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Kyresa Rika - Blood Elf - Paladin
Player Name: Stompkins

Character Full Name: Kyresa Rika

Character In-Game Name: Kyresa

Nickname(s): Ky', Captain Rika

Association(s): Sin'dorei, Horde War efforts

Race: Sin'dorei

Class: Paladin

Skills and Abilities: She has had the very basics of the ways of Arcane taught to her, so she can renew the seal on her blade to make it easier to carry about, besides this she is that of a common warrior, ready to raise her blade to meet any foe who dares stand in her way. (For whatever her goal may-be.) She's skilled in quick brawls, and bits of combat, any carried on battle would easily weigh on her stamina, and cause her to slow immensely, making her very easily Target #1.

Age: 157

Sex: Female

Hair: Bleach Blonde

Eyes: Fel-Green

Weight: 108Lbs

Height: 5'6

Usual Garments/Armor: She normally wears her robes, or her silver set of armor. Her robes provide enough protection, as well as being made of Wool, which makes any cuts, normally become clotted with the wool, stopping the bleeding as best it can.

Combat traits: Fueled by enjoyment while in a fight, Kyresa normally will hold back in order to more enjoy the fights she enters, she will normally spare ones life, but takes the life of any who dare retaliate after defeat.

Other : She carries a Katana, which had a magical seal placed onto it by a mage in Silvermoon, when the seal is destroyed, her Katana changes into a two-handed Blade.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: Kyresa is an overall Shy person, normally avoiding the every-day encounters, most would strive to make last longer. As a Sin'dorei, she finds her fellow Blood-elves are the easiest to talk to, and in turn will at-least attempt talking to them. This personality of a shy, quiet person is manipulated majorly whenever alcohol enters her life, leading to her being an outgoing person, normally with humans above all other races.

Kyresa was born as many High-Elven children were, being raised with the best education a common family could afford, paying for tutors when she slacked which was more so then most would want to admit. She was a rather lively child, finding more fun in school by avoiding the work, which lead to her falling a little bit behind the rest of her age group. With years of mischief, her father sent her to a family friend who trained in the use of a blade, he served as a soldier for hire within Silvermoon, offering his services to protect and serve the world.

Over time she'd trained for a better understanding, but also to see what the world was like. She seemed to favor combat training over schooling. With her training brought a pleasure she hadn't felt before, but it wasn't the killing, or the training against another person. It was the release of her strength over someone else, and the use of what little connection to the light she could conjure.

During a small scuffle that broke out between two childhood friends became a more fight to the death, involving the use of both the Light, and Arcane magics, as well as swordplay taking place. She had to intervene, leading to one accidently stabbing her within the midsection, the end result led to the lost ability to reproduce, and forever shamed and destroyed her hopes for the future. She entered a bit of depression for a while as she tried to find a new hope of a future. She had been a bit young to be planning to be a mother, but now that she couldn't do it all, she wanted it more than anything else.

A while after her permanent injury, she found a passion for tailoring, overall leading to an overhaul in finding more designs, and new designs for her to create, which even led to an obsession. During her time of learning how to tailor from a shop owner, a thief came in, and demanded any and all gold, and silver coins they had. Before he had the ability to threaten them with a blade, Kyresa had disabled him without any serious damage, and allowed him to walk away freely, foolishly the man attacked her from behind, which lead to her with a scar on the side of her neck, and a dead thief. She adapted the 'walk free, or pay' theory into her fighting, allowing any to choose one last time if they were to be a fool, or if they were to live another day. Even if this meant they attacked her twice, she still found it enjoyable, for it was a new fight each and every time.

During the third war, and the defense of Silvermoon, she found herself at the main line, fighting side by side with the most of the defensive forces. As the line continued to fall more and more around her, she had no choice but to retreat, with her honor sacrificed as part of it. She was able to save two other people as she retreated however, so bits of her feel worthwhile. Because of this however, she takes a personal responsibility over the failure to protect the city, thus leading to nearly never returning to not dishonor her people. She also has a rather great dislike for Death-Knights.
"If you don't try to save one life you'll never save any!"

[Image: dean.png]

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