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Kurin Klin'quel [Blood Elf]
Player: Ural

Character Full Name: Kurin Klin'quel

Character In-Game Name: Kurin

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): None

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Priest

Age: 138

Gender: Male

Hair: Dark brown, kept short as to not need excessive care. It is regularly washed, brushed and cared for. It keeps to a healthy shine and is soft to the touch, when it is let out.

Eyes: Fel Green

Weight: 168 lbs.

Height: 6'6"

Usual Equipment: Kurin's boots, leggings and gloves are a custom-tailored set of soulcloth. It grants him moderate arcane resistance. On the back of each palm, is a red design of the Horde insignia. His shirt is of find black silk, enchanted to resist stains. He is crowned with a mundane turban.

Other: The elf perceives his physical health is connected to his mental health. He maintains an ideal build by watching his diet and exercising.

Alignment: Neutral

Personality: Kurin is a smart and confidant man. His confidence isn't borne of ignorance; he simply believes in himself. He understands his own strengths and weaknesses throughout his life experiences. He also believes in others. The elf enjoys to see leaders take charge and gather others around them. He is intrigued by community growth but more focused on personal drive. To him, each individual is more important than the group. Kurin is wary of extremists or zealots because they are capable of great influence towards an imbalance. Those who are humble, who work within their means, and who have a firm grasp of their own belief system impress Kurin. As for himself, Kurin finds his faith in what he calls 'universalism'. That is, everyone is part of the universe. No energy is ever lost or destroyed even if looks like it. It is simply redirected elsewhere and into something else. It gives Kurin peace of mind.

History: Kurin was raised in Windrunner Village. It was a humble little place nestled next to the sea. While his mother was a talented Farstrider, she wasn't home very much. Kurin's father was much more relaxed and spent most of his time fishing with his son. Like any good father, he instilled his son with his own world vision. It was a very laid back view focused more on inaction. This always made Kurin wonder how his parents ever found something in common. Regardless Kurin lived a peaceful childhood and became a fisherman, just like his father. Kurin's extended family all lived up north so he didn't see them often. Unfortunately, there was a surge of Trolls in Zul'aman one year. The attack overwhelmed the token guard force and many died or were take for sacrifices. Kurin only managed to escape at his father's behest. The last Kurin saw of his father was wielding dark magics to buy his son more time. He fled along the coast to an island and then onward to Goldenmist Village. The reinforcements for Windrunner Village came just in time to chase off the Trolls. However the damage was done. Kurin aided in the rebuilding in memory of his father.

Kurin believes his mother moved on as he didn't see her much after that. He was indifferent about it. He was a young man, ready to take charge of his own life. No longer would he wait around for destruction like his father. But a question always ate at him; Why was he so lazy if he wielded such powers? Perhaps the same power flowed through his veins just as his father's blood did. Kurin made a pilgrimage to Silvermoon as he looked for a purpose in life. He let his natural tenancies get the best of him and lived feeding his vices. That all changed with the sudden and successful attack though Silvermoon. The last thing Kurin remembered was the tower he was in collapsing around him. He woke up being dragged from the rubble. He shattered his foot in the collapse. During his recovery Kurin began to show arcane withdrawals. It turned out to be a common symptom, as the Sunwell had been corrupted. Unlike most of the elves, Kurin wasn't too bothered with this shift in the universe. He was intrigued by the claim of this Fel magic he had to feed off of. As his eyes changed color it only proved his convictions instilled by his father. How Kurin wished he was there to share in this with him!

Kurin heard of a group of scribes called the Scryers in the magical city of Shattrath. Supposedly they had the greatest repository of lore in the broken world. Kurin wondered if they could shed light on his father's craft. Impressed with the Shattered Sun Offensive, Kurin was interested in joining up with the group. However it never came to fruition as the man became homesick. Kurin returned to a mostly rebuilt Silvermoon but didn't find what he was looking for. He didn't feel like the same man who left all those years ago. As he wandered the city he began to question himself. Was he really homesick or did he just need a new adventure? Kurin reminded himself he had hardly interacted with the other members of the Horde. Specifically a group loosely called 'The Old Horde' seemed to nag at Kurin. How could a band of savages exclude the superoir elven race? Kurin hadn't been this worked up since his exodus to Outland. Kurin left everything behind to take the next boat to Kalimdor. He had barely got settled in Orgrimmar when the Cataclysm ripped through the lands. For once, Kurin managed to remain uninjured as the universe thrown him off his guard again. Where did all this destruction come from? He thought it had been bottled up by some ancient force. A topic for another time it would seem. The displaced blood elf was impressed with the Orcish rally in the rebuilding efforts. He wondered if it had been the same with Silvermoon's. Kurin decided to stick around to find out.
The true test of his choice lies forward.
— The story of the Silithian.

See life through shades of silver.
Quote:Impressed with the Shattered Sun Offensive, Kurin as interested in joining up with the group.

As should be was.

Quote:For once, Kurin managed to remain uninjured as the universe throws him off his guard again.

“Throws” should be “thrown.”

Quote:He thinks it had been bottled up by some ancient force.

“Thinks” should be “thought.”

Other than that it looks pretty good.

Initial approval!
Changes made. Silly tense!
The true test of his choice lies forward.
— The story of the Silithian.

See life through shades of silver.

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