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Katelyn Daviault [Human Warrior]
Player: ChampionMouse

Character Full Name: Katelyn Daviault

Character In-Game Name: Katelyn

Nickname(s): Kate

Association(s): Her gun. Kate is loyal to her gun.

Race: Female

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: Kate learned to shoot from her Pa at very young age. She has a good eye for it, and is able to reliably hit targets at some range considering all the time she practiced hunting down squirrels and small rabbits for dinner. Basic swordplay was also something she was introduced to, considering that Pa didn’t want his daughter to be helpless in a place like Azeroth.

For a good portion of time, Kate favored fighting florentine as it matched her more aggressive personality. Considering that she’s never held onto a weapon for an extended period of time, however, meant that Kate would frequently be switching things around and learning how to be at least passable with various weapon styles. It is rare that you can hand a melee weapon to Kate and she will be clueless on how to use it. Kate is, however, clueless about what she refers to as "book stuff."

There is also a rumor that Kate has a liver of steel. This is not in fact true. Kate has just drank so much over the years that her tolerance for the “sauce” is a wee bit high.

Age: 27

Sex: Female

Hair: Blonde and pulled back in a loose ponytail.

Eyes: Green

Weight: 165lbs

Height: 5’7”

Usual Garments/Armor: Kate isn’t a woman who is obsessed with her personal appearance and it shows. Her hair is never combed right, and her boots are always covered in some kind of mud. She’s not a slob, just has her priorities elsewhere.
When she doesn’t have a fight or a paid mission looming over her head, Kate usually just sticks to whatever clothes are comfortable to hang around in. She likes long sleeved shirts best.

Now, on the other hand, when she is suiting up in her armor; Kate dons a full set of plate. She does seem to take better care of this and can frequently be seen polishing/maintaining it. Same with her gun. The armor primarily has a silver sheen to it, while the accent/border pieces are all tastefully done in gold.

Other: Kate carries a shotgun that is reliably strapped across her back. The gun belonged to Kate’s father and was left to her upon his death. The gun is named Kate, because some Fathers just like to name things after their daughters.

Alignment: Some variation of neutral that has yet to be set in stone. Kate’s beliefs are consistently changing.

Personality: Kate views the world from a defensive and wary lens from behind the walls she has built up around herself. This translates into her being painfully rude/gruff in the presence of strangers and friends alike. She isn’t soft spoken in the slightest, and streams of profanity are common with her when she can’t figure out exactly what she wants to say.

She often struggles with words, because heart to heart conversations were never a part of how she was raised. Blunt humor is normal to her, but when people start getting close or talking about personal things, Kate might get a little uncomfortable and awkward. When this happens, Kate is more prone to drink; and this is a habit that is very detrimental to her, her family, and probably the people around her.

She can best be described as a person who repeatedly falls victim to cycles of failure and hope. Kate has, on numerous occasions, thought she found the thing that was going to get her out of a slump and give her purpose only to fail at it because of her issues with drinking or because somebody dies. In fact, the people that Kate seems to reluctantly put her faith in die a lot. In the back of her head, she probably thinks that it is some kind of curse. This leads to the increasing distance she puts between herself and other people. That fear of losing anyone else prevents her from becoming too attached to things altogether.

She is self-defeating, yes; and perhaps naïve to think that anyone else can solve her problems. But, until she ultimately grows to understand these issues and face them head on, Kate will continue to be an emotional wreck of a human being.

History: Katelyn was born as the result of an illicit love affair between her Father and the local blacksmith’s wife. She was part of a set of golden haired twins, but never got to live with her sister due to the Blacksmith refusing to admit that he could afford to raise two daughters. It was for this reason that her Pa ended up with her, and her sister Liselle stayed with their mother.

Pa was content enough to take young Kate under his wing and teach her all about his way of life; a unique brand of aggressive pacifism. He didn’t take kindly to men trespassing on his property, and wouldn’t hesitate to chase people off his lawn at gunpoint. Kate picked up on some of his more gruff habits, following heavily in his footsteps. He drank a lot, so it was a good thing that he had taught her to trap and hunt her own dinner; which she ended up doing. A lot.

Life was rough, there was no denying that; and between watching the young man she was smitten with go off to his first battle and her father’s drunkenness, Kate started to get angry. On her seventeenth birthday, Kate’s father kicked her out of their home and told her that it was for her own good.

Without much more than a rusty sword, a gun, and a handful of bullets; Katelyn left. There was nothing for her in Hillsbrad. Her mother didn’t want her, and Pa had made it pretty clear that he didn’t either. This was how her life of wandering started. With no options, Kate traveled from town to town in the lands south of Lordaeron performing odd jobs for coin and food.

By the end of the Third War, she found herself predominantly working around the Stormwind area, into another one of those depressing cycles: fighting, drinking, and fighting some more. This trend has continued settled into the current times.
[Image: Lirshar_zpscaa814f0.png]
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
Wanna refer me in Tribes: Ascend? Clickies!
Quote:Race: Female



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