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Korius von steinherz [Worgen priest]
(The changes that are made will be painted at the color green)

Player: Stealthscout

Character Full Name: Korius von Steinherz

Character In-Game Name: Korius

Nickname(s): N/A.

Association(s): Doyle's squire, Private for the Lion Hearted.

Race: Worgen.

Class: Priest.

Skill and abilities:

War veteran: Even though he has quit his role as a Paladin, he still has the knowledge of being a fighter, he fights with his claws when in Worgen form, and if he finds a sword, he will use it only if he has too.

Age: 23

Sex: Male.

Hair: Brown(Human) Worgen fur is black.

Eyes: Brown.

Weight: 210 lbs (human form) 282 lbs (Worgen form).

Height: 6'5 (Human form) 6'8(Worgen form) 7'2 (Worgen form upright).
((NOTE: Heights were done by sight in comparison to NE Male at 1.1 and Troll Male at 1.1 with emotes to try and make both models be as upright as they can.))

Usual Garments/Armor: Korius is walking with a over sized robe, folded when human, and fully fit in when worgen.

Personality:Korius is a kind person, willing to help every person he finds in need. He will dedicate 120% of his abilities to help that person. Korius is very lawful; he does everything that he is commanded to do, and does it without questioning the order, unless the order will break any of the Paladin's libram laws he wrote himself.

If Korius said he would do something he'll commit 100% to it; that is why he would promise all the time that he would accomplish the task given to him and if he would not, he won't until until he can. If he did come back without completing the task, he would feel very humiliated.

History: Korius was born a bastard. Living with his mom, Vesper, he had a tough life. While his mom was hard at work at building Stormwind he was out with the kids, when she wasn't she was homeschooling him, teaching him about the history of the world and about her kingdom.

When Korius reached the age of six, his mother expected to get payment from Stormwind for her hard work building the city, they didn't want to pay his mom and they had a rough life for the first three years but after that she decided she had to send him to the abbey for his safety. He cried when he first left her grip, wishing to go with her, but he couldn't; she promised him she would come back for him, and the only thing he could do was agree.

Korius had a rough time at the abbey, not getting along with the people in there. He would run away to cry alone under a tree behind the abbey. The people in the abbey tried to help him, but nothing much helped because he wanted to be with his mother. A year after he went to the abbey he had finally agreed to have hope that his mother would come back to see him, and that hope was key to him using the Light.

Korius started to help in the abbey, doing all kinds of chores like cleaning the leaves around the abbey, or helping cleaning the main hall. He tried to not cause any trouble like he did a few months ago when he ran away and caused everyone to worry.

Two years later he was finally able to start learning about the Light. The priests in the abbey were more than glad to help him learn the ways of the Light, but the Light wasn’t the only thing he was looking for. He wanted to become a knight, a paladin with bright armor, and help keep the law; that nothing like what happened to his mother would happen ever again.

Korius started to learn the virtues of the Light. Although the progress was slow, it was very good, because he had faith with himself; with the fact the he would see his mother again, someday, and that she would be well where ever she was living. That faith gave him the motivation to learn the Light.

More years passed, and Korius was eighteen. He started learning how to wield a shield and sword. He had already learnt the ways of the Light, but he was still an amateur, knowing only the basics. He had to learn alongside with his sword training, which was hard at first, but he started to get the swing of it. After two more years with the sword he started learning how to wear mail armor and how to use the shield.

At twenty one, knowing most of the Light's ways and little of the swords, he was finally able to attain squirehood, but no one was able to take him because they did not want a poor boy from the abbey, except for one man, Doyle Lynch.

Doyle took Korius to become his squire and teach him how to wield a sword and teach him more in the ways of the Light and knighthood. He would have a far way to go, but someday he would become a fine knight, and find his mother.

While fighting the forsaken at Southshore all seemed lost when the Black Dragon came from the depths to bring chaos to the world, Korius and other soldiers were sent to scout enemy information and a refugee camp for the survivors of Southshore's demise.

While scouting he heard a howling noise, he separated from his group to find his father being attacked by several worgen, he rode to help him and during the fight he got bit in his shoulder and his father got mixed with Worgen blood, making the two cursed, forever altering the two.

The two were taken into Gilneas, where they were treated against the curse's harsh side-effects, but the curse was never curable entirely, only treatable, and trainable. The two were sent from there to Darnassus, to learn more of what they have become, and have later returned to the shattered Stormwind, to continue with their lives, each on their own path, though more united as a family as they must brace the curse together.

Korius saw himself as too destructive for the light and casted his weapons and armors away, becoming a priest so he could still follow the way of the light, until he could control his destructive self.
S'good. Also, the plural to Worgen is Worgen, not Worgens.

And you can find Worgen heights/weights here.
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
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I see you made the edits, Stealthscout, but next time make a post letting us know you did in case we don't see the edit reason :D


Cap made a mistake! Durrr.

You listed the race as "human"! Change it to Worgen, please!
Your stories will always remain...
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Stealthscout Wrote:Race: Human.


[Please adjust accordingly]
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
Ah yes, I made the fixes in class and I forgot to post I fixed it xDDDD
It happens.
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