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Koala Kovers
Hey guys, so I have been playing drums for about 5 years now and it was only a thing I really did when I was bored or had a friend who played guitar or what ever, it was just jam seshes. But I recently decided to start making covers of songs that I really enjoy the drums of.


You can check them out here. The recordings are all done on an Alesis DM10 Studio Electronic Set, and I've always enjoyed the electronic sets for recording over a normal set. It sounds cleaner without having to buy really expensive recording equipment and I can enhance the key parts of the set in relation to the songs I.E. For metal songs I can make the bass pop out more and dial down the cymbals.

I've always been really self conscious about my playing even though I know I can, it's mainly because I'm just not one to really play in front of people. I remember being this way back in school when I was in the band as I dreaded the tests or concerts where you play in front of anyone. I'm not posting these up to fish for complements or anything, not saying you all would assume such a thing, but because I enjoy playing and I feel like breaking out of my shell a little.
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