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Korvinus`s Introduction
First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player.:
I'm 23 and mainly an alliance player; usually a Human or Night Elf. I'm a very social person who prefers small groups over large functions. My Rp style is like that as well. Usually I focus on random Rps that start out of nowhere and build a story from it. But I'm also good at working with a pre-made story.

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?
I live in the US, GA to be exact. My primary language is English, and it's the only one I speak currently.

How did you get into Warcraft?:
I got into WoW back in 2005 when I played it at my friend's house; Been hooked ever since. I don't know why I guess it's just because of how versatile the game really is. Too many RP haters however, but that's why I'm hoping to become a member of your server.

What made you seek our server over others? (or How did you find us?):
I sadly can't afford retail at the moment and was looking for a good, straight, Rp server. Google helped me find yours really quickly. After reading more on the forums, I realized that this was perfect for what I was looking for.

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:
Very active story building RP, Relaxing style, some action and fighting, good character development, and flat out randomness.

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
Human - Warrior or Mage. Just seem to be able to fit into those roles quickest.

Night Elf - Hunter or Priest. Takes some work, but I can usually build a great story behind these.

What are your expectations of this server?:
Hopefully to find good active players to Rp with and to create stories with. And to fit into others as time passes. Basically I just wish to become another face in the crowd and submerge myself in the fantasy.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:
Maturity! That's probably the biggest one. I'm annoyed by the average 12 year old maturity level of most servers. Nothing against any young players that are here of course. I just mean the constant tbagging in pvp and screaming over ventrilo. Those kinds of things.

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:
The story starts off six years ago, before everything in the life of Azeroth turned corrupt and desolate. Before everything went to hell. A child born of shame and dishonesty was left abandoned in the place known as Scholomance; a city of Light and hope. Left in an orphanage at a young age he was given the name Kravin. Taught the way of the 'Light' at a young age by the monks and priests that would pass by; he soon joined the order and rose above the ranks of an ordinary 'Priest' at a very early age. It wasn't long before he became a Paladin, a warrior and defender of the Light. His talents surpassed that of Bardor the Enlightened, a great Paladin, who's legend still exists today. But this was not meant for him, his destiny lies in the hands of the Dead. After his training in Scholomance, he was moved far south to the place known as Stormwind, the last stronghold of the human Alliance. The city was beautiful; the very stones magically protecting those whom live within it. The beauty of the Cathedral was breathtaking and this was now where he called home, for now anyway. It was a peaceful place that never changed, even when the dark times came. One day while training with his friend Zahoria, a man came towards him wearing dark purple robes. His eyes glowed red, the eyes of destruction, the eyes of a Demon Master.

Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?:
Thank you again for reading this. I hope to be accepted this time.
Welcome welcome!

If you haven't already, please read our rules, policies, FAQs, and take a gander at our Wiki. I look forward to seeing you on the server and be sure to /join chat upon entering, thank you! If you have any questions feel free to ask here or PM me. I'd be more than glad to help.

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