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Kodohorn Tribe


The Kodohorn Tribe is built up of a relatively small collection of Tauren, seeking out a way to try and maintain their nomadic ancestry, rituals, and customs in an ever-changing world. The main goal of the tribe is to survive on a land that would more than likely destroy them in one way or another, without losing touch with their past or submitting too deeply to the will of the Horde as so many of their brethren have already done.

Rules - Mainly, follow the rules of CoTH in general.


Chieftain - This is the figurehead of the tribe. The final word of the chief is the law of the tribe, and the only word higher than the Chieftain is that of the High Chieftain Cairne.

Warlord - Mainly focuses on the Braves and hunters of the Tribe. The Warlord advises the Chieftain on matters of conflict, the hunts, and other such natures.

Council - A group of experienced shamans and druids, usually elders. They are the spiritual leaders and teachers of the tribe, and occasionally advise the tribe and the Chieftain on important matters. These are generally respected members of the tribe.

Brave - Warriors and skilled hunters of the tribe. They defend, fight, and kill for the tribe. If there is an attack, these are usually the Tauren who stand at the front to take the brunt of the blow. This is a rank that must be earned.

Tribesman - Normal members of the tribe but still very much needed for the survival, be it building equipment and armor, tending to sick and hurt or the kodo. These are Tauren with a variety of skills.

Calf - Those who are not yet members of the tribe but seeking to prove themselves. They will remain calves until they have proven that they are worthy members of the tribe.

Honorary Guest - Non-Tauren who stay near the Kodohorn Tribe. This is usually going to be kept to a limited number and to certain races, mainly Orcs, Trolls, and Night Elves. Other races are free to try but should be warned that it may be fairly hard.

NOTE: Death Knight Tauren - These are allowed within the guild, but it is more out of pity than anything else. These are Tauren who are unable to be with the Earthmother and walk with the ancestors, so until they are able, the Kodohorn will accept them.

Ritual Examples

Walking with the Kodo - Many know of the Kodo graveyard in Desolace, the final resting place for many kodo. Though not many are able to make their way on their own. So, the Kodohorn take it on themselves to show their love and thanks for these mighty beasts by walking with their kodo when their time comes to the graveyard. Defending them and aiding them so that they can say their final goodbye until they meet on the next plain.
Taming of the Kodo - What is a group of Tauren without a group of kodo? This ritual is offered to any young Tauren who would wish to attempt it to prove themselves. Where they must go out, find a kodo, and attempt to capture it and eventually tame the animal.

Becoming a Brave - It takes more than just being strong to be a Brave in the Kodohorn. One must be willing to show their courage in times where it may be difficult and a willingness to set out and defend the tribe even at costs to oneself. This is a broad ritual, giving the Tauren many ways to complete the tasks. They can do it on their own or in a team all seeking this rank.

Test of Faith - An experienced group of shamans from the tribe get together to prepare this ritual, it's main goal to build trust amongst the spiritual leaders of the tribe with its youth. The shamans will prepare a raft that will be places a slight stance out on the water (or of the lake in Mulgore) as well as a means for the younger Tauren to cross the water (Water Walking). The youth will be given heavy clothes and armor. Items that will, if one attempted to swim, cause them to sink. They are then told to cross the water to the raft to retrieve an item for the shaman.

This is pretty neat. Its good to see there is still Tauren RP interest. I myself actually started up a Tribe (The Wolftotem Tribe) but unfortunately irl issues came into play once again (it always seems to happen when I get something going.) Anyway, maybe now that football season is over (for me) our Tribes may be able to work together as they have many similar beliefs. It may make for more interesting events and such.

I plan on doing a little event once I get back. Something along the lines of battling some Centaur. If you are interested it would be nice to talk a bit. Feel free to PM me.
Chieftain Muyoh Wolftotem - Chieftain of the Wolftotem Tribe
As the Chieftan of the kodohorn Tribe, I'm open to this suggestion, as for ideas for events, we've had a couple in mind, centaur fighting being one of them as well.

And, weirdly enough, it seems the same happened to both of us. As I started this with Riff Raff as my guide (Bless her soul! For she actually got me into this) I soon after.. Had trouble IRL. I hope I'll be able to get this back up again.
Feedback Thread.

Common Sense; Questionable, still there.

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