasinth Bloodmourne is a very vindictive type. Before she was risen in the army of the Scourge, she was a very gentle person, with only the exception of when she was on the hunt, when she became very serious. Nowadays, however, she is easily angered, and highly unforgiving. Any mention of her service within the Scourge under Arthas easily brings Kara to violence, as she hated the Lich King until the day she broke free. In her mind, accusing her of being a Scourge monster would be to challenge her honor and her pride, as she could not stop herself from committing the crimes against nature that Arthas had her and the other Death Knights commit. And in Kara's mind, the slandering of one's honor is the greatest insult that can be uttered.

She despises all Scourge followers and mindless undead with a passion that brings her to try and slaughter every mindless undead and scourge she could come across. However, she finds some comfort in the Forsaken and other Death Knights, as she knows full well how those others were bound by Arthas' iron will. She is highly territorial, especially in places generally claimed by the Kal'dorei. Teldrassil and Winterspring are the worst places for an orc or a sin'dorei to wander into while she's around. She quickly resorts to force when it comes to 'protection of Elven lands', and will definitely try to goad the 'invader' into a fight if they refuse to leave. She also has a strong moral as to what she finds right or wrong. She doesn't view evil as people who don't follow the light or any such thing.

She finds evil to be someone who kills for fun, someone who steals for the thrill, to feed a gambling problem, or just to be spiteful to those from whom the steal. She hates people that commit crimes just for the sake of it, for greed and love and all these other 'motives'. But worst of all, she hates people that do it for power. This sort of behavior makes her think all to much about Arthas and his Scourge, about how his lust for blood and power had brought him to kill innocents, and raise them back as the undead. She, in her own mindset, is a righteous fighter for what is good. And she won't stop until the land is purged of all evil.

History: Karasinth Moonflight was born in Ashenvale, among many others of her kind. Her father and mother were both hunters, her brother a forager and an alchemist. She aspired to be a hunter, just as her parents, throughout her childhood. Kara and her family lived a contented life, much like any other family of the Kaldorei. At a young age, Kara's father left, for a reason unknown to anybody but himself. Kara's mother was heartbroken at this event, and Kara herself became a little hardened. At this point in time, Kara began to mature a little more than the other children. Instead of playing games with the others, she would help her mother in various tasks, until one day when Shiranah saw her daughter was mentally old enough, if not physically.

She looked down on Karasinth Moonflight and knew that the time had come to train her, even if she was younger than when most would begin starting their various 'professions' within Ashenvale. And so Shiranah and her daughter Kara began to hunt. Over the years, Kara became very proficient with a bow, and became more and more mature and steady as she kept training and hunting. Eventually, Kara and her mother payed a visit to Winterspring, where Kara completed her mother's training and became an adult.

Many years passed, and Kara lived happily with her mother, no longer weeping over her father's leaving, now actually carrying an unnoticed loathing of the man who had forsaken his family. After some time, her brother had called the hunters back to Ashenvale, and so they returned to the place of Kara's birth.

And just in damned time. The resurfacing has begun. The Orcs were coming, and cutting down the trees of the Ashenvale forests. Kara watched in terror as Cenarius was killed by the blood crazed creatures, and took her brother and mother to a safe place outside the battle. None of the three were fighters. Not yet. As it happened, the Third War soon begun, and the Burning Legion were attacking Nordrassil. Kara could not evacuate her family fast enough this time. Karasinth watched in horror as her brother was cut down, quickly followed by her mother. This is the start of Karasinth's changed from happy go lucky hunter to a warrior. Picking up the hunting bow her mother had fashioned for her, she pierces the heart of the creature that had struck down her family, and readies herself for battle. She was a fighter now, and that would never change.

Not even after her death. After the Legion had been pushed back, Kara's lust for vengeance was still unquenchable. Barely years later, she hears of the birth of a new World Tree, Teldrassil. It did not restore their immortality, per se, but Karasinth felt better, that perhaps the death of her family and the spilling of blood by her own hand had not be in vain. There were still Kaldorei ready to fight for life, for mere survival. The attempt at recreating Nordrassil was proof enough of that, even if it did not produce the intended effect, the restoration of Elven immortality. She traveled to this new world tree, and watched the building of the city Darnassus, happy to see that perhaps her people still had a chance at survival, to return to power in the world and perhaps make their mark upon the lands of Azeroth.

Eventually, something compelled her to travel, and she found herself in the Eastern Kingdoms, near the city of New Avalon, and watching the floating fortress Acherus in horror. She didn't even enter the boundaries of New Avalon, Havenshire, or any of the areas occupied by the Argent Dawn or the Scourge or the Scarlets or any such areas. She simply passed through areas where she saw the least possibility of danger. But things just don't work out that well any more. Not for her. The Scourge found her. She had naught but her mother's bow and a hunting knife. Adrenaline was kicking in.

The first Scourge to approach her was cut down with barely any effort. The others began approaching, and she knew she had no chance. But she would take down every last damned mindless undead she could take with her. Forsaking her blade, she took up her bow and began firing on the rapidly approaching ghouls and geists, slaughtering a decent amount in her adrenaline and hate fueled violence. They fell with the shots until they finally drew too close for the bow to be of any use, and she took up arrows and used them as stabbing weapons, now doing practically nothing to them. She was not a close range fighter, and she wouldn't be during this life. Arrows snapped, rotting flesh overpowered her every sense, and then a sickening crunch. A rather large abomination had gotten the best of her, slamming down onto her neck. Her journey was over, and she dropped, lifeless, to the ground.

Rise, Death Knight. Rise, and serve your master. Karasinth thought she was dreaming. The voice perhaps the last remnants of the nightmare she was enduring. Maybe it was all a dream, the Third War, the Burning Legion, her family's slaughter... You are mine, now, Kaldorei. Your will is not your own. Fight for me, and live again. Claim your destiny with my Scourge. No, this was no dream. The dark echoes of this voice sat in her mind, as her eyes opened and she let out a blood curdling scream. But she could not control herself. The words echoing in her mind leaving an icy pain as she failed to resist anything. Nothing could be done, she did all she was told, slaughtering people uncontrollably. The fighting she had done before was one thing but this.... she refused to accept this.

She hated the bastard that forced her to do this, to slay the innocent, and to take over the plaguelands. She wanted it all to end, she wanted to be free, she wanted to die. But the Scourge would not allow it. Not until that one fateful day, when the light of dawn could be spotted by all the enslaved death knights. Arthas had sent Darion Mograine to wipe out the Argent dawn, and Mograine had failed. But then something happened, something that opened Darion's eyes and realized that he could fight. In some incident involving the Ashbringer Darion carried, the Lich King was weakened, and his grip on the enslaved Death Knights was loosened.

The Knights of the Ebon Blade were reclaiming Acherus. They were FREE. Karasinth happily joined Mograine and his Knights in the reclaiming of the Ebon Hold and the slaughtering of those who had forced her to commit such horrible crimes. The time had come to FIGHT. And once the fighting was over, Karasinth fled. She as forever a Knight of the Ebon blade. She was forever scarred with the memories of what she had done. She felt she was no longer herself, and so she took the name Bloodmourne, as compared to Moonflight, the name she was given at birth. She found this name much more suiting to her new life, her new mindset, her new world.

Eventually, she came across a single Sin'Dorei who shared a similar mindset. Selviorn Shadowstalker. Selviorn and her Order of the Shadows believed in the same morality as Kara, and accepted her into the Order with open arms, making her the first Blade of the Order. She started the Fighter's Path in that Order, and she intends to show people what it means to fight against evil. Where her path will take her from this point onward? Only time will tell where this destiny will take her. Only time will tell, Karasinth Bloodmourne.
"The most precious thing in life is its uncertainty. Leaving something incomplete makes it interesting and gives one the feeling that there is room for growth."

~Yoshida Kenkō

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