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Karethil Moltenstar [BElf Blood Mage]
Player: flammos200

Character Full Name: Karethil Moltenstar

Character In-Game Name: Karethil

Nickname(s): Karry.

Association(s): Silvermoon, The Blood Elves, The Magisters.

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Blood Mage (Warlock)

Skills and Abilities: Karethil differs only slightly from the usual Warlock skillset, merely replacing a few of the normal spells with equivalents ‘flavored’ towards her class. She is by no means more powerful than anyone else.

Verdant Spheres: As Soul Shards, Verdant Spheres can empower certain spells with further damage or effects. Just like Soul Shards, she can only have three at any given moment, and once used they need to recharge.

Summon Phoenix: Replaces Summon Infernal with the difference that Phoenixes have a ranged attack and are physically weaker and less resilient.

Felo’melorn!: Needless to say, Karethil favors fire magic, Flamestrikes in particular.

Drain Magic: Embracing the hunger for magic that the Blood Elves are cursed with, Karethil freely feeds her thirst off magical artifacts, armor, weapons, existing spells, and even magical creatures such as other elves, manawyrms, demons and the like, using the gained energy to fuel her powers.

By the Blood of the Highborne: With well over a thousand years’ worth of experience in the Arcane Art, Karethil tends to know at least a little bit of everything concerning it, if not being a true polymath of an Arcanist, including Inscription, Enchanting and the creation of various magical artifacts such as Healthstones or Soulstones.

Age: 1366

Sex: Female

Hair: Blonde, formerly red. Bleached a little due to Fel exposure and the ravages of the centuries.

Eyes: Fel-green.

Weight: 60 Kg. She’s still quite fit.

Height: 1,83 m.

Scale: 1.045.

Usual Garments/Armor: Typically robes, in Silvermoon’s colors. Red, gold, black, green and the like are often present on her form.

Other: Is usually seen with a spellblade at her hip.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Personality: A woman tempered by age, and yet fueled by the speed and enthusiasm of recent events and a drive to serve the Sin’dorei, Karethil tends to be the oxymoronic wise young woman trapped in an elder’s body. Not that elves show much signs of aging, but time takes its toll more so on the mind than anything. Experience shows itself in Karethil’s personality, but also a small degree of recklessness, these last years spurring her on and making her believe that the elves can once again rise up to the power and prestige of their Highborne heritage. She genuinely seeks to promote the interests of the Blood Elves, their safety and their happiness, typically looking out for the individuals she meets cordially.

The other races aren’t a source of interest for Karethil most often. She regrets the elves teaching Humanity the Arcane, and finds little of worth among the Dwarves, but Gnomes and Draenei – particularly the latter – are shown a measure of polite, restrained curiosity, perhaps due to the shared experience of the loss of their peoples’ homes. Suffices to say, she does not, will not, and cannot see eye to eye with the Kaldorei, under any circumstances. Of the Horde, Karethil doesn’t bother much. She is quite amused by the Trolls trying to learn the Arcane, and fully expects them to blow themselves up in the process. She finds Orcs and Tauren to make stupendous meat shields, and has found herself chatting up Forsaken once or twice.

Karethil enjoys caramel-flavored tea, oranges and orange juice, lemonade and fine wines. She is partial to the candies she sometimes conjures, and has been known to provide profitable business to the other candy conjurers throughout Quel’thalas. Karethil is also easily set off by people who break or bend the law in their favor, as she is a strict adherent to due process – without order, there can be no society, in her view. Admittedly, her interventions in illegal situations tend to be of the flame-wielding nature.

History: Born in Quel’thalas in a time of relative peace, Karethil was blessed with loving and dedicated parents, both of which were a part of the Magisters. To Karethil, her mother and father were like gods – shaping reality to their accord, creating and destroying with but a gesture or a word, and she wanted to be just like them.

A happy child, Karethil delighted in the education that was put forth for her in the Arcane academies, and soon, she was quite the budding Arcanist. She loved the Arcane and did her best to receive a position in the Magisters. Within a few centuries time, Karethil was a fully-fledged Magistrix and did her best to put her powers to the aid of the elves during their efforts against the Trolls.

The Magistrix then took up a number of educational positions across Quel’thalas and the Human kingdoms and her centuries were spent in temperance, attempting to teach restraint to the Human arcanists she encountered that’d formed of the Elf-Human alliance. It was during this time that she joined the newly-formed Kirin Tor, helping defend against one of the first demonic incursions since the Sundering.

As the First War boiled the southern Eastern Kingdoms, Karethil broke contact with the members of the Kirin Tor and fled to her precious Quel’thalas. It would take the elves returning to aid the Alliance of Lordaeron in the Second War to coax her out of her shell once more and return her to active duty as a Magistrix.

After participating in the Second War, Karethil retired to her sanctum in Quel’thalas, calmly and collectedly studying the secrets of the Arcane that she felt she’d overlooked over the aeons. Needless to say, she simply desired a quiet life of books and study, the threat of an overbearing demonic Legion gently passing into memory.

And then the Scourge came. Karethil fought her best, but her best was not enough. She eventually had to retreat to safety, making use of the Arcane to escape with her life. Karethil thanked whatever forces watched over her that her parents didn’t live to see the day of the Siege of Silvermoon, and instead had passed quietly in their sleep a decade or so before.

Believing Prince Kael to be the savior of the Sin’dorei, she – along with many other elves – fled to Outland, where they were taught the secrets of draining magic to sate their thirst. Being an experienced Arcanist, Karethil had no problems understanding the concept and the process and soon, she was a Blood Elf, after having fed off a still-living demon, the howls and agonized screams of a member of the Legion being like music to her ears.

Karethil viewed the Blood Elves’ new allies – the Naga – with great interest, knowing them to be the Highborne of old, but also a cautioning tale in the flesh as to what Arcane could do to a body. As the Blood Mages were being formed and taught, she delighted in the chance to study their skills and became one of them. While she was certain that fighting fire with fire was a good strategy against the Legion, experience taught her the folly of recklessness, particularly with such volatile forces as those the Demons wielded.

The Blood Mage was ever eager for action and helped in the taking of Tempest Keep for the Blood Elves, having been left behind with the other Sunfuries as Kael’thas, Illidan and the Naga headed to Northrend. Karethil was reassigned just before the Exodar was retaken, into a military group led by Voren’thal the Seer.

Alongside this group she later was sent to besiege Shattrath city. At the gates of Shattrath, disbelief struck her as they were ordered to lay down their arms and told that the Naaru were the salvation of the Sin’dorei. Being a good soldier, she agreed. That, and she held a tiny amount of hope that the Naaru could indeed help the Sin’dorei. She swore her oath to the Sha’tar, but left soon afterwards, returning to Silvermoon to live in peace.

Karethil’s reception was lukewarm. On the one hand, the Magisters saw her quite well, for being a Blood Mage and a Magistrix. On the other hand, most of those that reviled Fel or Arcane were disgusted by her presence, and shunned her. That was fine by her count and she simply resigned to her Sanctum to study more.

Karethil only snapped out of it once a missive appeared in her mailbox, calling her to fulfill her vow and fight at the Sunwell, to prevent the Legion from entering the world there. Once a member of the Kirin Tor, always a member of the Kirin Tor and Karethil jumped at the chance to deliver a blow to the Burning Legion and traveled to the isle of Quel’danas, joining up with the forces of the Shattered Sun Offensive there and fighting at their side until the end of the Sunwell Campaign, and the rekindling of the Elves’ ancient fount of power with the heart of a Naaru. Karethil was not quite unscarred however, for the battle against the corrupted shell of Kael’thas made her vow never to become such a monster.

But as the Naaru fulfilled Voren’thal’s prophecy and brought salvation to the Sin’dorei from their Thirst, Karethil finally was at peace. Giving her thanks, the weary Blood Mage turned her gaze for home, and stayed there until the present day, vigilantly awaiting the time when her powers would be called to strike against the Legion once more...
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Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
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First Approval (1/2)
Quote:and went on to be a minor part of the Council of Tirisfal, of which she remained a member until the time of the First War, when Medivh started slaughtering the Tirisfalen.

We do not want players being part of the Council of Tirisfal. The quote below really explains just why we don't want this:

Quote:The Council of Tirisfal (Order of Tirisfal, Order, or Tirisfalen) was the secret council of human, gnome, and high elven mages charged with the selection and disposition of the Guardian of Tirisfal.

We do not feel comfortable with players interacting with the powerful people who were on the council, even on a minor scale.
I fail to see why exactly - The Council of Tirisfal weren't even the best of the best. Rather, they were the people who, via a secret society, swore to overthrow any further attempts at the Legion's incursion on Azeroth - and their method of choice was electing a Guardian. Whether Karethil gives a yes/no vote on the choice of some unnamed individual or not doesn't have any mechanical impact. It's pure storytelling.

Take a look at the new Council for example: they aren't the foremost in their fields, rather just a rag-tag bunch of well-intentioned misfits. Instead of having say, Velen for their Light representative, they have a Dwarven Priest. Not to denigrate Dwarven Priests - we all love the bearded bros - but if they wanted the best of the best it wouldn't have been a hard pick.

In short, the background of once having been a part of the Council of Tirisfal - a society which doesn't even exist nowadays, the few individuals remaining being disparate and remote - has about as much bearing as a Character being a part of the Sons of Lothar(where you can argue the same closeness to lore figures such as Alleria Windrunner, Turalyon, Khadgar, Danath Trollbane, and Kurdran Wildhammer).

I.E. Basically none. It serves to flesh out the character and provide motive for the choices they make later in life, for the way in which the individual was shaped by their experience and the views they have acquired as a result of said experiences.
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Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
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Every single one of the known members of the Council that I clicked on in the Wowpedia link is listed as an Archmage. They seem extremely powerful to me, definitely among the best of the best. They are, after all, supposed to be protecting Azeroth from the Burning Legion.

The Sons of Lothar, also, is a far larger organization than the Council of Tirisfal, since it was made up of the entire Alliance Expedition.

The new Council is irrelevant to your character, if I'm not mistaken. The fact that the organization doesn't exist as such anymore doesn't matter, as your character isn't trying to join now; she was a member in their prime. The fact that she's voting on things that happen regardless of her vote doesn't make her position any less insignificant; you could make the same case for quite a few high-tier positions, but it doesn't mean we want them available.

I hope you can see the issue we have here. We don't want players to have been members of the Council, quite simply. We seem to have different views on the Council's level of importance and power, unfortunately, so I hope you can accept our judgment in this case.
Changes made! Darn, I should've looked at this earlier.
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
Wanna refer me in Tribes: Ascend? Clickies!
Quote:Summon Phoenix: Replaces Summon Infernal with the difference that Phoenixes have a ranged attack and are physically weaker and less resilient.

Just keep in mind the Phoenix can only be summoned in combat!

Second Approval (2/2)
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