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Koala Personals
I have a few CW-less hombres looking for a little RP as well, here we go.

Daegen Cain:
Old First and Second War vet with a love for alcohol and the Light. Paladin of the original Silver Hand he mainly works around Elwynn or Stormwind, but can be surrounding areas. He's taken to sharing his views on life and the Light so if you have anyone who struggles with either of those, find him.

Myrin Ruavia:
This skittish and frantic elf could use a little help. While associated with House Senn'raethi he made a few friends attending their school, now teaching at it. Maybe you had someone who used to go with him who knows him, maybe you're just a kind soul who isn't into social torture.

Shyllisyr Voidstriker:
Now, finally approved, I can look for things to do with her. She has a pretty high standing rank in The Sentinels, with a squad of around 300 under her. She has some help from a few other picked officers, while those two or three souls might be a Special Profile due to their ranks, the other soldiers wouldn't be. If you're into some military RP or just Kaldorei RP at all, she's yo gal.

Metyatavo Wintermane:
A taunka in Orgrimmar!? Whoah, how crazy. He's looking for anyone combat trained to go toe to toe against in some brawls (weapons not provided nor needed). Think you got what it takes to wrangle with the big blue?
[Image: 6bf327addada.gif]

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