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Katzine [Troll] (Pre-Approved)
Everything in red has been changed/altered

Existing profile - http://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com/Katzine

Player: Kreah

Character Full Name: Katzine'fon

Character In-Game Name: Katzine

Nickname(s): Kat

Association(s): Darkspear Tribe, though she is a fon as she didn't feel like she could be herself there.

Race: Troll

Class: Warrior - Myrmidon(Changed from Rogue)

Age: 23(Changed from 21)

Sex: Female

Hair: Dark-Blue

Eyes: Tawny Brown

Weight: 106 Kilos

Height: 2,16m

Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral

Skills & Abilities (All new)

-Fighting Mastery
Master at Close Quarter Combat with most weapons and unarmed.

-Unstoppable Rage
As a battle goes on, Katzine will sink deeper and deeper into a force of unstoppable rage, making her throw everything she got at her opponent.

Katzine never stands still in a battle, she will run, jump and slide to deliver or avoid an attack.


Usual Garments/Armor: Prefers a light leather armor.
Other: She has a large tattoo on her chest and back.
A few more scars now then before.


She does what serves her best interest, but keeping it as subtle as she can. If she can gain a friend and take advantage of that person in any way later on she will most definitely do it, she will most likely act as that person would like her best. She truly feels like she has accomplished something when she can make a person believe what she want's that person to believe. To most people she seems like a very friendly and happy Troll, but that's just what she truly wants them to think.


Katzine was raised up in the Darkspear tribe, but did not like the way she and the other females were treated one bit, as she felt that they could be just as good warriors for the tribe as the males. Katzine was young and ambitious and wanted to become a warrior of the tribe, bringing up this subject to her father several times who ruled her with an iron fist because of her views, he wanted Katzine to follow the ways of the Darkspear at that time. Katzine used to practice the art of fighting in secret with her father though as he did care for her, and wanted her to be able to defend herself to a certain point. It was more or less the only thing she enjoyed doing with her father. As Katzine became older she was harassed more and more by the male Trolls her age. She got into an awful lot of trouble because she spoke back to the males, which caused Katzine to be filled more and more with rage by every passing day, just wanting to leave and live by herself: That was her dream at the time.

When the Trolls moved to Kalimdor she saw her chance to flee, she filled her bag with supplies for the trip of unknown length and stole one of her fathers raptors, riding off into the night. She didn't know where she was headed or what she was going to do... She had rode for many hours before she finally came to the decision to make camp somewhere in Durotar, later that night she began hearing sounds coming from the dark, she grabbed her bow and went to investigate the disturbance. Whatever it was, it didn't feel natural. Her entire body was shivering, she was scared due to the darkness and the fact that she was all alone.

She finally reached the place the sounds were coming from, she spotted a Troll chanting and dancing around a large and roaring bone-fire which looked to be dancing back. She slowly strung her bow, at which point the unknown Troll stopped his chanting and dancing, and the fire calmed to a mild crackle as the Troll looked towards the spot Katzine was hiding at. She quickly ducked down to avoid getting caught and was truly terrified, not knowing what to do she stayed down for what seemed to be an hour before the Troll spoke to her in his native tongue "Do not be afraid, whelp. Now come out and show yourself... I will not harm you, young one."

She hesitantly rose and approached the unknown Troll, keeping one arrow ready on her bow. The unknown Troll looked at her as he sat down and offered her a piece of meat "No need to fear me, you may put down the bow now, you seem hungry, please... Eat". Katzine lowered her bow for a moment, finally setting it down and accepting the meat offered to her. They began talking, mostly him asking her why she was out here alone late at night. Katzine explained everything to the unknown Troll, why she left. Then he asked her "And where do you plan to go from here, young one?" Katzine looked at him long and hard before realizing she didn't know. The unknown Troll introduced himself as Bojan and he explained what he was planning to do, offering to Katzine to join him in his journey as she didn't have any plans.

After several months of traveling together the two Trolls started to really connect, Katzine looked on Bojan as the father she never had, he taught her everything he knew when it came to hunting, the Loa, fighting and he even helped her master the art of subtlety. After about a year of traveling together it was almost like they started to merge their abilities together as well as their lives. They were true companions to each other and would easily do anything as long as it was for the well being of their companion.

Now they have been traveling for seven years together which has only made the synergy between them stronger over the years. When they now are apart from each other they feel like a part of them is missing too.

With years of fighting throughout her life the constant lust for showing off her abilities and strength, Katzine took up arms in the arena leaving her roguish ways behind and becoming more of a brute. With many battles on her belt both small and big she eventually started feeling like she had found the place she belonged. The Arena was her home, but despite the happiness she gained in the arena, she felt like she had left a big part of her life behind, Bojan her "uncle" So she decided to take a leave from the arena for a brief period to go and re-connect with her Uncle and tell him all about her new lifestyle.
I'd simply like to request that you space out the top and the history. Profile seems fine otherwise.
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa
Is that better?
Approved and I'll fix the spacing a bit more.
What's a myrmidon ? o.O
Isn't it a "Basic naga warrior." ?
"Life is offensive, people; it's brutal, stupid, annoying, dirty, and at the end, ******* pointless. Seriously, folks, you need to get a grip, alright? Relax yourself!" - Foamy

(12-09-2011, 05:16 AM)13kira13 Wrote: What's a myrmidon ? o.O
Isn't it a "Basic naga warrior." ?

Yeah, it is. But in the context of CotH it's also an alternate name for 'gladiator' which I presume came about via the old prestige system because any old fool who fought in the arena could claim the title of gladiator, whereas Myrmidon is more exclusive.

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