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Kril's CatAddon pack [4.3.4]
'Lo everyone! With Cataclysm up and coming soon™ I've gone and rummaged through some of my older versions of WoW to bring up some of my favorite addons. After a few became interested in what I used I decided to wrap all of my addons up into a pretty pack and offer them for you lot to download!

The AddOns included are as followed:

Atlasloot - It's like Wowhead in your pocket! It has lists of every item in every raid from Vanilla to Patch 4.3.4. It's very useful when it comes to making sets since you can click on the items to see what they look like without having to scour the world just to find it's name.

Deadly Boss Mods - This is for you raiders out there. This addon provides pretty much any information you'll ever need to know about a particular boss or instance.

Elephant - Used to record logs up to 1000 lines, I believe.

TRP2 - A very popular Roleplay Addon that can display information about your character publicly.

Flag RSP2 - This is pretty much a basic version of TRP2. If you prefer a more minimalistic addon compared to TRP2, then this is it.

Outfitter - Because if you're like me, then you're going to have 10 different outfits per character. This nifty little addon allows you to save a myriad of different outfits so long as you have the bag space for 'em.

Skada - Another raider addon. It's a way to log how much Damage/Healing you do as well as a hundred different little things.

TukUI - This is a major part of the pack. TukUI is an interface addon that chances the entire interface to a more minimalistic view. Personally I find this to be one of my favorite UIs, but others might not enjoy the lack of customization.

Warcraft Instant Messager - This is one I just discovered myself but oh gods is it useful. This addon allows for whispers to be taken into separate chat windows so that you never need to be confused should you juggle multiple conversations at once.

Also, a special little gift for those interested: The Warcraft Movie Maker. This tool can be used to do fun things like give you a bird's-eye view of the world, or change the lighting or weather of the scene. Overall it's more of a fun toy to play around with than anything, but I figure some of you would like it.


[Image: ScreenShot2013-03-03at50956PM_zpsc3c663b3.png]
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What's interesting is by CatAddon I thought it was going to be an addon that allowed you to browse pics of cats, but this is so much more awesome. Thanks a bunch! :D
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Question. What is up with your UI?
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I think that's possibly the TukUI AddOn. I don't use it so that's actually just a guess!
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