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Killing of players In-game.
I dunno if this has been asked before or not so please don't flame me.

Let's say that I am playing and I see someone of the opposing faction that my particular character doesn't care too much for.

If I attacked this person, what would happen? I know that one of us would die, but is there a restriction on attacking people, regardless of their level, or would they cry and complain saying that your not allowed to do that, make a post on the forums, PM all their friends and have me beat with a studded belt while I say "I worship you <.....> it was completely my stupidity taking over when I attacked you," or something of that sort?
Generally killing and strife are encouraged by most players. It's a nice change of pace for lots of people but, that said, not everyone likes it. You might want to talk it through with the other player before you do it, though try not to metagame.

As long as you have a fight of a type you both agree to. (See "Roll Roll Roll my... Dice?" thread for a nice guide to roll-based fighting. Text-based and otherwise are fine too, it depends on the player.) And you don't go and gank someone with your daggers without warning.
Alright thanks for clearing that up.
Of course, it can be a good thing at times, but be warned. In some cases, attacking another character can can be punishable. Say, a Orcish Ambassador in Stormwind. You kill him randomly, you're bound to be prosecuted. If said orc is, say, assaulting a human, of course you can kill him!
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